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coco mango polvoron

what is polvoron?

well …. polvoron is a filipino sweet and usually made with toasted flour, butter and sugar. however, one of the reasons i really enjoy to make raw food sweets is usually you have to grind up your nuts or seeds so it is ‘pulverized’, hence the name polvoron is something along the lines of a powdery like sweet cake.  i will post it up soon (my original recipe), but the first time i experimented to make polvoron was with cashews and maca, gives it such a nice malted taste.  its so close to the real polvoron, but completely guilt free and chock full of nutrients.  here i have used seseame seeds, below is the recipe, try it out xxx


500 grams sesame seeds

400 grams dried mango

250 grams medjool dates

500 grams coco chips

how to:

1. grind the sesame seeds powder fine in a blender, put it in a mixing bowl.

2. grind up coconut chips powder fine and add to sesame seeds.

3. grind up the dried mango powder fine, it can be sticky, no worries. oo soo colorful :)

4. pit the dates and add to a food processor to get a paste, add it to the powder mixture

5. add 0.5 ml coconut oil, now start mixing everything together with love, get your fingers in there making sure you blend the sticky paste in. you can add a little bit of water to add to the sticky factor.

6. now make little balls or cakes to your preference, if you have nice little silicone shape molds that works too, leave in the fridge to set for at least 30 minutes and serve. YUM