sovvngarde  asked:

1, 3, 13 for Reynard :D

Thank youuuuuu =D 

1. Their physical weak spots

Her left side is a little weaker than her right but with being a Witcher she’s in pretty good condition =)

3. Scars or painful spots

She has a scar under her right eye-but I’ve not quite worked it out (time to draw her I suppose) XD She also has a bad left leg, from when it was crushed when a Fiend landed on it. 

Other than she has the typical scars associated with Witchers: her nastiest ones are her leg, one on her right forearm and one down her spine

13. What gets them flustered

Oddly enough, she gets quite flustered when she’s flirted with or she’s complimented-she never know how to respond. She kind of giggles, go as red as her hair and stutters XD

As mist haunts the Black Forest, a sure-footed red fox makes its way up the trunk of a half-fallen Douglas fir tree. This resourceful species, found across the Northern Hemisphere, is a symbol of cunning in many cultures and mythologies. KLAUS ECHLE