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fourth of july: fahc edition

(bc i’m slightly tipsy and there’s already ppl shooting fireworks outside)
(under a read more bc i have no control  and must be stopped)


  • wears bright red lipstick and blue eyeshadow bc she’s feelin p a t r i o ti c
  • is in charge of the food
  • her apron says “quit bitchin’ in my kitchen”
  • actually the kitchen is strictly off-limits while she’s cooking get the fuck outta here
  • seriously one time she threw a knife at ryan’s head when he tried to grab a potato chip
  • goes all out for the fourth of july y’all. we’re talking buttery corn on the cob, fresh guac, fried green tomatoes, salted watermelon, mac n cheese, apple pie mmmmMMMMM
  • follows an old patillo family recipe to make the best goddamn potato salad this side of the mississippi river holy shit like,,, it’s so fucking good god bless the patillos
  • uses a secret ingredient in her potato salad that she’ll take to her grave don’t even bother asking buddy she’ll laugh in your face
  • (jeremy thinks it’s white wine)
  • (gavin thinks its cocaine)


  • wears leather sandals and american flag-printed board shorts why geoffrey why
  • is in charge of drinks
  • obviously
  • imports single malt whisky straight from scotland
  • then steals 2 dozen crates of bud light from the 24/7 supermarket down the street
  • geoff there’s literally only 15 people at this party do you really need 10 bottles of tequila
  • likes making mixed drinks for people who didn’t order them
  • his “signature drink” is called The Firecracker™
  • everyone’s pretty sure it’s just fireball and actual gasoline
  • always ends up ranting about how fucked up the american founding fathers were
  • “guys thomas jefferson was such a dick i fucking hate that dude”
  • “we know geoff”


  • shifts into Ultimate Dad Mode™ on the fourth of july bless his heart
  • unironically wears USA t-shirts from old navy and a backwards baseball cap
  • it makes him look * c o o l *
  • is in charge of the grill
  • looks way too comfortable using a meat cleaver and a butcher knife
  • ryan that’s just *beef* in those burgers right?
  • has an AK-47 strapped to his back just in case they come
  • “just in case who comes?”
  • “they”
  • likes to sing 80’s rock music while grilling 
  • there’s a video of him belting jessie’s girl into his spatula
  • ryan is not aware of this video
  • it’s saved on jack’s laptop (encrypted and password protected)


  • is in charge of the music
  • turns into the biggest Dudebro™ on the fourth
  • yells ‘merica before doing anything
  • uses red white n blue spray-on hair color and completely fucks up the bathroom sink with it
  • his playlist is called “'freedom muthafukaaaas”
  • songs include: bruce springsteen’s “born to run”, warrant’s “cherry pie”, ELO’s “mr. blue sky” and abba’s “dancing queen”
  • insists on being called DJ rimmy tim for the whole day
  • keeps trying to get people to play pool volleyball with him
  • drinks anything geoff puts in front of him
  • he and jack end up trying to parachute from the cargobob into the pool
  • “jerEMY NO”


  • is in charge of the fireworks
  • doesn’t buy fireworks tho are you kidding me fuck that this isn’t amateur hour sON
  • spends all of april/may developing homemade fireworks with trevor and matt
  • has almost lost multiple fingers while testing their creations
  • also nearly blinded himself while trying to modify a bottle rocket
  • tbh this is the most dangerous thing he does all year and he’s a Professional Criminal for a living
  • created a firework that explodes in bright red brocades and makes the air smell like roses
  • he calls it “the lindsay”
  • every year there’s an illegal massive fireworks show on mt. haan that gets set up anonymously and is electronically detonated
  • everyone knows its the fakes but literally every person in town comes out to watch it and it’s basically a los santos tradition so the LSPD are like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • they get a tupperware of potato salad for their troubles
  • (it’s the best goddamn potato salad they’ve ever had)


