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Straight White Boy Problem #959

Got to class today and this girl I really like asked me “why dont we ever hang outside of class??😟” when she said that I was like wow she REALLY wants to hang with me!!! She enjoys my company and supports me!!! Does she think I’m cool???? I’M GETTING a little excited here!!! *sweat marks start showing on my red nike graphic tee* WHY AM I GETTING SWEAT MARKS NOW IN FRONT OF HER NOW I’M NERVOUS..*realizes im sweating more* OH SHIT JUST THINKING ABOUT IT IS ONLY MAKING IT WORSE


I watch the city burn. These dreams like ashes float away. Your voice I never heard. Only silence. Where were you when our hearts were bleeding? Where were you? It all crashed down. Never thought that you’d deceive me. Where are you now? (x)


Outside wondering when I got lost