Library Time - Revamped

Author: MelBelle45

Author Notes: Revamped to make it better. I also included my very first aesthetic. This fic is based off of the two Jensen pics. Beta’d by the ever lovely @avasmommy224

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Warnings: Smut (oral: both; smutty, smut, smut)

Word Count: 1,879

Summary: You’ve always wanted to try out the library. With Sam not home, here’s your chance.


“That was one hell of a wedding,” you said, throwing your black clutch purse on the bed before undoing your strand of pearls. You toed off your red heels by the door to the room you shared with Dean. You inhaled the bunker scent – a bit of metal, a bit of old books, a bit of leather and dampness. A very manly smell, but a smell that was home to you and calmed you instantly.

“Literally,” you heard Dean in the kitchen and headed that way. “It’s not every day Crowley gets married…and we were invited.” You rounded the corner to find him, tux jacket still on, tie loosened just enough to unbutton the top two buttons of the crisp, white shirt. He had a small glass tumbler in one hand, a bottle of whiskey in the other.

“Champagne not enough for you?” you smirked, leaning on the island in front of him. You noticed his eyes rested on the ample cleavage you bore with your position. Your black dress was low cut, but leaning on the island simply made his view even better. There was a burning in those green eyes that always put that familiar wanting in your stomach. He glanced away only to pour the amber liquid into the glass, the smell of aged alcohol filling the air around you.

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                                                    The blood on her pale hands had started to dry, almost fully in fact as she slid out a thin cigarette with her lithe digits from their box. Igniting the rolled cylinder with a burst of flame from a lighter that had been used to the very dregs of its fuel ( almost ) && with a exasperated draw, emerald orbs shut slowly, inhaling, consuming, before blowing out the grey smoke from her sanguine painted lips. “ ———— good day.. good day..Red heels had stepped over the half eaten corpse, no blood would touch her shoes as she allowed her bloodied scythe to mark itself across the hard floor. ——————S A T I S F A C T I O N

30 Day Kaiju Challenge; Day 18; Sexy

Name: Kringera

Age: Unknown

Height: 45 meters at the tallest tentacles

Description: This one is a bit of an unknown, as to how it survives or what it even is. The “body” is a mass of writhing tentacles, pulsating out and in. Two long legs in lace stockings with red high heels emege out and seem to be the only way it moves. All of this is from remote satellite and drone view due to its pheromone using nature.


-          Pheremone Control:  Kringera controls pheromones to control and enlist humans and monsters to her cause, or send them into lust driven madness.

-          Tentacle attack: The tentacles can grab small objects, or act as lashing whips to enemies if need be.


-          Bright Lights: Kringera is lured easily by bright lights, and is contained in this manner.

Backstory: No one knows where Kringera comes from, or what it even is. Was it a celestial creature that chose humanity? A weapon that went terribly wrong? Something that had been here before humanity? Why did it have long legs with stocking and bright red heels? Did it invent it, or take it from humanity? It’s choice appearance of Las Vegas wasn’t a surprise to anyone, but with the pheromones making humanity mad with lust was not good for the city. Military march ins only lead to them joining in the massive ball of sexual desire, leading to drone usage. These were deterred with the tentacles from Kringera, who took the message clearly and booked it outta town. No one knows where she came from or where she went, adding a strange chapter to the world of kaiju.

How They Interact with Other Kaiju: Unknown, but the last thing humanity really needs is an amorous kaiju around. They’re already destructive as is.

Inspirsed by @titleknown‘s Verrachios, the open use monsters he’s created, here’s Kringera. Sexy is a prompt that I don’t see as needed in kaiju, but here it is. And now, I shall never speak of her again. Back to your regularly scheduled monsters.