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i love you so so much???!!!!! i would die for you anytime you're the light of my life n you mean the world to me???!!!!!!! tu es l'amour de ma vie ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›



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NAME : marissa
BIRTHDATE && LOCATION : march 28th, texas
NICKNAME : bb or red but only @oncedeadliesmith can call me those
GENDER : female
FAVORITE MOVIE : whiplash, probably
LAST BOOK YOU READ : the last book i finished was huckleberry finn a few weeks ago 

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Wednesday - 15 March 2017 - Hamburg Germany

Almost exactly thirteen years ago today, on my thirteenth birthday,  Pop  (Theodore Funk- my mother’s father) came over and gave me a gift. The best gift he ever gave me.

The years in the past he had given me gifts that every boy always wants. On my seventh birthday I got my first Indian arrowhead. When I turned eight the complete boxed set of the 1999 Topps baseball cards. For nine it was a switchblade pocket knife much to my father and mother’s dismay, eleven a Red Rider BB gun, and for twelve a real shotgun which we would take on countless rides in his pickup truck into the country to shoot clay targets and have talks that I now hold precious in my heart.

So on my thirteenth birthday it goes without saying that I was excited to see what it was Pop had in store for me this time. This time there was no flashy, macho object- instead Pop handed me an empty glass mayonnaise jar and a paper bag.

“Well Marcus” he said to me, “You’re thirteen now. You’re no longer a boy, now you’re becoming a man.” As I looked at the jar and bag questioningly he continued, “Now that you are becoming a man I thought it was time for me to give you a serious gift. You have a lot of decisions coming up- important decisions, decisions that will determine what kind of man you become.” And with that he took both objects from me reached into the bag and began to fill jar with golf balls. When he was finished he asked me, “Son, would you say that this jar is full?” “Yes Pop.” I answered.

He reached back inside the bag and proceeded to pour a small sack of glass marbles into the jar and let the marbles fall into all the gaps left by the golf balls. “Now is it full?” he asked me. “Yep. Now its full Pop.“ I replied.

Once again he stuck his hand in the paper bag and this time pulled out a fistful of sand which slid from his large, tan hands filling every crevice in the jar. He looked up at me questioning. "Yes sir.” I said. “Now we have filled the jar.”

He then asked me to run inside and get him a drink of water. When I scurried back to Pop with a glass of water and handed it to him, he then proceeded to pour the water into the jar. The water quickly filled every possible space that the sand had left.

“Son, I wanted you to know that this jar is you. You are going to begin to fill your life with many things. The golf balls represent the most important thing- the Lord, He is everything, Marcus. If you have nothing else but Him, you’ll still be full.”

“The marbles are the other great things in your life, the things that make this life worth living for- your family, and kids, and the people you you don’t know now, but you’ll one day love. The sand is the small stuff like your job, house and money, important responsibilities you have to pay attention to but can’t let control you. The water, is everything else.”

“As a man, its important that you make the decision to put the most important things first, and keep them in the right order. If you fill your jar with sand or water first you’ll never be able to fit the golf balls and marbles in.”

“Its up to you now to get your priorities straight Marcus and keep them there. If you do. Well hell, you’ll be a man worth meeting. Then you’ll be the man you were always born to be.”

Thank you Pop. Everyday, I strive to be the man I was born to be.

To Theodore Funk 1946-2008

The +1700 thing’s ideas

Here I’ll put the ideas that have arrived so far so you can voted for them! If you come with more I’ll add it, you’ve until March 17th.

Number 1°: The whole gang together

Number 2: The Sanses with the humans

**Just platonic, sorry sweetheart but I don’t ship them ( I don’t ship the kids with anyone btw)

Let me know what you want guys, this is for you <3 


(via Hiroki&Miki on Instagram: “恐れるな おののくな 吠えろ 声あげろ その血と魂を今捧げろ 「I’m a perfect dog.」 cha,ki,tan chakitan cha,ki,tan chakitan cha,ki,tan chakitan #首かしげ で無性に歌いたくなっちゃった😁🎶 #さき #saki #白柴 #whiteshiba #いぶき #ibuki #黒柴 #blackshiba #はづき #hazuki #豆柴 #mameshiba #赤柴 #redshiba #柴犬 #shiba #shibainulover #shibastagram #shiba_snap #cute #adorable #happy #smile #笑顔 #癒し #仲良し #大中小”)

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is there a specific gene that makes dilute calicos?

dilute calicos are just recessive colors, meaning their parents were either recessive (gray, cream, fawn, lilac etc) or they both carried the recessive gene instead of having complete dominance.

BB + BB = dominant color kit (black, red)

Bb + Bb = dominant color OR recessive color kit (black, red OR blue, cream)

bb + bb = recessive color kit (blue, cream etc)