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Basic Herbs for a Witches Cabinet

CATNIP: Useful in love, beauty, and happiness spells and drawing positive vibrations and good luck to you and to your house.

CEDAR CHIPS: Useful in healing, purification, protection, and
money-drawing spells.

CHAMOMILE: Useful in spells for luck and gambling as well. Also great as a tea to help one sleep. Can combine with a little Lavender for assisting as a sleep tea.
CINNAMON: Used for money and success or to use as a healing charm.

CLOVES: Their magickal properties include banishing evil,
clearing your head, protection, love, and money. Using cloves in your magickal spells is said to ensure that your magickal intention is realized.

COPAL: Is a resin that is great for love and purification.

DRAGONS BLOOD: A resin used for love, protection, exorcism, and potency. Burneas an incense with the windows opens will drive out all negativity. A pinch of this resin in any incense will increase the incenses power. To quiet a noisy housepowder some dragons blood, mix it with sugar and salt, and place in a bottle. Cover this mixture tightly and secur eit within your house somewhere where it will not be disturbed and it is said you will have peace and quiet.

EUCALYPTUS: A herb I use a lot for healing. Also can be used for protection.

FRANKINCENSE TEARS: A rsin I use a lot in my workings both in it’s raw form and as an oil. Used for protection, exorcism, and spirituality. Also used in hoodoo to increase the magic of your candles or other workings by raising their energies that you have charged them with. Add this oil to another oil to increase it’s potency.

LAVENDER FLOWERS: Lavender has been used for protection, chastity, longevity, purification, and happiness. Great in a tea to help bring on sleep. Can be combined with Chamomile for this reason.

MUGWORT: Mugwort can be used as an incense, mixed in equal parts
with Sandalwood, to aid in strengthening Psychic Powers. Another easy recipe for assisting with scrying, especially dealing with spirits, is mixing equal parts of Mugwort and Wormwood together although this version doesn’t smell as well as the Sandalwood. Other uses include strength, protection, prophetic dreams, and healing.

MYRRH: Myrrh is a wonderful herb to use in spells for spirituality, protection, healing, and exorcism.
It is often combined with Frankincense to increase its power.
Burn as an incense to purify an area. Use the smoke from the incense to purify and bless charms, amulets, talismans, magickal jewelry, tools, etc.

PEPPERMINT: Peppermint is use for purification, sleep, love, healing, and psychic powers. Fresh peppermint on the altar calls good spirits to you to assist you in your magic.

ROSE BUDS/PETALS: These are wonderful for use in spells to draw
Love. Use red for passionate love. Use pink or white for romantic or true love. You can also place a single rose in a vase on your altar as a powerful love drawing aid. Rose buds/petals can also be used for psychic powers, especially when used for a tea, and also for healing, protection, and luck.

ROSEMARY: This is a wonderful all-purpose herb that you can’t
afford to be without! Rosemary can be used as a substitute for just about any herb. It’s powers include love, lust, protection, exorcism, purification, healing, longevity, youth, mental powers, and sleep.Rosemary is a wonderful incense. Smoulder a bit of it to emit powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations and to rid negativity in the area in which it is burned. Especially helpful to burn before performing any magic. Place a bit of rosemary under your pillow to ensure a good night’s sleep. Wear rosemary to aid your memory especially when you are studying for an exam. Add an infusion of rosemary to your bathwater to perserve youthfulness and to purify you. Carry a bit of rosemary with you to remain healthy.
Hang a sprig of rosemary above your door posts.

SAGE: Sage is useful for protection, healing, wealth, fulfilling wishes, and spells to increase longevity.

SANDALWOOD: Sandalwood has many magickal uses, including
protection, spirituality, exorcism, healing, and wish fulfillment.Scatter sandalwood powder around your home to clear it of negativity. Write a wish on a sandalwood chip and
burn in your cauldron. As it burns it sets your magick flowing.
Sandalwood mixed with Lavender makes a wonderful incense which is intended to conjure spirits.

VIOLET FLOWERS: These are wonderful for using in amulets for good luck and fortune.

YARROW: A wonderful herb to use in love spells!!! Also works to
draw courage and to purify. Drink as a tea to increase your psychic powers. Wear a sprig of yarrow for protection.
Hold some in your hands when you are afraid and this will stop all fear and give you courage. Carry some with you to draw love and to attract friends.

Auri is just a black girl with Albinism. I don’t make the rules, these are just straight up facts.

White Nights!

