Hi my name is Daisy Poppy Rose Fitzroy and I have long ebony black hair that’s loc’d because it reaches my ankles and my dark brown eyes are like striking black marble and a lot of people tell me my voice is like Kimberly Brooks. (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here! ) I’m not related to Frederick Douglass but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m the Leader of the Vox Populi and the red scarf around my neck is the perfect symbol for the blood of the rich. I have dark brown skin that some compare to smoky quartz. People say I killed Elizabeth Comstock’s mom ( i’m over 20 ). I’m not rich ( in case you couldn’t tell ) and I wear mostly red. I don’t believe in supporting rich companies so I make all my clothes myself. For example today I was wearing suspenders, my red scarf and heeled boots. I was walking outside my hideout. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun which I was very happy about. Jeremiah Fink stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him. 

((Based on the legendary fanfic My Immortal. ))

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i used to dress joshua up in the dumbest shit that served no tactical purpose just because his bravery was so high like i did not spend 1 dillion yen on these red heels from pegaso just for neku NOT to wear them

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(@lv-to-spare) Rosa had entered Gia's bar, the fair skinned woman dressed rather gracefully in red jeans, heeled boots, a dark green sweater and a black leather jacket. "...So. A few friends of mine tell me this is a good place for a good time~"

Gianna smiled as she looked the woman up and down. She herself was only wearing a very tight tank top, shirts and heels. “You heard right, beautiful~ Name’s Gianna Hail. How may I be of service?”


“Oh, Char!” Cassie pleaded, trailing behind her big sister with a pouting face as she often did as a child, “I haven’t left Wesley and Wyatt with a sitter since Mike and I split. Come on. We don’t even know if they’ll like her!” Charlotte said something about the babysitter being reliable and a nice dancer from the studio, and Cassie couldn’t help but nod her head and slip into the red heels she’d been saving just for this occasion. A girls night out on the town. It sounded lovely until Cassie saw her boys snuggled up on the couch watching “Zootopia,” and now mom pj’s and a glass of wine sounded so much more appealing. But, she and Charlotte hadn’t made time for themselves lately, so Cassie sucked it up, looking at herself one more time in the mirror before announcing, “Our Uber will be here in seven!” 

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Zodiac sign: pisces

Which of the 7 Deadly Sins fits you best?: sloth

When picking a brownie, do you pick the middle, side or corner piece?: middle

Ocean or Space?: space

When it comes to sound, which is prettier, Violin or Piano?: piano

List your OTPs here, as many as you can think of: zeke/mylene, tessa/jem, barney/robin, andrew/zelda, steve/bucky, simon/raphael, magnus/alec, carmilla/laura, lavender/parvati aaand orla/helen.

What color lightsaber would you have?: purple

What is your aesthetic?: all black clothes, black converse or wedge heels, red lipstick, high ponytails or braids

Hogwarts house?: gryffindor

Which one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse do you think you could totally be/want to be?: death (lmao)

What’s something that can always make you laugh?: misheard lyrics or badly written songs

Aliens or Ghosts?: aliens

If you could live in any past era, what would it be?: like jade said, i’d prefer to live in the present where it is easier to fight for my rights, thanks.

Would you ever swim with sharks?: depends on how friendly they are

What’s your favourite word?: beautiful

Favourite band?: a lot, but if i had to choose, The Maine

Fire or Ice?: fire

Light or Dark?: dark

What’s your favourite romantic trope?: best friends to lovers

What’s your favourite Holiday?: ummm, Holi, i guess.

How far would you go to keep the person or thing you love the most?: might be open to doing illegal things

Who or what are you most loyal to?: people i love

What’s your favourite flower?: orchids

Favourite amusement park ride?: rollercoasters

Favourite board game?: monopoly

What’s your favourite meme?: you know what else is beautiful? me

Favourite ice cream flavor?: chocolate

Disney character you are going to fight?: idk, i don’t care much for disney.

Last book you read/book you are currently reading?: a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini

What characters are your “children?”: ezekiel figuero, alec lightwood, raphael santiago and bucky barnes are all i can think of at the moment

Favourite comic series?: adventures of tintin

What character, and it can only be one character, do you ship yourself with?: jem carstairs