red white blue's in the skies

the signs as skies
  • Aries: Fiery, passionate red sunset with yellow clouds. Looks like the world is going to end.
  • Taurus: Sunrises, pinkish-orange with loose clouds, that look like a painting.
  • Gemini: Peaceful, white snowy skies in the mornings, where you can see all the stars.
  • Cancer: the sky at noon, bluest sky with animated, puffy clouds. Filled with trails of departing airplanes.
  • Leo: The sky right before night fall. Dusk. Purple sky that forcefully merges into pink.
  • Virgo: Very pale, frisky morning sky. Splattered layers of clouds that mix into pale yellow.
  • Libra: Clear, blue sky with the
  • Scorpio: strange purple apocalyptic sky with swooshed cloud. Looks like the sky is going to fall.
  • Sagittarius: Pink, hazy mist in the morning sky. The clouds all seem to to be pulled towards one spot.
  • Capricorn: Empty, dark grey sky at 12 a.m where you can see all the stars and the moon radiating.
  • Aquarius: the sky in the north, where you can see the aurora borealis hanging above in the sky
  • Pisces: Bright blue sky which gradually turns into pink, then orange and then red. Heavy purple clouds.
aesthetics for the signs
  • Aries: the color orange, sunrises, tulips, bowls of fruit
  • Taurus: the color dark brown, mountain lake scenes, vines, fairy lights
  • Gemini: the color bright green, puddles, pink poppies, multicolored stones
  • Cancer: the color light blue, partly cloudy skies, daisies, bubbles
  • Leo: the color yellow, open fields, sunflowers, marbles
  • Virgo: the color gray, forests, apple blossoms, journals
  • Libra: the color purple, sunsets, lilacs, wind chimes
  • Scorpio: the color silver, falling snowflakes, roses, crystals
  • Sagittarius: the color red, long roads, tumbleweed, dream catchers
  • Capricorn: the color dark green, fog, cacti, stepping stones
  • Aquarius: the color blue, wispy clouds, flowers growing in the cracks of sidewalks, sea shells
  • Pisces: the color white, the beach, dandelions, hair clips
Orange Juice x And x Chocolate Robots, pt7

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Here’s the rest of chapter two! Thank you again to the anon who gave me some very good prompts to work with ^-^ also, on a side note, the ‘fall’ prompt story is based off something that happened when I went skiing with my family friends a few years ago :)

part 1…..part 6

Prompts: colors, natural, secret, fall, proof, bruise

19. Colors

When he was younger, Killua honestly thought he was colorblind. 

He only ever saw life through a limited range of colors that included the starchy white of his skin, the black bottomless pit of Illumi’s dead eyes, the dull blue of a sky he will never touch.

He hates red the most; red is blood and death and his nails sharped to knives and a cold body falling to the ground. He hates it so much, he avoids the affronting shade whenever he can.

He never really thought much about the lack of color in his life. But, then-

Then he meets Gon, and slowly but surely, colors seep into his vision and spiral out in bright hues and flashes of light and Killua can finally breathe and see-

There’s gold in the flash of Gon’s smile, bronze where sunlight touches tanned skin, green in the soft folds of his brown hair, purple and blue and orange and yellow all blended into a whirlwind of emotions so strong Killua can physically feel himself being swept away by it all.

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some actual good asks!

1.     Your favourite pair of slippers?

2.     Jumper with the best snapchat?

3.     Walter Hofer or Sebb Gratzer? For a sexy time.

4.     Is Freund’s suit white and gold or black and blue?

5.     Favourite ski jumping meme?

6.     Do you actually like red bull or just pretend it?

7.     Ski jumping and chill or ski jumping and shit posting?

8.     Can you name at least 10 female jumpers without looking it up?

9.     Watching the competition in the crowd or afterparty with the jumpers?

10.  You’re at dancing with the stars. Who’s your partner, Anders Jacobsen or Thomas Morgenstern?

11.  Who would you like to see next in this show?

12.  What team has the best beanies?

13.  Ever bought manner waffers for the freund reference?

14.  Does Milka make you think of Wellinger or Schmitt?

15.  Cheering for your own countries team or one of your choice?

16.  Are you picky with your oranges?

17.  Do you think Kasai is a real human being?

18.  Favourite ships?

19.  Show me the worst photo of your fave jumper!

20.  Show me the best photo of your least fave jumper!

21.  Best après competition activity?

22.  Is shameless memeing about ski jumping ok?

23.  Are you sometimes happy when a jumper ends his career or a coach leaves?

24.  One food you associate with ski jumping?

25.  Ever thought of having a ski jumping related career later?

26.  Jumper with the best fashion sense?

27.  Who do you think makes the most money?

28.  Super shy kenny or satan kenny?

29.  Who has the best eyebrows?

30.  Who would you like to make a soup for?

31.  What book would you read to your favourite jumper?

32.  Someone who is overhyped on tumblr?

33.  Someone who is overhyped irl?

34.  The best thing your commentator ever said?

35.  Personal preferences to improve ski jumping (competitions)?

the signs aesthetics

Aries: Nike shoes, black nailpolish, laughing friends, smashing alcohol bottles on rooftops, laughing so hard you cry, piercing blue eyes, the glow of a laptop on a 3am morning when you have school.

