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Have you ever seen a white and black tortie? They're really cool, though I'm not entirely sure of they really exist. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how rare would that be?

yeah !! 

so black + white torties happen bc there is a failure in the lack of red pigment, which makes their red spots appear white. they are called “brindled bicolors” and are super rare and not very well documented, i think its bc they get mixed up with vitiligo cats a lot. the only way to confirm if they’re brindled is to 1. see the cat as a kitten and 2. genetic testing 

Oumagadoki in Wonderland

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i was sorta inspired by this post, haha. the idea of Shiina as the white rabbit and Hana as Alice was just too cute and i had to draw it!! plus, i really wanted to draw some lineless art again b/c it’s been a long time since i’ve done any

the mushrooms and the blue flowers represent Shiina and Hana respectively, haha. i realized that those white spotted red mushrooms looked really similar to Shiina’s scarf and just had to include them, and then i realized i could add blue flowers to represent Hana as well (b/c her name means blue flower)

anyway, i’m really proud of how this came out!!!

Bridgette Cheng

Salut! If you have been following the creation of Miraculous Ladybug, then you will know that there are four iterations of Paris’ favorite superhero, Ladybug! The first is Marietta (comics), second and third are Bridgette (Quantic Kids/PV Universe), and fourth is Marinette. Please note that “Bridgette” is a fan name; the Quantic Kids and PV Universes have Ladybug’s official name as “Marinette Cheng.” This post is about everything Bridgette and PV Universe, made in conjunction with the Félix post.

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(runeclan anon) and that same year, i ate berries off the ground because i was told the red ones with white spots werent poisonous. hoo fuckin boy im lucky i didnt die. anyways i became the medicine cats apprentice in sixth grade under my later girlfriend and even later ex-friend, and my name was blazefire when i got my warrior name. the kicker is, i got the sAME fuckin name off a roblox warriors roleplay server. who woulda thought //that// would happen??



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