red's cosplay stuff

So this costume was actually made a few months back, for PAX South but I ended up being too sick to wear it. I was sick on and off for awhile but I finally got the chance to wear her since I was feeling healthier by Akon! I had a LOT of wardrobe malfunctions in this unfortunately so I’ll need to redo a few parts before I wear it again lol oops… In case you didn’t know, Red Mage is my absolute favorite job in the Final Fantasy series and if Ivalice is involved I’ll definitely have a Viera classed as one. I want to do some other Viera classes from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance but I’m not sure which one to start on next!!!

So I’m super excited because in I’m going to Dutch Comic Con with @sidekick-clecle next month! I’m going to cosplay Scout (the main reason why I drew him! ^ ) and I seriously can’t wait! It’s also the first time I will cosplay + attend a comic con! 

this also might be the first time ill be posting pics of me on here when that time comes ^^

I’ve been filming a little sakura birthday special today! :) 
Here is a little preview~

It’s a really short short-movie :) a bit of a cmv i guess~ I’ll be uploading it on sakuras birthday! so stay tuned :)

hope you’ve all been doing well <3
I’m super sorry that I haven’t been filming answers lately but that will change soon!