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9 skein yarn haul at Jo-Ann’s! I had a major craft itch to scratch, since my next project will be a Super Mario blanket. (And you know you’re a Jo-Ann’s/yarn addict when you have to get a basket to carry your yarn). Thank you to families that give me a bunch of Jo-Ann Fabrics gift cards for my birthday/Christmas!  ♥ Red Heart yarn in any color is always a win for me.

Next to this side project, I’ll be working on a Baby Bowser and Neko Atsume crochet pattern, which both will take a while considering I now also have clinicals/classes to attend to. So thank you to those who are patient in advance!   

How Many Grannies Do You See? How Many Squares: One, Two Three!

A gloomy, rainy, windy morning in Ormond Beach, FL. The sky is thick with heavy clouds, and a dull gray in color. As I look out the front window, I can see the small palm, just outside of it, rapping its delicate fronds against the glass. I can hear the rain, as it taps down outside, and can even hear the howling of the wind, as it whistles down the street.

Ugly weather…That is what my mother always called it. And, my husband, who has NEVER been a fan of anything other than sun, I am sure, would agree with this sentiment. But not me! No, sir. This, to me, is HEAVEN! It is the perfect day, in my opinion. As I look out the window, over and over again, as I write this–I look out at the foggy sky, and the leaf littered street–I smile. ‘Yup,’ I think to myself. ‘Fall has now OFFICIALLY started.’

I know that autumn technically began September 22. But, until today, it sure didn’t feel anything like autumn. It was sunny, humid, and hot as all hell. And, while I have no problem with sunny weather (apart from the fact that I tend to sweat like a sponge that has been filled with too much water), there is nothing–and I mean NOTHING–that I enjoy more, than the cool briskness of the traditional cool, fall weather. Something about this time of year has always seemed so…magical!

In the morning, while having my cup of coffee, and watching Channel Zero: No-End House, on Syfy (which actually seems like it may be a legitimately creepy show), I began work on my first of three squares. The first, worked entirely in red yarn, reminds me of a mandala in its design. And, as I love mandalas, it should come as no surprise when I say that I loved working this square. Though, even as I was working it, I understood that, at least when it comes to me,there is really absolutely NOTHING that this square will work for, in a functional way. Sure, it may be very pretty to look at. But, it’s aesthetic appeal, along with the the fact that it was one of the squares in my queue to be worked, are really the only reasons why I crocheted it. I mean, it has too much gaps in it, to serve for much. Add that to an afghan, and you are basically begging for a finger or toe to get caught up in it, and fray or tear the whole square apart. And, as I do not know how to sew, or work with fabric in any capacity, there is no way of adding a backing to it, to help make it more functional. So…oh well. It is pretty square, nonetheless.

The next square I did I simply love. It is worked in bright pink, with a royal blue frame. The two colors compliment one another perfectly. The pattern for this square is called sand dollar square. Yet, when I looked at it, all finished in my hands, I did not see a sand dollar. Instead, I saw what resembled a pink pentacle, framed by blue. I also saw a square that was unique…one that had a fun little shape going on, in the center, instead of the everyday, run of the mill square. It was a pretty square…something dainty, and charming.

After finishing these two squares, I allowed myself to have another cup of coffee. Then, as the pumpkin spice flavoring of the creamer hit my lips, I remembered what the date was: October 1. We have officially entered into the month of my favorite holiday. (I am such a Halloween buff, that my husband and I actually got married on Halloween, 2014. We dressed as witches–complete with hats made in Salem–and all of our guests came in costume. Our wedding cake was designed to look like a haunted forest. And, for favors, each guest got a witch hat, and a bag, to fill up with nostalgic Halloween candy, at a candy buffet.) So, it was time to work a THIRD granny square. One of the numerous Halloween-themed ones that I had on my list.

It is a basic granny, with a cute little pumpkin at its center. The two rounds around the pumpkin are worked in green yarn. And, I framed the whole thing in a harvest gold color. Since I don’t have black yarn (or, if I do, it is hidden in a place that I have yet to find), the option of making this a full-out Halloween square was out of the question. So, I decided to work it in standard autumn colors. And, I just have  to say it. I love, love, LOVE this square. It is just so damned cute, in every way.  I must also say that, while simply looking at the picture of the square online gave me all that I needed to work it, the actual written directions for it were kind of confusing. For example it tells you to join the color for the stem, but never tells you to drop that color, to go back to the regular round color. There were a few other points where I was questioning how to properly read the instructions for this square, before finally just giving up even trying to understand the words, and working it solely from copying what the picture said. Thankfully, this square is so adorable in every way, that I can look past the confusing written directions for it. I can admire this square, in all of its pumpkin-y beauty!


I never thought that I would be the type to write about what I am going to now write about. And, there really is no way that it relates to crocheting at all. (But, if you have been reading my posts up to this point, then you will know that I write about more than simply crocheting.) I never thought I would be the type to write of anything political. Quite simply, I never thought a reason would come for me to do so. But, I am afraid that I must now get all political, for just a moment.

While out eating lunch, my husband showed me an article from Newsweek. (I have come to find similar pieces written by several other media outlets, and so, I am afraid to say that this is not “fake news”, though I wish it were.) The Trump campaign has, apparently, decided that the Civil Rights Movement does not protect the rights of gay individuals. As such, it has been decided that places of employment can take into account sexual orientation when hiring someone, and can even legally fire someone, simply for being gay.

Like I said above, I checked online, just to verify that this information was not printed by only one source. If it was, I could have dismissed it as fake, or not credible. But, when it started showing in various outlets, I had to admit that (sad as it may be), it is what has actually happened. And I have to say, I just feel really sad for humanity, if this is something we are dealing with. I mean, shouldn’t a job be given, and kept, based off of skills, and knowledge, and not off of who one loves? Is a gay science major (for example), who receives a 4.0GPA at a top notch college somehow not as smart as a hetero student, at the same school, receiving the same grades? It is sickening to me, to think that we are still living in such a bigoted world, where people feel they have the right to determine how others live. I shake my head, even as I write this, and I wonder…have we, as a race, really even evolved that much, from being the brutish neanderthals. In a world where we have REAL problems, such as terrorism, and climate change (which is real, and provable, regardless of what our dear President may say), is the sexual orientation that one identifies with something that really even should be an issue, at all? I am literally appalled at the knowledge of this, and I cannot help but feel that, while the majority is trying to make gay men and women appear inferior, in doing so, they are showing who the TRUE freaks really are. For the love of God, let people live their lives, in their way. Who I love does not affect anyone apart from me, and my husband. And it certainly does not make me a less qualified candidate for a job. This is just plain pathetic!

There…now that this is off my chest, and written down…

20 squares down. 445 to go.