  • likes to remind everyone that’s he’s british and that he’s offended by their patriotism
  • “congrats on your bad healthcare and shite chocolate”
  • paints a lil british flag on his cheek bc fuck u guys
  • but then #brexit rip
  • has the most insane shit delivered to the penthouse for Funsies™
  • last year it was a massive bouncy castle that blocked off the whole street
  • the year before he brought five thousand water ballons filled with ice, blood, flour, and some weird goo he somehow smuggled in from china
  • jeremy almost had to go to the hospital
  • geoff was not a fan
  • literally no one has a clue what gavin has planned for this year and they’re not sure if they should be terrified or excited
  • (it’s actually a lads vs gents nerf battle with tranquilizer-loaded darts)
  • (geoff will not be a fan)

the fakes

  • just bc it’s a national holiday doesn’t mean they’re not heisting
  • jack wears his gaudiest hawaiian print
  • ryan switches his black face paint for blue (sometimes he’ll even add stars)
  • the lads load up on homemade grenades and bombs that sparkle and whizz as they detonate
  • they hit every major bank and big business within the city limits as the los santos sky explodes with color
  • on july 5th, planned parenthood, greenpeace, the national immigration law center, the trevor project, the ACLU and countless other NGOs get their annual summer donation - always impressive, always anonymous
  • bc the fakes know that they’re country is no longer truly the land of the free
  • and they may be criminals but goddamnit they’ll do their best to fix it
  • bc who better than america’s most wanted can give america what it needs the most?
Cheerleading IS a sport | JJ

Request: a dom!jungkook smut when y/n is a cheerleader and he is like the player of the sport and yeah they could like have the fun in the changing room~

Pairing: Dom!Jungkook, Football!Jungkook X Cheerleader!Reader

Summary: Y/n, best flyer on the cheerleading squad. Jungkook, best kicker and scorer on the football team. What will happen when things get heated between the two all because of something that he just spilled out of his mouth.

Genre: Smut, Angst, Smut

Warnings: Swearing, dirty talk, Dominant!Jungkook, Sub!Reader, hospital handjob, cocky asshole Jungkook

Word Count: 3k+

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i’ve talked about this before but the model minority myth has functions beyond creating a schism between asians & other people of color or justifying racialized income/education inequality by using asians as a gotcha.

it serves to make asians (and asian labor) simultaneously invisible and exploitable, while obscuring capital-driven destruction and manipulation of asian laborers in asian countries. 

asians are invisible not just numerically; quantity is not a sufficient enough explanation for our invisibility because asian immigration to the US is increasing and we’re populating multiple urban and suburban centers. we are invisible because of how white supremacy, specifically in this case the model minority myth, works to portray us as obsequious, robotic, hardworking, emotionless, and quiet, not prone to resistance or protest of any form. white supremacy does this through exploitation of labor + a series of rewards and punishments, rewards being assimilation to american society (if that can truly be considered a reward) or punishments being not hired or accepted by employers and universities. 

here’s the thing. you have a wave of immigration from asian countries that encompass asians who are middle-class, educated, and probably know english. they have an easier (not an easy but easier) time settling into the country, adapting american norms, and becoming financially stable and successful. they are the face of the model minority myth - the asian doctors, bankers, engineers, etc, the ones who “remain quiet and work hard with their head held high”, and get “great grades in STEM subjects” and provide intellectual/technological labor to the flourishing markets. 

you also have a wave of asian immigrants who do not fit this picture. they know little to no english. they may be undocumented. they’re working-class and don’t have college degrees. these are the asians who live in places like edison, new jersey, or chinatown and koreatown in NYC, or dearborn, michigan. they’re the ones who run laundromats and dry-cleaning stores, drive your taxis and ubers, own cheaply priced restaurants and grocery stores, work in manufacturing, cut, dye, or style your hair, paint your nails, wax your facial hair, maintain and work at your gas stations, dunkin donuts, and 7/11 type convenience stores. 