- This phrase is a symbol of my city. Season of the white nights. Time is when it’s twilight until dawn. On the night of 22 to 23 June - the brightest night of the year. After this night, the darkness will begin its offensive. White nights are a time for long walks, red dry wine and true love. Friends, I wish everyone an excellent summer!


anagha-kulkarni  asked:

Do you have any spell to make friends?

I have a few.


Also maybe try some [glamours]?

Best of luck!

Spell Directory

I have decided to move the sigils-only posts to a separate list, as a way to save space and prevent clutter. I will try and keep it updated fairly often, but for now it is still in my drafts. I will publish it when I feel it’s ready for a first posting, and will provide a link to it on this post for easy access.

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Updated 06/16/15

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  • A Spell to Promote Ambition and to Increase Prosperity [nightshadeandroses]


  • Match Spell for Anger [thesigilwitch]

Anxiety / Stress

  • Anti-Anxiety Amulet [windvexer]
  • Anti-Anxiety Pouch [witchoncampus]
  • Anti Anxiety Spell Charm [witchy-tips]
  • Anxiety Reduction Oil Blends [original post removed]
  • Anxiety Relief Spell - Jar Spell [original post removed]
  • A Sea Spell for Anxiety and Panic Attacks [calledbythesea]
  • “I Can Get Through the Day” Spell [thewhimsicalwolf]
  • Soothing Bath Spell [natural-magics]
  • “Strawberries & Cream” Potion and Bath [oldmotherredcap]
  • Stress Fix Bath [blessedbemyway]
  • The Jar of Fucks [polar-solstice]
  • Vanilla Anti-Anxiety Spell [natural-magics]
  • Water Spell to Soothe Anxiety [original post removed]

Banishing / Binding

  • Coffee Grounds Banishing Spell [the-coffee-witch]
  • Creating Banishing Stones [autumnsnaketongue]
  • Intrusive Thought Banishing Spell [starrylamb]
  • Paint the Mirrors Black [thesigilwitch]
  • Psychic Parasite Pesticide Paper Charm [breelandwalker]
  • Self Binding Spell [bohemianwitchcraft]

Calming / Peace

  • Calming Doll [original post removed]
  • Calming Pouch [witchcraftings]
  • Calming Spell [christowitch]
  • Calming Summer Rain Sachet [natural-magics]
  • Inner Peace Spell [original post removed]
  • Lavender’s Calm Jar Spell [lavenderwrath]
  • Simple Calming Room Spell [medievalwitch]

Career / Employment

  • Choose Me Jar [althara]
  • “Making Connections / Career Success” Charm Bag [starrylamb]
  • Safe Employment Sachet [original post removed]

Cleansing / Purification

  • Animist Reset Ritual [windvexer]
  • Cheap Ways to Cleanse Yourself [low-budget-witches]
  • Cleanse & Purify Spell Bottle [witchfit]
  • Cleansing Spell [artemis-witchcraft]
  • Dorm Room Cleansing Salt [honeycoyote]
  • Easy Cleansing Spray [honeycoyote]
  • How to Energetically Cleanse an Item [windvexer]
  • Purification Bath for Samhain [quoththeravennvm]
  • Purification Powder [graycloakgrimoires]
  • Rosemary & Lavender: Smokeless Cleansing [candles-and-courtmaidens]
  • Sea Salt Purification Jar [windvexer]
  • Self-Cleansing [diviningdusk]
  • Self-Cleansing Through Ritual Bathing [windvexer]
  • Simple Cleansing Tea Potion [birch-hallow]
  • Simple Protective Cleansing Bath [honeycoyote]


  • A Charm for Confidence [natural-magics]
  • Confidence Spell Jar [some-witchy-bits]
  • Self-Confidence Powder [appleglimmer-during-moonlight]
  • Simple Self Confidence and Attraction Spell [saltwater-phoenix]
  • The Pearl Spell: Confidence & Beauty [fuckyeahpaganism]


  • A Spell to Inspire Courage and Bravery [nightshadeandroses]
  • Courage Charm [booksandtails]
  • “Courage in a Bag” Spell [oldmotherredcap]


  • An Anti-Depression Spell [seashellies]
  • Anti-Depressant Jar [original post removed]
  • A Spell for Depression [thesigilwitch]
  • Charm Bag Spell to Alleviate Depression [original post removed]
  • Simple Anti-Depression Pill Bottle Charm [scarletgloves]


  • Find What You Need [windvexer]
  • Location Spell - Help Me Find the Thing [stormbornwitch]
  • Thu’um Magix: Aura Whisper [thecoffeecoyote]


  • Avoiding Dissociation Spell [broomcorner]

Divination / Psychic

  • A Simple Jar to Aid in Divination [honey-amber]
  • Open Your Third Eye Spell [witchcraftings]


