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Trampled by Turtles at Red Rocks

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Aurelian is an entomology (and beetle!) inspired art print. Originally designed for The Heartless Bastards as a show poster that ended up going through a bunch of revisions and didn’t look much like I had originally intended. The art print version is true to the original and is now available to brighten up your walls with some pretty bugs. 


3. September 2011  •  Konzert der Linksjugend [‘solid] Saar mit Rantanplan  •  Zur Bildergalerie»

Die Linksjugend ['solid] Saar veranstaltete am 03.09.2011 im Jugendzentrum “Haus am See” in Neunkirchen-Wiebelskirchen den 3. RED*ROCK. Dabei waren die SkaPunk-Band RANTANPLAN sowie die Support-Acts TRUST ME I LIE und THE OVERFLOWS.

Miley Cyrus Takes A Stand Against Clothes At MTV VMAs

We think Miley Cyrus must have been taking some sort of one woman stand against clothes at last night’s VMAs.

We bet her Gran was fuming when she realised her chandelier was missing.Copyright: [Getty]

Seemingly taking inspiration from Jodie Marsh circa 2003, the star turned up on the red carpet rocking some sort of spaceman lederhosen minus the shirt:

The rear view. Copyright: [Getty]

The look was put together by Versace who must be cutting costs judging by the amount of material they put aside.

And the nudity didn’t end there, people.

Yep, with scant regard for the chilly weather of late (tbf, the VMAs were in LA), the pop star wore an array of flesh-flashing get ups designed especially for the event.

So without further ado, here are ALL the outfits guaranteed to make your eyes pop this miserable Bank Holiday Monday.

Miles must have had to get some interesting undies for this one:

Copyright: [Getty]

Credit to her waxer where it’s due:

Ouch. Copyright: [Getty]

Standard bra with lips:

Copyright: [Getty]

But our favourite has to be the ‘Smarties stuck in cling film’ look:

We dread to imagine the audience’s view. Copyright: [Getty]

Miley had to wear sunglasses to protect herself from it’s awesomeness.

One thing is definitely for sure, Miley’s most certainly been keeping up the yoga.

However, to be fair to the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana, she did find some trousers for a portion of her hosting duties:

Jodie called, she wants her belts back. Copyright: [Getty]

Pinata-chic. Copyright: [Getty]

Why fly the flag when you can wear it? Copyright: [Getty]

Disco Yetty. Copyright: [Getty]

And, for her finale performance Miley’s opted for this demure cut out leotard:

It’s looking at us and we’re not sure we like it. Copyright: [Getty]

Well, what did you expect? She’s just Miley being Miley.


My boyfriend and I took a road trip from North Carolina to Colorado on 8/15. Twenty seven hours, three days, one car breakdown, a really sore throat on my end, and these sights greeted us along the way in no particular order.

I believe my favorite part was blasting borngold as we drove past hundreds of wind turbine silhouettes reaching towards the dusty, evening post-storm purple sky. Or maybe the lightning storm happening behind a field of thousands of sunflowers. Or maybe that really nice hotel in Kentucky with the cool shower.

Either way, we made it and we are home.


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Red Rock Reflections by Guy Schmickle
Via Flickr:
I’ve been terribly busy on the art show circuit lately and will be for some time. Unfortunately, that’ll minimize my time for shooting for a bit. Making a living selling my photography really gets in the way of shooting, that’s for sure! Anyway, here’s an image from last month taken in the Munds Mountain Wilderness just east of Sedona. I was exploring some social trails (i.e. trails that aren’t maintained by forest service and won’t appear in any hiking book) when I came across this deep pothole still holding water from rains more than a week before. Definitely a cool find!