how is it that the model minority myth can exist alongside the “indian 7/11 worker / chinese restaurant owner / korean dry cleaner / afghan nail lady / arab taxi driver” stereotypes? how can one group be simultaneously stereotyped as “privileged, educated, assimilated, hardworking, technical geniuses” AND “provincial, smelly, backward, poor, scary, cheap”? how can one group be invisible yet also stereotyped as the population-heavy thieves of ol red white n’ blue good american labor and education? how do you have asians who do “succeed” under american capitailsm and asians who are exploited and even killed by american capitalism? 

because of the model minority myth, which impacts the first vs second group in different ways. 

the first group does have to work really hard to get “acknowledgment” by the state/by white supremacy. consider why asian-american students suffer so much from mental illness and suicidality. we are driven to work hard to exceed expectations, to outpace white american labor, to justify our presence in the country. we need to please not only our parents and communities but also appease employers and admissions officers who think that there are too many of us. i’m sure you’ve heard of harvard’s quota on asian admission. the school i attend, the university of michigan, also has “a lot” of asian students and in fact i often hear white students complain about that. it’s a complaint i’ve heard my entire life. so that’s where you get studies that show that people with “asian sounding” names don’t get hired, or why asian students who are deemed “too similar” to the “asian average” (which is higher than the “white average” because we are held to a higher standard because of white mediocrity) don’t get accepted. universities have to make room for their white alumni and rich students and because white people hate affirmative action, the best solution for universities and employers is to discriminate against us. 

of course this all happens under a quota system which means that they’re still using our academic prowess and labor to enhance their reputations or profit. their logic is to accept just the “right” number of asians to, say, prettify their research program or attain skilled workers for some financial or technological company. the “right” number of asian workers or students will drive up the image or profit of a certain institution but it won’t offend white people or “take up” white space. 

the second group, the one that is impacted by poverty, homelessness, income inequality, etc, is invisible precisely because of the model minority myth. since the myth posits that ALL asians are equally privileged and educated, poor asians are veritably nonexistent. and these asians cannot defend themselves - they do not have the financial, political, or communicative means to do so (language and financial barriers prevent them from speaking out). terrified of poverty, deportation, instability, assault, or police brutality, these working-class asian americans are forced to remain silent because if they don’t they will also lose their job or home or risk the threat of actual physical retaliation. this then feeds into the “asians are robotic and obedient” stereotype as much as the first group, comprised of “smart asian students and workers” does. it’s an insidious cycle. 

so this is the dual-function of the model minority myth. we are made invisible by a deliberate stereotype pushed forth that obscures the reality of our diversity, and this invisibility allows us to be exploited, whether we are being exploited by universities or by multinational corporations or by startups or any other institution or employer. 

theyre a bit lost (sun and moon were released in the uk today!!)


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the rock ’n roller  | 12.4.16

BOWIE BLITZ: aladdin sane bowie embroidery hoop by studiosrh

there’s something unique and beautiful about this embroidery hoop art piece … i’d love to add it to my collection. i miss you, DB.

