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Yay, I just finished crocheting this whimsical blue and red toadstool and published it on my etsy! What a busy day. 

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Fucj fuck fuck what have you done sini now we have to make nothing! michael to balance out all the lions!!! Its gonna be a void with weird red and white spots emitting from it every few seconds!

i call him

the anti-michael

Mer!Deku and half-Mer!Todo from the most recent chapter of my mermaid AU fic ; v ;

(In his mer form, Izuku’s hair becomes a pastel green rather than its normal dark green ;;; also merfolk in my AU have specific markings. Shouto has red and white koi spots, Izuku has spots on his ears and stripes. His freckles also glow in the dark…)

My favourite thing about kittens is that you get this whole range of colours and patterns that the parents have, in so many variations??

 Like momma was a red tabby with some white parts on her and daddy was black with a lil few white hairs on the chest?

 Enter silver tabby with a few red spots, a white kitty with red-tabby spots, a completely black kitty, a completely white kitty, a soft grey coming from one of her grandparents, a red tabby with black spots, and one of a deep chocolate brown.

 You’re just given this whole palette of genetics that make a beautiful cacophony of colour which will also mew at you and follow you around in hopes of food and attention.

 It’s the tits.

Oumagadoki in Wonderland

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i was sorta inspired by this post, haha. the idea of Shiina as the white rabbit and Hana as Alice was just too cute and i had to draw it!! plus, i really wanted to draw some lineless art again b/c it’s been a long time since i’ve done any

the mushrooms and the blue flowers represent Shiina and Hana respectively, haha. i realized that those white spotted red mushrooms looked really similar to Shiina’s scarf and just had to include them, and then i realized i could add blue flowers to represent Hana as well (b/c her name means blue flower)

anyway, i’m really proud of how this came out!!!

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Enamor Me with dark and anti?

(( Funny story, when I was researching knives for this, my mum walked in and just gave me that look like “Why are you researching knives?” ))

When Dark had invited Anti to come round on Valentine’s Day, Anti had been expecting it to just be a normal day, for the two of them to just hang out alone since Mark and Jack were doing something nice for Amy and Signe. What he wasn’t expecting was Dark to be cooking dinner for the two of them, for the table to set with candles and a single rose, and for Dark to greet him with what looked like a box of chocolates.

The grey ego seemed completely composed, but there was a slight glitch to his aura that betrayed to Anti he was nervous. Anti paid no mind to the strange set up, sitting on the couch and getting comfortable while Dark finished up in the kitchen. The box of chocolates sat on the coffee table in front of Anti, a red ribbon wrapped around it and a card tucked neatly into the ribbon. He had to resist opening it while Dark was in the room, and it was even harder to resist shoving them back at him and stating that he didn’t care about Valentine’s Day.

He hadn’t expected Dark to either, but then, he was always trying to appear human, so it was understandable to Anti that he would attempt to integrate with human holidays. It was…sweet in a sense. It had been obvious to Anti for ages that Dark had some sort of infatuation for him, even if he also hated the green haired glitch, and it didn’t bother Anti in the slightest. Attention of any type was good for him, he craved it, and Dark was the one ego that understood him more than most. Anti wouldn’t say he loved him – hell, he wouldn’t even say that Dark loved him either – but there was something between them.

Trust Dark to use Valentine’s to bring it to the surface.

And trust him not to reveal anything of the plan to Anti, so he turned up expecting a normal night with nothing to give in return. It left an unpleasant feeling in Anti’s gut, and he was going to make sure Dark knew about it.

Dark entered the room after a moment, minus his suit-jacket and tie but otherwise perfectly presentable. He sat on the couch as well, keeping a little distance between them. Anti had to bite back a laugh, his mind automatically going to “two guys sitting five feet apart because they’re not gay”, which he knew Dark would both misunderstand and not find funny.

“Thank you for coming over, Anti.” Dark murmured, “I know it can be boring for you when Jack leaves.”