Taurus: Short hair, cheesy smiles, glasses too big for your face, warm hugs, 4am dance parties with friends, nerf guns, sunsets

Gemini: Doodling hearts, going to music festivals, overalls, pink skies, pastel orange hair, swinging on swings at 6am, pirouettes

Cancer: Red lipstick, breaking branches, swing tires, board games, cloud watching, patterned shirts, see through phone case

Leo: Breaking into abandoned buildings, unusual names, the nightlife of a busy los angeles, the smoke of a lit cigarette on an autumn morning

Virgo: Glossy white apartment, writing down your feelings then throwing them away, a shirt with all your friends names on from school, fluffy grey cats

Libra: Brown short hair, freckles and dimples, the eyes of a husky, overused ukulele, peaches, teddy bears, hugs from friends you haven’t seen in ages

Scorpio: Bloody knuckles, the yellow brown hue of a morning when you wake up by the one you love the most, kissing a girl for the first time, rain drops

Sagittarius: Road trips, broken guitars, broken vinyls, climbing over fences at night, empty pizza boxes, makeout sessions, 90′s films, curly hair

Capricorn: Bright hair, not giving a shit about gender roles, bright makeup, pranking friends, hazel eyes, ugly dance offs, getting over grudges

Aquarius: Old ripped books, dry lips, neck kisses, making eye contact with the artist at a concert, 2am breakdowns, long lashes, eating so much you’re sick

Pisces: Glowing lights, American football games, alcohol with friends, scrunching up your nose when you smile, on and off relationships

The signs and associations
  • Aries: bubble gum, bandaids, yellow flowers, watching the sunset, kissing your friends, the scent of fruity perfume
  • Taurus: gold eyeliner, black well fit clothes, binge eating with someone you love, the taste of blood
  • Gemini: denim jackets, gossiping, smeared red lipstick, late over crowded concerts, skinny dipping in the lake, the smell of the city
  • Cancer: the bottom of a hotel swimming pool, pale yellow daisies, freckles, grass stains, comfy flip flops, warm sand between your toes, the smell of fresh air
  • Leo: the sun shining on your cold back, old time candies putting ribbons in your hair, listening to the crickets and the night sky, the sound of a train coming,the scent of cinnamon
  • Virgo: San Francisco streets,foggy air,yellow raincoats,boat docks,running wild,the smell of white roses
  • Libra: clear blue skies, white teeth smiles, crying into someone,windy days, red apples, the smell of the woods
  • Scorpio: dying your hair, wanting a piercing, feeling alone, a favorite worn out tee shirt, clunky boots, giggling, the smell of a party
  • Sagittarius: green tennis courts,maroon velvet, black tights, having a full online shopping cart but no intention to buy, wine stained lips, the smell of scented candles
  • Aquarius: forget-me-nots, tall trees, clear ponds, blue glass,daisy chains,wild growing ferns,the smell of morning dew
  • Capricorn: watching fish in the stream, moss growing on rocks, ivy on the side of a house, getting your picture taken, well dressed, silver chains, the smell of mint
  • Pisces: being late, cherry blossom trees,almond milk, Leo swans in a lake, black berries staining your hands, the smell of lavender
The Signs as Skies

Aries - a deep red sunset
Taurus - purple storm clouds
Gemini - an inky black night sky
Cancer - a glowing orange dawn
Leo - a firey setting sun
Virgo - a peachy sunrise
Libra - fluffy white clouds
Scorpio - clouds stained pink by a setting sun
Sagittarius - a crisp bare winter sky
Capricorn - a misty white cloud blanket
Aquarius - a deep blue sky at dusk
Pisces - a crystal clear blue summer sky

white sheets white walls white skin
red flowers red dresses red wrists
blue eyes blue skies blue lips
they told me to think about colors while panicking
but i can just think about endings and death.
screaming people
hounded breaths
racing heart beats
no music no voice could cover the sounds
of danger of fear of risk in my mind.
by this time i’m only panic
water with fear trapped in a body.
there are no words anymore just anxiety
i can’t think i can’t think i can’t think
i cannot breathe
oh fuck i’m panicking
—  Lu//(16/366)

open fire

there’s a pop and a blam
and the sky breathes with magnificent colors.

she watches the fireworks outshine the stars
for one night out of three hundred sixty five.

red for the horizon on the most beautiful days
(she could hardly believe it, stealing a glimpse
of those blood-red skies throughout the year).

green for the upcoming spring
and for the spring long forgotten. for flowers and plants
and the silent touch of grass against her skin.

blue for the oceans and for the early morning clouds
and for her dead father’s eyes
(and for the bruises violently pressed into her thighs).

pink for the wine she drank,
golden for the locks of hair of angelic children from old dusty paintings,
silver for the ring she lost, white for her pale face.

the sky breathes as the colors explode
and take it hostage.

pop, pop, blam, blam, it’s all she can hear
completely alone out in the cold.

three, four, five minutes past midnight.
reluctant, she takes a picture.
the sky is alive.
she feels like she’s not.