Happy B-day America! B-day headcanons :D


  • I hope all you non-Americans (me) are ready because THE RED, WHITE N’ BLUE IS COMING FOR YOU! We’re talking a 4 layered cake, more confetti than humanly possible and every five feet another flag, because ‘MURICA
  • Has the biggest party he can throw. It puts to shame the party he threw last year but that only means he’s an amazing host that knows how to update his celebrating.
  • Everyone he knows is invited, that guy in Starbucks that makes him coffee? Yes, the bartender from that one pub he snuck into? Yes. Even the King of Sweden was invited! Probably because of his awesome hats.
  • The food he has planned out is perfect, he has all things american: Deep fried everything, Bacon, barbecued veggies and meat, ice lollies. You name it and he has a in his cooler or on hold. Except Alcohol, he doesn’t want drunk nations running about and ruining his special day.
  • Don’t be surprised when a 100 man marching band opens the party, he’s got them to play all the traditional american songs and a few modern songs to show he’s up to date with the hits. He might even join the band for a song or two~
  • He has had his cake order on hold since January, he has known exactly what type of cake he wants since his last birthday, and now is the day. A quadruple layer, stripy bottom layer, starry third, criss-cross of white and red second and every state checker top layer…With sparkles
  • Well since America is…America, he’s probably got a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey thing but it’s not a donkey. It’s England and instead of a tail it’s his eyebrows.
  • Has the Hamilton musical on hold. So just picture it: everyone is having fun, wishing him a happy birthday and then “HOW DOES A RAGTAG VOLUNTEER ARMY IN NEED OF A SHOWER, SOMEHOW DEFEAT A GLOBAL SUPERPOWER?” and then America yelling “TURN UP!” (I love Hamilton way too much XD)
  • Every present he gets he rips open, even if it is fragile. He’s so happy and excited that people are here to celebrate his birthday. They might want to watch out though, we all know he’s really strong and if they give him an amazing present they will be bear hugged!
  • There’s only one rule to join his partying: You must have your face painted with something american. It can be anything, the flag, an eagle, even a small star is good enough. America decided having this flag over his entire face, never before have anyone seen such an American America! Also he’s wearing uncle sam’s outfit so… ‘MURICA!

Happy Forth of July! I hope you all have a great day!

Let Me In {9}

Sequel to The Sun and The Stars

Previous parts:  | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |

Word count: 2942

Warnings: none

A/N: I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting too long! I figured you’ve had enough angst for the week :))

Originally posted by naih-reedus

How could this possibly have happened?! More importantly, how could this have happened to you, twice? Was the world really so cruel? Was it truly as horrible as it was made out to seem? I mean, Steve couldn’t just be gone, not after everything you’d been through together. He couldn’t just be dead.

But he was. And you’d been shattered too many times before and you couldn’t do it anymore. You vaguely remembered walking in a daze back to your room and sitting down on the bed but the rest is a dull haze. You were still holding on to Layla, frozen as you sat on the edge of the bed. She kept squirming and whining but you couldn’t bring yourself to move, not even for her and the guilt for that ate you alive. But still, you couldn’t make yourself move. The pain in your chest was far too great to bear.

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Anon: “First of all you accept mixing DC and Marvel ? If so … Imagine being a member of the Avengers and the youngest of all so all are extremely protective of you , therefore, all fall into despair and enter in ’ ’ guard ’ ’ when the Joker (Jared Leto) is in love with you and flirts every time you guys are on a mission to stop him from blowing up the world , you do please ? Thaks AND i love your imagines <3″


and also, dirty and hilarious pick-up lines.

Words: 1081 (Pretty Short)

Pairing: Jared Leto!Joker X Avenger!Reader

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Inked (reader x Steve)

Hey, look! An actual one-shot that STAYED a one-shot. A miracle. This idea came to me like a bolt of lightning last night and I had to put it out there. Let me know what you think! 

And yes I’m still working on the next parts of Accidents Happen AND It Will Always End This Way. Plus a request. And another possible series. Eep! Please be patient with me! I just had to get this drabble done and out of my system. :) 



Inked (reader x Steve)

Characters: reader, Steve, Natasha, Clint, Sam.

Summary: Reader is in her 20s and an Avenger with a bit of a wild streak. Her relationship with Steve is strictly professional until she makes a surprising discovery on a mission. Events occur about a year after CA:TWS. 

Warnings: tattoos, mentions of death, mild violence, sexy fluff. :)

Originally posted by ilikeeeyoux3

(author’s note: gif is not a representative of any tattoos mentioned. I just thought it was cool. :) )

The Quinjet was making its descent as you stood and steadied your self against the cool metal walls, weapons secure on your back. Steve stepped up next to you, slipping on his helmet and securing the strap under his chin.

 “Could you hand me my shield, Y/N?”

“Sure, Cap,” you replied, grabbing the red, white, and blue shield that was leaning against the seats to your left and passed it to the man on your right.

“Thanks. You ready?” 