Anti shrugged, “Yeah I guess. Do you ever get bored here?”

Shaking his head, Dark replied, “No. Not with all the other’s.”

“Where are they?” Anti asked, “It’s pretty quiet.”

“They’re all out doing their own things.” Dark supplied, “This is just any other day for them, and since Mark is distracted doing things for Amy, they can get away with a lot more.”

“So…what’s with the chocolates then?” Anti eventually inquired when silence stretched between them.

Dark’s eyes flicked to them, and he shifted slightly, the only indication he was embarrassed with his decision.

Anti smirked and reached for the box. “Are you going soft on me, Darkie?”

Scoffing, Dark folded his arms, “Of course not.”

“But you’re giving me presents for Valentine’s Day? And making sure you are the only who can bring something?” Anti continued slyly, “Almost like you need to have the upper hand, or you’re just testing the waters.”

“Just shut up and open it.” Dark spat, his cheeks flushing a deeper grey, the way they did when he blushed.

Amused by the effect of his words on the ego, and partially surprised that Dark was actually embarrassed, Anti undid the ribbon and grabbed the card.

For the difficult moments was written on there in Dark’s cursive writing, perfectly looped and written in ink and Anti frowned. If this was a box of chocolates, as he assumed it was from the weight and the shape, why would he save them for difficult moments? Chocolates didn’t really last that long, especially with him, since he was partial to a sweet thing every now and then.

Glancing at Dark to try and get some sort of indication on what the card meant, Anti was met with a neutral expression, so he pulled the lid off.

His breath caught in his throat.

Inside the box, nestled perfectly in black silk, were three knives. Silver blades, black handles, and with a silver inscription on all the handles of Antisepticeye. A small card attached to each knife with string told Anti what each knife was, and what they were best for.

Boning knife, sharp and flexible for getting right to the bone.

Chef’s knife, powerful yet precise, perfect for slicing.

Santoku knife, multi-functional, smooth and clean cuts.

Each knife was perfectly balanced when Anti handled them all, and the handles were an exact fit for his hand. Running a finger along each of the blades, they were all precision sharpened and perfect.

Anti was speechless when he turned to Dark, mouth open. The grey ego was smiling as he watched Anti handle the knives, his eyes sparkling as he clearly knew that the box had tricked Anti completely.

“These are amazing.” Anti finally managed to whisper, “Thank you.”

“I knew you wouldn’t want anything traditional.” Dark chuckled, “But I wanted to get you something, even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day. Come on, food should be ready now.”

He almost didn’t want to give up the knives, but when Dark took the box from him with gentle hands, replaced the lid and then set it carefully on the table, Anti allowed him to. Taking Dark’s offered hand, Anti stood and followed him to the table.  

The food was exquisite. Anti hadn’t even known Dark could cook, but the food he produced was absolutely perfect, and there was a good flow of conversation between them the entire night. They laughed more than either normally did, the topics ranging from their hosts, to literature, to serial killers across the world and what they did wrong when they were caught.

When the night was finally over, Anti was reluctant to leave, but he knew he had to get back before Jack and Signe did in case they worried about where he had gone. Dark kissed him softly on the cheek at the door and watched as he glitched out of existence there, back to Brighton easily, the knife box clutched tightly under one arm.


A week later, the postman knocked on Mark’s door with a delivery marked For Darkiplier. When Dark opened it, he found a collection of expensive silk ties, including a deep red one with white spots that he immediately took a liking too. Dark smiled as he pulled out the little card, Anti’s scrawled writing standing out against the name of the company the ties had come from.

To keep up your dapper look.


I’m really loving this variegated yarn. Perfect for a fairytale toadstool. 



Bloody White Hat

This is just a fanfic based on the Villainous Heroic au. It has White Hat and Dr. Slug. The name is kinda self-explanatory. It’s on AO3 if you wanna read it there along with other future related fanfics you can read them here:


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