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DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale)
Hip-Hop dancer Keith in full body glory during his audition in Part 1. (¬ ‿ ¬)

Ballet Team Head (a.k.a. Keith’s crush): State your name and desired group.
Keith: Keith Kogane. The Street Team. Redbubble Shop


Ahhhh the con is over! I had a great time and didn’t make a complete twat out of myself in front of celebrities. Loads of people recognised Rimmer - I was saluting for photos all day. The highlight was singing the Rimmer Song with a storm trooper :D
I reckon this might be my best cosplay yet! I’m v proud of myself.

Anime Weekend Atlanta

So recently I went to AWA and had an amazing time. I got to meet an awesome fanfic author I have been following for awhile and made several new friends. So shout out to @tyranttortoise and @armoredshuichi. I went as classic Sans on day one while I shoved my friends kid into my Red/Fell costume and had another friend playing as her Geno. The second and third day I wondered around as Red/Fell.

So funny story time. I had been planning to find and surprise Tyrant since I found out she was coming for a few months. I had kept an eye out since arriving to find princess Peach but just could not seem to find her. Several people had come up at one point and wanted pics with my little group of Sans. When we have the masks on its kind of hard to be able to see but I can see a few people walk up and/or leave to grab pics. There were a few others that came as Undertale characters that jumped in with us for a larger shoot and then BAM in pops Peach. I pointed at her and told her to stay but I don’t think people can hear me well in the mask. To my horror she starts to walk away as I yell over to another friend to grab that peach. He doesn’t hear me but luckily the Asriel next to me did and my friend ran off to grab her. Everyone finishes up the taking their pics and I walk over taking my head off and excitedly shout “Tyrant”. It was pretty cool to watch her face light up when she realized what I was saying lol. 

I also had a lot of people who were interested in my Sans mask. I plan on typing something up as detailed as I can make it soon. I am hoping to have it posted before Sunday. I have a few pics of doing the prototype mask that became Classic but not a lot of the progress for the Red and Geno masks. Unfortunately I have no idea how the awesometastic Lucid Night did the eyes. 


Hear that, babe?

We’re Legends.

Finally, my (almost) full Lup cosplay! Unfortunately lacking my fave twin but we will get pictures once the costumes are finalized!

Design by the amazing @stardustinjune from their Hey brother video! Thank you for letting me cosplay it and giving me great ref sheets!

Thanks to my sister (who doesn’t have a tumblr) for allowing me to drag you out in the piss cold to take these while stressed!

And thanks to my wonderful twin @kr1g and @yesthisishonk for properly getting me into TaZ! It has brought me great joy <3</p>

Cosplaying the goth kids was so great, I cant wait to cosplay them again. Hopefully we’ll have a Henrietta next time. :’)

I’m the Michael, Pete is brokenstardust, and Firkle is rottingundead


After much anticipation (not really), here it is, my “Medical Mystery” RED Medic cosplay that I (mostly) finished for Calgary Expo 2016!

I had an absolute blast wearing it, and I was very surprised to see quite a lot of TF2 cosplayers at the event! I made lots of friends and had a ton of people yell out “MEDIC!!” as I was wandering around haha

There are a few details missing that I just didn’t have time to finish, but hey, I can always add more stuff. And I’ll take some nighttime pictures later on so my lights will show more :P

Also, special shoutout to my mum, Listlesswarrior who singlehandedly made my amazing medipack (that is a functioning backpack like holy cow) and helped me with power tools because I suck :’)


Arnold Judas Rimmer - Holovirus

@ MCM London ComicCon May 28th 2016

Mr Flibble is very cross

Because I’m greedy and couldn’t just do one cosplay, I broke out my prom dress (god I look so different now) and had a photo taken with Chris Barrie! (And before you ask, yes, that wide eyed stare is supposed to be me in character, not just me being shit at posing, which I am anyway, but that’s besides the point)

Chris complimented my Flibbles. It was great!

(if you see yourself, please get in contact so I can tag you!)


Otafest was excellent, I had a lot of fun as Medic, even though I didn’t have my medigun ;__;

As always, I took almost no pictures over the weekend like a GOOBER but I did manage to grab a couple with some other fantastic TF2 cosplayers! :D

The amazing spoi is @askbluspyguy, and the awesome scout is @thatsexactlyhowididntwantittogo!