“I was born ready,” you said confidently. 

He smirked, “Yeah, well, let’s not get cocky.”

You pulled your face into a serious expression. “Sir, yes sir!” you mocked with a salute.

He gave a small chuckle, shaking his head. As he turned his attention to Sam on his other side, you took advantage of his distraction as you gave him a good once-over. Man, he really was extremely attractive. That chiseled jaw below piercing blue eyes, broader shoulders than any man should be allowed to have that then narrowed down his torso to an impossibly narrow waist. Impressive thighs, though. You were a sucker for good thighs. Under that kevlar uniform you knew there were also some exquisite abs and pecs to die for, thanks to the outdoor pool at Avengers Tower where the team hung out regularly. Bless Tony Stark for giving you the opportunity to see Steve Rogers shirtless. Hallelujah!

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anonymous asked:

Congratulations!!!🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉 I just had a question about your sashes and ribbon things you wore for graduation and I was curious what do they all mean or represent thank you 💕

Ye no problem thank u!!!

aight so the gold sash is National Honor Society (gotta have a 3.5+), silver sash is AVID (a college prep/university certification class), red, white, n blue one is Young Democrats (we ain’t rly do much tho), red and yellow is Spanish honor society, blue n yellow is English honor society, black is 40+ hrs of service, n the baby blue is UNICEF ! 

“Rejection”; Chapter Eleven

NOTES: I realize that it’s been awhile since the last chapter, and for that I am truly sorry. Track meets have been getting more frequent, I’m being slammed with essays and projects, and have no time to sleep at all whatsoever. Whenever I’ve been given the chance, I go straight to working on my things for Tumblr, but that’s been far and few.

Also, I noticed that I didn’t italicize anything in the last chapter, so… dammit! I’ll fix that immediately. Thank you all for being so patient. I greatly appreciate it.


The two of you stumbled out to the living room, where (Y/N) gracefully fell onto the couch and curled up into the fetal position. Sans sighed, and rubbed his temples. He didn’t enjoy seeing her like this, as her soul was the kind that you would think never had ever experienced heartache this bad. “you ok with sleeping on the couch? it’s not the most comfortable place in the world-” “I’m fine. Thanks for letting me sleep here, at the least.” She moaned, and shivered.

papyrus must be up in his room, playing with his action figures. Sans thought, and teleported up to his dorm. He looked around for a blanket besides the one on his bed, and perhaps a spare pillow too. The blanket was easy; he had quite a few in his closet. He tucked that under his arm, and searched wearily for the pillow.

The only one he had was his own, and despite how much he hated seeing (Y/N) like this, he just couldn’t give up his cushion. Teleporting swiftly back downstairs, it appeared the human had already cried herself to sleep. A depressing ache swarmed within Sans’ gut, but he pushed it down enough that he allowed himself to lay the fleece cover over her. She shifted slightly under the blanket, but Sans did not see as he was already climbing up the stairs nearby to his brother’s room.

He knocked on the door twice, when Papyrus called out, “WHO IS IT?” Sans twisted the knob, and stepped inside. The room was spotless, as usual, unlike his own. “just me.” Sans said simply, and closed the door. He walked over to Papyrus, who was lying on his race car bed with his action figures close to his chest. “I…I REALLY MESSED UP, SANS. I MADE THE HUMAN CRY AGAIN!

Sans sat down beside his brother, and rubbed his arm. Apparently, Papyrus must have mistaken (Y/N) and Frisk for the same person again. “no paps, it’s fine. (y/n) is just having a few personal problems, ones that started with… mean humans on the surface.” Papyrus turned to face his brother, staring at him curiously. “M-MEAN HUMANS? I THOUGHT ALL (Nickname)’S AND FRISK’S WERE VERY KIND!”

Sans grimaced internally, but gave a small smile to Papyrus regardless, masking his sadness. “unfortunately, that’s not always the case. you know that. there are good monsters and bad monsters, and that goes for humans too.” Papyrus sat up in his bed, releasing his action figures. Sans took them, and placed them on a surprisingly cluttered table next to his brother’s racecar frame.

