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Oumagadoki in Wonderland

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i was sorta inspired by this post, haha. the idea of Shiina as the white rabbit and Hana as Alice was just too cute and i had to draw it!! plus, i really wanted to draw some lineless art again b/c it’s been a long time since i’ve done any

the mushrooms and the blue flowers represent Shiina and Hana respectively, haha. i realized that those white spotted red mushrooms looked really similar to Shiina’s scarf and just had to include them, and then i realized i could add blue flowers to represent Hana as well (b/c her name means blue flower)

anyway, i’m really proud of how this came out!!!

Pinnoctopus sp. from Okinawa. We found these guys near Hamamoto/ Motobu living in the seagrass beds alongside Abdopus acculeatus octopuses. These guys have a very limited color range (white to red) sometimes the white spots appear blue due to iridiophores. They are not easily kept in aquariums. After we took a small DNA voucher, we released them. Here, they were mating in the bucket. We never had any Pinnocopus lay eggs in an aquarium, but we have seen specimens larger than 2 Kg, so these were probably too young to be fertile.

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Cardinal feather tattoo for my grandmother. She passed away three years ago today. Laurel and her share a middle name. She was my hero. As a kid, I honest to god thought heroes were grandmothers who loved Elvis, kissing boo boos, and traveling. I get my sense of wonder from her, as well as my wanderlust. I learned to love from her, I learned that while the world is scary, we can’t walk around scared.

So when shit gets tough I look for the red bird. Because as soon as she passed, there was a cardinal hanging out in the middle of winter outside my craft room door. This same bird followed me for two weeks. The same red bird with a white spot on its head. She still pops in when I need her. And I think of her when I smile, laugh with the girls, or relishing in the luck that is my life. She taught me to look for the good moments, so when I find them I smile and think of her.

Here’s something you don’t see every day: This red-winged blackbird almost appears to be hitching a ride on a red-tailed hawk! Mike White spotted these birds while visiting DeSoto and Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuges in Nebraska and Iowa. Territorial blackbirds (among others) will often dive-bomb raptors. Photo courtesy of Mike White.


*Nick and Judy taking a walk in the Rainforest District, when Nick spots a red and white spotted mushroom, licking his lips and leaning in towards it*

Nick: Hmm, smells tasty as always-

*Judy notices Nick with the shroom and rushes to stop him*


*Judy trips over a tree root, falls forward, and lands face first into the shroom, sitting up and swallowing out of instinct before realizing what she just ate*

Judy: Oh God… I’M GONNA DIE-

Nick: Relax Carrots… you aren’t going to die… but based on the huge chunk you just ate, you are going to be tripping out soon.

*Judy becomes confused and tilts her head slightly*

Judy: What are you talking about- *pupils dilate before she lets out a giggle* -Whoa… has anyone ever told you how fluffy your fur looks?

*Nick chuckles and rolls his eyes*

Nick: Other than you… no-

*Judy’s eyes then widen and she starts shivering*

Judy: Nick… I can see a ghost behind you- *eyes widen more and ears drop*- and now it’s stabbing you- NICK!

Nick: Relax Carrots, it’s just a hallucination, what you’re seeing isn’t real-

*Judy starts swiping at the empty air and growling*

Judy: NO! You are NOT having my blood you fucker!

Nick: Hey, Language young lady.


Nick: *Pulls out camera phone*

“Judy, what do you see?”

Judy: *Swishes her arms at a broken branch and keeps missing*


Nick: *Chuckles as he shakes the phone”

“Judy! Behind you! Its the ancient abominable *raspberry*!”

Judy: “Where?! Where is it?! I’ll kill it for touching me pies!”

*Judy begins to start spinning in a circle, trying to look behind her*

Nick: *Falls on the ground, camera still on Judy, as he began to laugh uncontrollably*

Judy: *Hear laughing and notices Nick on the ground, and gasps”

“Nick has been possessified! Don’t worry buddy, i’ll beat the shit out of you and get the demon out!”

Nick: “Wait what?”

*Judy launches herself at  Nick in a bloodrage”

Nick: Judy wait, nononononONONONONO-”

*Camera cuts out*


*Later, at the hospital*

Judy: *Wakes up in a fully body straight jacket*

“What the Heck?!”

*Starts stuggling*

*A sexy leopard doctor walks in*

Doctor: “AH, Officer Hopps, you’re awake! Sorry for the restraints, but you kept attacking personal as you shouted, “I shall avenge Uranus from the invasion of Myanus”.” *Chuckles in delight*

Judy:*Blushes in embarrassment and disbelief*

“W- where’s Nick? I- is he alright?”

*Stutters as she tries to change the subject*

Doctor: “He’s.. been in better condition. Let me bring him in.”

*walks to the door and opens it*


*Male otter nurse brings in Nick in a wheel chair*

Judy: “Jesus what happened to you Nick?!”

Nick: *Slowly looks up at Judy*

“The demons possessified my lasagna as the invasion from Myanus started to drill hole in my porcelain bugaburger of blahlalalalalaa.”

*Judy’s ears drop as the doctor and nurse began to laugh.*

Nurse: *Whipes away tiers as he explains in voice that sounded like a violin being played out of tune by a thousand monkeys on a sugar high, whom happens to also be dead*

“Evidence shows that he was in the middle of an unorthodox exorcism by a certain bunny cop.”

Judy: *has virtually turned into a tomato*

Doctor: “Don’t worry, we had to put him on some anesthetic.”

Nick: *Looks at the doctor*

“Your pretty, big boob lady!”

Doctor: “Thank you officer Wilde.”

Nick: “But not as pretty as my buck-tooth buddy!”

*Grabs Judy and a death hug*

*Doctor and nurse left*

Doctor: “I’ll leave him for you two to catch on!”

Judy: *unable to breath*

“D-doc! W-a-it!”

Nick: “Lavern, we need to have a serious conversation about Myanus!”

*For miles around, a scream can be heard*


*Later, Bogo walks into the room to fill out the report*

Bogo: Alright Hopps, Wilde, I-

*Bogo’s words fall silent and he drops the clipboard and pen he was holding; in the bed nearby, Nick is curled up around Judy, whom has since freed herself of the straight jacket, and is simply sitting there with Nick petting him*

Bogo: *Sighs and face-palms* Dare I even ask?

Judy: Not much to explain, I accidentally ate a shroom, got high, beat up Nick, we got taken to hospital, he got medically high, and now seems to think I’m his mate-

Bogo: did he rub his muzzle against you by chance? foxes mark their mates that way, so he might have actually done it.

*Bogo then starts to approach, Nick’s ear flicking a bit before he looks up at the chief and growls*


Judy: *Blushes* Nick… we can discuss your mark later… Bogo needs to take a report down, okay… hon?

*Bogo chuckles softly and shakes his head, retrieving his clipboard and pen to start filling the report*


This is a wrap-up of little story @thecommrade and @timberwolfalpha made in form from 4 reblogs, and because it was incredibly fitting to each-another’s parts, i took the time to get the little story together in one post!

-T resembles @timberwolfalpha part of the story, and -C reffers to @thecommrade ‘s part.

NOTE: This whole story was completely made by @timberwolfalpha and @thecommrade , give them credit for doing something like this.

The original reblog-version of this can be searched up -HERE-


We came back from breakfast this morning to find a leathery-winged Mothman sunning himself on the picnic table. He’s ready to be adopted today! It’s getting hot here, and he said he wants to live somewhere with a window fan.


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