(or won’t be
the next time
the sky

Red, White, and You

Written For: @tinyfelthat
Written By: @stilesharrystyles
Pairing: Harry / OFC
Word Count: 4,352


On July 1st, he landed in the summer heat of Virginia, his skin already turning red from the sun. He had two things on his mind for this one week trip in America with his fraternity brothers, one; he was going to finally eat at Five Guys and two; he was going to have the time of his life on Fourth of July.

He never intended the time of his life would be given to him in the form of a petite brunette with a knack for knowing how a boy likes his cheeseburger and being quintessentially American.

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Lights on the water:
gold on blue on white.
Vines curling around
castle walls.

An hourglass filled with
rubies. Time slipping
away, watching empires
crumble into dust.

Daylight breaking over
ash-filled skies. You and I
at the top of the world.
Waiting, waiting.
The Earth trembling
beneath our feet.

Our handprints in stone.
Footprints on the forest floor.
A palace on a mountain
going up in smoke.

You and I at the ground floor.
Watching, watching.
A kingdom spiralling around us,
everyone shouting our names.

Wildfire in ribbons of red.
Saltwater in waves of blue.
You and I and the sky.


summary: Do you know the story of the sunset?. Jerza.
rating: k+ 
also: on Fanfiction
notes: for Jerza Week 2016: prompt scarlet skies
for: @foxydame-jerzatrash, the very reader every writer loves

Do you know the story of the sunset?

Of the red sun Erza and the blue moon Jellal? Of she who lives among the clouds and the light, and he who lives among the stars and the dark?

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The signs as Lana Del Rey lyrics
  • Aries: I'm about my generation, talking about that newer nation
  • Taurus: Sun reflecting in your eyes, like an easy rider, life makes sense when I'm with you
  • Gemini: I'll be flying overhead, their words can't bring me down
  • Cancer: You're so Art Deco, out on the floor, shining like gun metal, cold and unsure
  • Leo: I'm dancing with their ghost, nothing in this world keeps me more on my feet
  • Virgo: You've got your moment now, you've got your legacy, let's leave the world for the ones who change everything
  • Libra: Red, white, blue's in the skies, summer's in the air and baby heaven's in your eyes, I'm your national anthem
  • Scorpio: We don't look for love heaven and we put our love first, somethin' that we'd die for it's a curse
  • Sagittarius: The sun also rises on those who fail to call, my life, it comprises of losses and wins and fails and falls
  • Capricorn: Footfalls echo in the memory, down the passage which we did not take, towards the door we never opened
  • Aquarius: Come and take a walk on the wild side, let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain, you like your girls insane
  • Pisces: Carry me home, got my new car and my gun, wind in my hair, holding your hand, listen to a song
The signs as types of skies

aries: fiery red sky with dark undertones
taurus: filled with an abundance of stars in a night sky
gemini: a dark bold blue with wisps of white clouds
cancer: a pink cotton candy looking sunset
leo: clouds about to burst with rain
virgo: a white sky
libra: clear, no clouds
scorpio: pitch black, night
sagittarius: orange sunset
aquarius: rainbow filled
capricorn: dark gray
pisces: light purple sunset

the signs as things I associate with summer

Aries: huge beach balls, burning hot sand, loose tank tops

Taurus: seafood, bright sunny days, tiny sea shells, glass coca cola bottles

Gemini:  tye dye t-shirts you make at camp, tropical fruits, pictures that make the sun look just a little too bright

Cancer: late night bonfires with friends, firefly catching, really green leaves on trees

Leo: going to the mall, outdoor parties, tooth shark necklaces

Virgo: cute little flowers that you keep on a balcony, big messy t-shirts you use when you paint,  popsicles that keep dripping 

Libra: feather earrings, gossip about someone’s new look, staring out the window

Scorpio: going to a nice cafe for breakfast, red clay, open toed shoes, 

Sagittarius: pastel blue skies, white tennis skirts, bright green wet grass

Capricorn: that one friend you still have a grudge on, surf boards, whittling your initials into a tree

Aquarius: sea foam, humid nights, hearing the wind slam doors shut

Pisces: flower crowns, bright colored posters at the mall, crowded market stalls