Papyrus tucked himself in, and yawned drowsily. Sans sat on top of his legs, of which were under the covers. Sans grabbed Papyrus’s favorite bedtime story, “Tales of the Fluffy Bunny”, from the bookshelf and cleared his throat. “SANS?” Papyrus asked innocently, and the short skeleton looked at him tiredly but warmly. “yeah bro?”

Paps opened his mouth, but no words came out. He glanced off by the side towards his pirate flag, and then back to Sans. “WILL (Nickname) BE ALRIGHT? I WANT US TO STAY FRIENDS. I REALLY AM SORRY FOR MAKING HER UPSET.” Sans smiled at his brother’s pureness, and replied quickly. “(y/n) will be completely ok by tomorrow morning. she’s just had a long day and freaked out a little, that’s all. there’s no doubt in my mind that she will continue being your friend.”

Papyrus smiled, and shut his eyes. He listened to Sans’ deep, smooth voice read the book aloud, and loved the part where he came up with different voices for each of the characters. Soon, Papyrus fell asleep, grinning in his slumber. “and so the fluffy bunny returned home, greeted by his friends and family after his long journey. the end.” Sans closed the book, and placed it on the table. Searching around the room, he managed to find that pillow he needed on the swivel chair by his bro’s computer.

Taking one last look at Papyrus, he yawned and teleported downstairs by (Y/N). She was passed out, snoring softly. Chuckling, he slid a boney hand under her hair and lift it up. He snuck the pillow under it, and gently laid her hair back down. The soft touch and volume of her brown locks made him want brush through it with his fingers; but alas, he did not want to wake her.

He stepped back, bringing his hand that touched her head up to his face where he could see it clearly. oh god… why did i want to do that? i’ve certainly touched things softer than some human’s stupid hair. He grew aggravated at himself, but relaxed when he heard (Y/N) rustling. She had pulled the blanket closer to her body and shivered. is it really that chilly in the house?

The thought left Sans quickly, as he reassured himself it was just the girl having a bad dream. Although, that didn’t help his concern at all. Sighing, he kneeled down by her and gently brushed her hair as a parent would do to soothe a baby. She seemed to lean into his touch, which made him grin to himself. Instantly, (Y/N) calmed down, and stopped her shivering.

Sans stood up, and rubbed his fingers together. He couldn’t help it; he just really liked the feeling the thin strands running along his bones. He’s shaken Toriel’s hand, he’s cuddled with his favorite blanket, and even hugged Frisk’s amazingly soft sweater before, but none could compare to the delicate locks of hair that went through his phalanges. If (Y/N) were awake, he would’ve asked her if he had permission to stroke her head first; fulfilling the sweet and peculiar craving of touching her hair.

maybe i’ll bother her about it tomorrow. Almost instantly, he mentally slapped himself at the stupid idea. Shaking his skull incredulously, he teleported upstairs before he did something impulsive. Rather than going straight to bed, he paced back and forth across the room. what is wrong with me?! we just freaking met! well, technically it was yesterday, but still! why am i even thinking these thoughts about her? i don’t get it!

He sat down on his bed, collapsing his head into his hands. it’s gotta be her soul. she may not know it, but her soul is using some kind of magic to make me feel these…feelings! Sans laid down, bringing up his pillow hesitantly, pondering about the different soul traits. her soul is so…unique. i’ve never encountered anything like it. i’ve seen red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white souls. (y/n)’s is… i don’t even know how to describe it. hers always is changing, unlike frisk’s who always remains the same

.As Sans began to drift off into sleep, he concluded his debates with a simple sentence. “whatever she is… i need to study it more. by putting it through different situations… by learning everything about her.” And with that, he fell into a deep slumber.





Chapter Ten (That’s the Previous, so just click on that.)