  • Dream Message Spell [witchcraftings]
  • Remember Your Dreams/Have Precognitive Dreams [foresthoney]
  • Spell for Prophetic Dreams [witchcraftings]
  • Sweet Dreams Charm Bag [original post removed]
  • Sweet Dreams Herbal Pillow [honeycoyote]


  • Dispelling Dysphoria, by Cousinnick [queerpagans]


  • End of Term School Success Spell [wood-fires]
  • “Good Luck On That Test!” Charm [spooksayer]
  • Knowledge Candle Spell [natural-magics]
  • Knowledge Spell [stereotypicalwitch]
  • Spell for School [original post removed]
  • Study-Aid & Test Success Spell [original post removed]
  • Study Buddy Charm/Test-Taking Charm [scarletgloves]
  • Study Success Spell [natural-magics]
  • Witch Tea: Going to Class [honeycoyote]


  • Energy Gain Spell [natural-magics]
  • “I’m Tired, I’m Dying” Spell [fuckyeahpaganism]
  • Overworked Pick Me Up Spell [booksandtails]
  • The Extra Spoon Spell [lunar-lavender]


  • Snow White and Rose Red: A Spell to Find a True Friend [original post removed]
  • Mending the Bond: A “Brave” Spell for Rekindling Friendships [original post removed]


  • Enchanted Mirror Spell [lilfairyboy]
  • Glamored Masculinity Potion [thepunkgreenwitch]
  • Goddess Glamour Spell [recreationalwitchcraft]
  • Thu’um Magix: Animal Allegiance [thecoffeecoyote]

Happiness / Joy

  • Happiness Bundle [windvexer]
  • Happiness Charm Bottle [asphodel-grimoire]
  • Happy Atmosphere Bag / Jar [original post removed]
  • Happy Oil [funnylittlewitchgirl]
  • Joyful Candle Spell [natural-magics]


  • Autumn Stone Healing Spell [witchcraftings]
  • Emotional Healing - Bottle Magic [liberumbrarum]
  • Facial Mask— Healing the Heart Spell [pomegranateandivy]
  • Healing Herbal Sachet [thedruidsteaparty]
  • Healing of Mind and Body Spell [lavenderspells]
  • Peppermint Healing Spell [natural-magics]
  • Physical Healing Bottle Charm [liberumbrarum]
  • Spell for Good Health & Healing [original post removed]
  • Spell for Healing [cladinscarlet]

Intuition / Decision Making

  • A Sea Witch’s Intuition Jar Spell [sea-sorceress]
  • A Spell for Wise Decisions [natural-magics]

Inspiration / Creativity

  • A Spell To Promote Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity [nightshadeandroses]
  • Dance Magic Dance Jar [original post removed]
  • For Inspiration [natural-magics]


  • A Spell to Encourage Kindness and Patience [nightshadeandroses]

Love / Lust

  • A Spell for Romance and Sensuality [original post removed]
  • Love-Drawing Jar [natural-magics]
  • Love-Drawing Spell [original post removed]
  • Love Drawing Spell [witchoncampus]
  • Love Salt Recipe [honeycoyote]
  • Traveler’s Luck Powder [breelandwalker]


  • Easy Luck Powder with Household Herbs [fuckyeahpaganism]
  • Fast Luck Oil [natural-magics]
  • Luck Spell [natural-magics]
  • Luck Spell [spirit-magick-nature]
  • Stone of Luck [witchcraftings]

Memory / Concentration

  • Concentration Sachet [follow-at-pansy-flower]
  • Concentration 64 Concentration Spell [bitchstitchwitch]
  • Memory Bottle Charm [liberumbrarum]

Miscellaneous Spells

  • A Simple Braiding Spell [talesfromthebroomcloset]
  • A Spell for Making Other People See Through Somebody’s Bullshit [5firtrees]
  • A Spell to Reveal the Lies of Another [the-weatherwitch]
  • A Spell to Reverse a Curse/Hex Placed on You [applesaucebro]
  • Autumn Faerie Spell [witchcraftings]
  • Be a Better Writer Spell Bag [carbonlyingnexttome]
  • Burning Bridges Spell [royalautumnfrost]
  • Enchantment Water Spell [nonwiccanwitch]
  • Flesh to Stone [funnylittlewitchgirl]
  • Four all-Purpose Spells [natural-magics]
  • Fuck No Jar [lavenderwrath]
  • Kitchen Cabinet Abundance Jar [natural-magics]
  • Mood Marbles [witchcraftings]
  • “My Body is a Weapon” Spell [blacklikemagic]
  • Pokemon Card Invocation Spells [dog-rose]
  • Restorative Spell [karaxin]
  • Simple Beach Sea Spell [sea-sorceress]
  • Spell to Make a Curse Undetectable [applesaucebro]
  • Spell to See Things Clearly [witchcraftings]
  • Three Pretty Poisons Empowerment Bottle [karaxin]
  • To Ground: To Stay Put [starlitcrow]
  • Wrath Needs Patience: A Spell Jar [lavenderwrath]

