Crop top: Forever 21 Plus
Skirt: Target (size XL)
Shoes: Shoe show
Chapstick: Dogfishhead Tweasonale ;) 

Fell all the way in love with this puffy skirt from Target. IT HAS POCKETS. We all know that means instant buy. 

I get a lot of clothes from Target, but I don’t shop plus size there. Their sizes go up to XXL, so I stay between XL and XXL. I think they’re revamping their plus size, but for now I shop in “regular” sizes. I love Target for doing this because not a lot of stores even go to XL. I’m glad I can still be part of the fashions without being reduced to wearing a sack dress from plus size (we all know their plus sizes sucked ass). 

I’ve been getting questions about weight loss lately. Just because I am body positive, doesn’t mean I think you shouldn’t lose weight if that’s what you want. I’m all for it! If you’re losing weight for yourself and your health, just go for it! I work out because it helps me feel better mentally and physically. But no hate talk towards your body in your weight loss journey! It is entirely possible to stay body positive through a changing body. That’s the definition of healthy.