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//Special thanks to the amazing @irllax for editing and brining my photos to life! I will forever be in awe of her talent in the use of Photoshop// 


Ahhhh the con is over! I had a great time and didn’t make a complete twat out of myself in front of celebrities. Loads of people recognised Rimmer - I was saluting for photos all day. The highlight was singing the Rimmer Song with a storm trooper :D
I reckon this might be my best cosplay yet! I’m v proud of myself.


After much anticipation (not really), here it is, my “Medical Mystery” RED Medic cosplay that I (mostly) finished for Calgary Expo 2016!

I had an absolute blast wearing it, and I was very surprised to see quite a lot of TF2 cosplayers at the event! I made lots of friends and had a ton of people yell out “MEDIC!!” as I was wandering around haha

There are a few details missing that I just didn’t have time to finish, but hey, I can always add more stuff. And I’ll take some nighttime pictures later on so my lights will show more :P

Also, special shoutout to my mum, Listlesswarrior who singlehandedly made my amazing medipack (that is a functioning backpack like holy cow) and helped me with power tools because I suck :’)

Cosplaying the goth kids was so great, I cant wait to cosplay them again. Hopefully we’ll have a Henrietta next time. :’)

I’m the Michael, Pete is brokenstardust, and Firkle is rottingundead


Otafest was excellent, I had a lot of fun as Medic, even though I didn’t have my medigun ;__;

As always, I took almost no pictures over the weekend like a GOOBER but I did manage to grab a couple with some other fantastic TF2 cosplayers! :D

The amazing spoi is @askbluspyguy, and the awesome scout is @thatsexactlyhowididntwantittogo!


Arnold Judas Rimmer - Holovirus

@ MCM London ComicCon May 28th 2016

Mr Flibble is very cross

Because I’m greedy and couldn’t just do one cosplay, I broke out my prom dress (god I look so different now) and had a photo taken with Chris Barrie! (And before you ask, yes, that wide eyed stare is supposed to be me in character, not just me being shit at posing, which I am anyway, but that’s besides the point)

Chris complimented my Flibbles. It was great!

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