Chapter Twenty (Links for Chapters 11 –> 19)

I had so much fun writing this one. Like seriously. Oh my gods. I was worried at first that I would find it difficult to get the right amount of teasing in this story but after re-reading and a little editing, I think it turned out alright. Thank you so much to mattandbenedict for this wonderful, wonderful request. Also, azul23blue, I believe you were looking forward to this one too.

Request: Can you do a oneshot where Nat and the other avengers tease you about your crush on Steve,but he doesn’t get that the obvious comments are about him. Somehow(maybe they tell him,idk) he finds out and can’t believe it and you two kiss. Lots of fluff❤

“Captain Caffeine”

Warning: Swearing

“Well, well, well,” Tony smirked as you walked into the room, “Isn’t someone looking a little patriotic today?”

Without realising it, you had indeed co-ordinated your outfit with the red, white and blue of both the American flag… and Steve’s shield. A pair of navy blue jeans, a white shirt and a red leather jacket were the main components to your apparel for the day. You also were wearing a necklace that had a star as the pendant – it had been a gift from Steve last Christmas so you never took it off – but again, it was all coincidental.

Shooting daggers at Tony, you took a sip from the hot mug of coffee in your hands. You weren’t officially an Avenger (Fury hadn’t said the magic words including “Avengers” and “Initiative”) but everybody acted like you were. You’d saved Natasha’s life in the streets of New York without realising who it was. She had been deep in a conversation over her earpiece with Tony. It didn’t really matter what he was talking about – just the fact that it was Tony speaking meant that somebody was going to get offended and this time it was Natasha. Whilst heavily involved in her conversation, the red-headed agent hadn’t noticed the speed at which a drunk driver was barrelling around the corner.

Thanks to you hurling yourself at her, she wasn’t hit – although she did get a bruised hip and a stonking headache. In return, she offered you dinner and the pair of you hit it off. After that point, you’d been invited back to the Avengers Tower multiple times and you’d met the others. Though you hated to admit it – so you never did – the first time you saw Steve, you thought he was perhaps one of the most beautiful men you had ever met. His smile, his goofy laugh, and the way he ran his hands through his hair were adorable. When combined with his brave, chivalrous personality and his heart of gold, you could see why every woman you knew fawned over Captain America.

And that was the problem.

Every woman you knew fawned over Captain America. There were literally fan clubs across the US that had gathered solely with the intention of appreciating his chiselled abs or his cute butt (you could’ve sworn you saw something on the internet regarding a fan club called “Captain Ass-merica Appreciation Society”). Either way, you refused to let yourself become one of those people and so denied the feelings that were stirring within you.

However, what you couldn’t help was everybody else noticing how you wouldn’t shut up about him, how you complimented him regularly when he wore blue because it matched his eyes, how you smiled every time someone mentioned his name – it was pathetic how easily your body betrayed you. Pretty quickly, every single one of the Avengers had cottoned on to how you felt about him. Except two people – Steve and yourself.

“Speaking of which, where is the star-spangled stud today?” Tony said, taking a sip of his own drink. You had walked into the kitchen where everybody except for Steve had ‘assembled’. A pot of coffee had recently been made and most had a cup of it. Bruce was the only one without:
“Caffeine and I don’t really… mix well.” He’d said the first time you’d made the mistake of offering him some.

“Apparently, he’s having a lazy day. I wouldn’t expect him to move from his room for some time.” Natasha said nonchalantly. If you didn’t think so highly of the assassin, you’d be a little disconcerted about how she seemed to know everything about everyone at any one time.
“So that gives us the day to talk about him behind his-”

“Talk about who?” A cheerful voice said. 

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Imagine doing an impression of Steve in front of the team and Steve finding it fucking adorable

Y/N: “I understood that reference!“
Y/N: “Freedom”
Y/N: “America”
Y/N: “Y/N, give me my shield”
Y/N: "I bleed red white and blue”
Y/N: “I’m fluent in English and Patriotism”
Steve: “That’s enough, babe” *laughs*