Money / Prosperity

  • A Sea Witch’s Prosperity Jar Spell [sea-sorceress]
  • “Four Corners of the $$ Tree” Money Spell [feather-set]
  • Mint and Copper Money Spell Jar [herbs-and-journals]
  • Money Jar [liberumbrarum]
  • Not-So-Pretty Prosperity Spell [ofearthandtarot]
  • Prosperity & Success Jar [bekkathyst]
  • Prosperity Bottle [thelittleboxofmagic]
  • Prosperity Knot Spell [natural-magics]
  • Simple Money/Prosperity Charms [natural-magics]
  • Straw Into Gold - A Spell to Bring Wealth [breelandwalker]
  • Super Easy Poppet Money Spell [talesfromthebroomcloset]
  • Swimming In a Sea of Green Spell [honey-amber]
  • Wax Talisman of Prosperity [althara]
  • Witch Bottle for Money [original post removed]

Motivation / Productivity

  • Charm to Light a Fire Under Your Ass [gritmagic]
  • Flames Within (Motivation, Passion) [natural-magics]
  • “Get Shit Done” Bottle [original post removed]
  • Motivation Charm Bag [recreationalwitchcraft]
  • Motivation Potpourri [original post removed]
  • Motivation Sachet [thesigilwitch]
  • Motivation Spell [swampseer]
  • Stop Scrolling and Do Stuff Productivity Spell [ofearthandtarot]
  • Worker Bee Spell for Productivity [lavenderwrath]

Moving On / New Beginnings

  • Adventure Time “Now It’s Gone” Spell [chaosundone]
  • A Spell For New Beginnings and New Self [dearqueerlings]
  • New Moon New Beginning [fumbletongue]
  • “Towards the Sun” Spell to Move on From Your Past [chaosundone]


  • Basic Warding Jar [original post removed]
  • Brain Bleach: Spell to Remove Unpleasant Thoughts [little-urban-witch]
  • Burn Away Negativity Spell [original post removed]
  • Spell for Banishing Negative Emotions [royalautumnfrost]


  • Nightmare Guardian [windvexer]
  • Nightmare Jar [witchsmoke]
  • Simple Nightmare Ward [swampseer]

Protection / Shielding

  • Anti-Intruder Charm [original post removed]
  • Black Salt - Spell for Protection and Absorbing Negative Energy [sacred-chaotic-geometry]
  • Blood Magic—Protection Jar [pomegranateandivy]
  • Candle Spell: To Protect Your Home [gardenofthequeen]
  • Charm for Safe Travel [witchcraftings]
  • Complex Bramble Protection Spell [thelivingwiccan]
  • Dark as Night Protection Powder [honeycoyote]
  • “Do Not Want” Online Protection Spell [ofearthandtarot]
  • Easy Protection Charm [original post removed]
  • Fishcraft: Protecting Your Space [saltwater-phoenix]
  • Herbal Protection Bath [thewoodlinds]
  • Home Protection - Delineate Your Boundaries [windvexer]
  • Home Protection Spell [fuckyeahpaganism]
  • House Guardian [anon-barefoot]
  • Keep Out Prying Eyes Room Protection Pouch [honeycoyote]
  • Magically Protecting Your Home - Cairn Method [windvexer]
  • Make a Protection Charm Bag [christowitch]
  • Making a Witch Bottle (Protection Charm) [witchsoul]
  • Peacock Key Ward [lavenderwrath]
  • Pet Protection Spell [brujitamae]
  • Protection Amulet [cladinscarlet]
  • Protection Amulet [thebluechicory]
  • Protection Bottle [thebluechicory]
  • Protection Bottle Charm [liberumbrarum]
  • Protection Charm [natural-magics]
  • Protection Sachet [natural-magics]
  • Protection Satchel to Ward Off Ex-Lovers [feather-set]
  • Protection Spell [appleglimmer-during-moonlight]
  • Protection Spell [royalautumnfrost]
  • Protection Spell “My Blood is Armour” [wild-ruin]
  • Protection Witches’ Ladder [shalottlives]
  • Protective Charm [spellbookofwitches]
  • Retreat Into Your Shell Shielding Spell [stagkingswife]
  • -Screw You Anon- Spell [ofearthandtarot]
  • Simple Protection Spell With a Strong Kick [adviceforwitches]
  • Simple Protective Cleansing Bath [honeycoyote]
  • Spell to Give Some Protection to a Loved One [brujitamae]
  • Strong Protection Spell: For Your Home [adviceforwitches]
  • Threshold Protection Spell [thepathofthewise]
  • Thu’um Magix: Become Ethereal [thecoffeecoyote]
  • Travel Pouch/Charm [funnylittlewitchgirl]
  • Travel Protection Satchel [feather-set]
  • Wall of Fire Property & House Protection Spell [breelandwalker]
  • Winter Protection Spell [original post removed]
  • Witch-Bottle to Protect From Negative Energies [thorandaine]


