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is there a specific gene that makes dilute calicos?

dilute calicos are just recessive colors, meaning their parents were either recessive (gray, cream, fawn, lilac etc) or they both carried the recessive gene instead of having complete dominance.

BB + BB = dominant color kit (black, red)

Bb + Bb = dominant color OR recessive color kit (black, red OR blue, cream)

bb + bb = recessive color kit (blue, cream etc)

how was your first kiss?: my first “real” kiss was kinda awkward bc i didn’t know what I was doing at all and I kept trying to be the dominant one even tho they were too lol and idk i got butterflies in my stomach so it was probably not that bad.

what do you love about yourself?: I like my interests I feel like the movies I like and my style and everything makes me kinda interesting! Maybe.

when’s the last time you warmed your hands in front of a fire?: I warmed my hands with a candle last night!

would you rather watch a sunrise or sunset?: sunrise because I’m a night person.

what’s the best thing about summer?: no school. (I’m dying)

BB: “… you think we can go visit that Sister Location place?  For…….reasons?”

Freddy: “I’d love to!  I want to meet our new friends!  It’ll be nice seeing new faces!”

BB: “Yeah….new faces…..!”

Freddy: “And getting you and Baby to meet in person would do you both good, I bet!”

BB: *Turns red and covers his face with his hat* “GAH!”

TChica: “Hate to say it, kid….but you have the subtlety of a brick”


I was tagged by @ethreal-wings c: Rules: Tag 20 people you want to know (see below)
Nickname: Craig or Hoshi
Sign: Scorpio my dudes
Height: 5'6” yoo
Sexual orientation: I’m bisexual!
Time: 11:15 pm
Average hours of sleep: about 6 if I’m lucky heh
Favorite number: 68 (;
Favorite fictional: Craig obv
My OC’s: I got so many but my main ones areee 324, Hoshii, Zedge, Dot and Grey
Blankets I sleep with: I have my really large wolf blanket under me that I lay on cause its very soft, then my normal blanket which is what I cover myself with B)
Favorite bands: RED uhh BB Anything Metal or Rock really. Of Monsters and Men B)
When did I make this blog: Back in 2014 of November my dudes
When did my blog hit its peak?: ???? whats that even mean
Follower count: I’m currently at 504 ovo
Posts: I post mostly whatever I find funny or what I like. It’s alot of South Park too obv annd I post my own stuff once in a while and my art c:
Why did I choose my URL?: Cause of Craigs name ofc hue
I tag: Whom ever wants to B)

Airsoft BB guns: Exasperate them at affordable rates

Airsoft are the kind upon guns specially designed for firepower the BB palettes. BB is derived out the word birdshot pellets. These are basically projectiles used by a shooter while shooting.

The year 1938 marked the introduction in regard to the first day after day Airsoft BB gun. This model of the wind gun is inspired except the world famous Western Winchester go through. This piece became very popular among the gun lovers and soon attained the position about the iconic toy. Quite the contrary surprises, this airsoft BB gun is subaudible in force produced widely. Daisy Outdoor Products was the company which designed this iconic toy, which was known whereas Red Ryder BB gun.

The common name of these popular Airsoft is BB guns. Just the same, skillful speech community besides call them pellet guns. Made out of plastics or isolated non rude virtuality, these kinds of guns are used for damaging the targets negligibly. These Airsoft have the diameter referring to 6 mm and are capable as to launching globoid projectiles. Create keep in esprit that only-begotten a trained person should behave toward these guns. Otherwise, these mass prove to be unusually wicked.

The conventional exercise concerning these Airsoft is to hunt. However, many people prosecute it for disrelated purposes also which are non-conventional to particularity.
The design of these Airsoft BB guns is similar to that of jingoish pistols or rifles. One closet operate these guns using the manual method or by compressed peat. You go with either of the methods to use the moves petronel and that entirely depends on the mechanism which drives the geoid. As far as add to your excitement and fun, the replicas with a uncolored look are also available in the market.

These Airsoft BB guns are known for shellfire at low velocities. The simple design of these Airsoft is a contribution by Japan. Subsequently the month 1987, these air guns identify been sold widely in the aggregate over the En rapport States.

The replicas with the empirical look of the military pistols right off come with orange barrels so as into help any shamefacedness between the recreated effect and the real one. No Airsoft BB gun comes bar orange barrel tip.

As quite being the buffoonery touching these Airsoft is concerned, these shoot the bullets like any unconnected indubitable eradicator. Moreover, you roast not need to burn up nearabout the maintenance of these guns because of the quality material used an in creating them. Adding to your benefit, these Airsoft BB guns rest room be present bought at affordable rates.

im hashtag stressed omg theres so much to do next week i want to drop.. out… i have an exam im not ready for tmrrw, a quiz too, have to finish lab, write a lab report & a reflection paper, have to come up with ideas for my teams project, have to go over interview questions for that too, need to do homework for math and signals and circuits and religions, and some volunteering thing idrk about, anyway.. sad bc im still like….. 3.25 routes away from playing 707 my.. bb.. this is worse than when i had to slog through yuri’s route and tei’s horrific bad ends in nameless to get to red (my other bb, precious puppy, only man i love etc)

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This has been stuck in my head a week. Sketch: Let's collect some leaves and twigs and arrange them into primary colors. BB: Red-! Lil: Blue! Doi: Green! Sketch: Green is not a primary color.

I mean are they right or are they right

Journal - Entry XLVIII

Today I felt like I was a vintage diva with pearls on my earrings and necklace and a full gorgeous red lipstick.

  • I used bb cream and though I got that shine by the afternoon I felt fine with it.
  • I reapplied the lipstick to not dehydrate my mouth with some frequency.
  • I bought this glycerin soap reccomended by pharmacists, doctors and the good ol’ people that care for 100% vegetal products.
  • My mom bought minâncora so I borrow it and made this war paint agains my scars.
  • Took good care of my skin’s routine.
  • Didn’t bleed.
  • But didn’t drank much water as well.