red heels

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"Do you recall that wedding you told me that you would accompany me to?" Zexion asked, approaching Marluxia. "Well, I'm cashing that in now. Get dressed. Ceremony starts in two hours and it's a bit of a drive."

“Cash away!” Marluxia says slipped into his bedroom. Now they’d decided on the red dress and heels but Marluxia thought it’s be a little unfair to tower over Zexion so he shoves a pair of flats in his purse just in case. Still, this whole thing is ZZexion’s baby and he will do everything in his power to do right by his friend. Beside they’ve both pretty much alienated everyone in their families just by existing. Why stop now? “So remind me again which one of your cousins is getting married?”

The redheaded reaper hurried up to her doorstep, making clicks with her red, heeled boots, breathing a bit heavily, and treading quickly. Her chainsaw, stained with gore and blood as it always was when she came home to her lover from her reaping duties, (not that wither of them minded at all) was in her right hand, slumped slightly behind her as she walked along and trailing drops of crimson. She raised a delicate hand in a black glove to the doorknob of her home and opened it, knowing it would be unlocked because her boyfriend was inside. She pressed the door opened and closed her green eyes behind her glasses, momentarily taking in the warmth of her familiar, peaceful home. It was filled with the scent and presence of Sebastian, and that always comforted her. After she had had for fill of relaxing smells and a long enough break to rest her tired eyes, (a reaper’s eyes tired easily, another curse upon the creatures) Grell’s painted eyes opened again. She tossed her beloved chainsaw aside where it ‘lived’ behind the door in an area she had set up for it. She would clean it later. Right now she was too tired and she wanted to sit down and rest.

“Sebastian? Love..?” She called, her voice sweet as it nearly always was when her darling’s name was on her lips. She was looking down at her feet as she reached down and unbuckled her shoes to kick them off, stepping down from them and becoming several centimetres shorter. “I’m home. I had such a long day.” Her sentence was dramatically strained, flared into a delicate half-whine which she had created in hopes of drawing feelings of sympathy from Sebastian so that he might treat her to something - something that might relieve her of her rough day and relax her.

Grell wet her pink lips and stood straight again. She pressed her glasses up her thin nose and her eyes searched for what they so longed to be laid upon; Where was her Sebastian?