  • Banishing and Cleansing Powder [ivysbookofshadows]
  • “Black as Night” Curse Removal Body Scrub [oldmotherredcap]
  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears Potion [fumbletongue]
  • Cascarilla Powder [graycloakgrimoires]
  • Dragon’s Bite (Warfare Powder) [honeycoyote]
  • Dream Pillow Blends [natural-magics]
  • Elemental Salt: Air [snwitch]
  • Elemental Salt: Fire [original post removed]
  • Elemental Salt: Water [snwitch]
  • Fire Salts [pomegranateandivy]
  • Full Moon Water [sstoness]
  • Go Away Powder [althara]
  • Green Salt [thedruidsteaparty]
  • Hands Off Spell- Body Scrub to Prevent Unwanted Touching [pomegranateandivy]
  • “Hell Hath No Fury” Protection Powder [thelivingwiccan]
  • Herbal Bath for Pain Relief [breelandwalker]
  • Herbal Powders [blackivywitch]
  • Hit the Road Jack Powder [witchcraftings]
  • Hot Foot Powder [confessionsofagreywitch]
  • Luck & Money Powder [recreationalwitchcraft]
  • Money and Customer Drawing Oil [funnylittlewitchgirl]
  • Moon Water Ritual [original post removed]
  • “Outta My Way” Powder [breelandwalker]
  • Persuasion Powder [breelandwalker]
  • Potion of Extreme Stamina [thecoffeecoyote]
  • Powdered Kelpie Hair [pomegranateandivy]
  • Prosperity and Luck Salt [honeycoyote]
  • Purifying Lemon Bay Salt [honeycoyote]
  • Violation Bath Salts [recreationalwitchcraft]

Sadness / Grief

  • Sage Drops Spell [appleglimmer-during-moonlight]
  • The Sorrow Pot - A Spell for Sadness [breelandwalker]

Self Love

  • A Self Love Spell [priestessintraining]
  • Magic Mirror (Self-Love) Exercise [cladinscarlet]
  • Self-Love Folder Charm [ofearthandtarot]
  • Self-Love Spell [blusilkworld]
  • Self-Love Spell [diviningdusk]
  • Self-Love Spell Jar with Protection and Luck [original post removed]
  • Self Love- To Promote Self Love in Yourself or Another [pomegranateandivy]
  • Self-Love Transformation Spell [booksandtails]
  • True to Yourself- Spell [pomegranateandivy]

Sleep / Insomnia

  • Deep Sleep Herbal Pillow [honeycoyote]
  • For Restful Sleep [fuckyeahpaganism]
  • “Restful Sleep” Charm Bag [starrylamb]
  • Sleep Charm [natural-magics]
  • Sleep Spell [original post removed]
  • Sleep Well Spell [natural-magics]
  • To Rid Yourself of Insomnia [belladonnaswitchblog]


  • Aid with Speech Charm [tinyrosemarysparrows]
  • Sweet Speech Lip Balm [funnylittlewitchgirl]


  • Sachet for Success [thedruidsbell]

Transformation / Changes

  • A Spell to Transform Destructive Feelings [thedruidsteaparty]
  • Autumn Spell for Personal Change [funnylittlewitchgirl]
  • Emergency Emotional Transformation Spell [cicadinae]
  • Thorns Transformation [thelivingwiccan]


  • Basic Uncrossing [windvexer]
  • ‘Clear My Path’ Uncrossing [windvexer]


  • Birthday Wish Spell [wiccanink]
  • Full Moon Wishing Spell [the-darkest-of-lights]
  • Make a Wish Spell [original post removed]
  • Northeastern Magic: Winter Wishes [stormsorceress]
  • Simple Wish Spell [thesigilwitch]