red white and blue forever

  • No other day on tumblr is better than the fourth of July. I seriously came here to reblog USA stuff like our forefathers came here for freedom and a tea-filled harbor.
  • *chest bumps George Washington*
  • *moonwalks backwards while fireworks burst in the air*
  • *a marching band plays The Stars and Stripes Forever*
  • *morphs into a bald eagle*
That almost kiss and the moment I lost my damn mind.

So I’ve been staring at this gifset for most of the morning and I just need to expel some feelings at you right quick. 

This scene. This fucking scene, you guys. I literally was just gasping and holding my arms in the air like some sort of fucking lunatic. Which, lbh, is exactly what these two losers have turned me into. 

So we have Daniel drop a bomb, and introduce the idea that it’s perceived that he is in love with Peggy. Note that he never denies it, never brushes it off. Just tells Peggy that is why Violet dumped him. 

And Peggy doesn’t laugh or brush it off either. Instead she gives him this look, one of understanding and complete compassion, and then takes his hand.


Daniel, for his part, again, doesn’t deny Violet’s accusation. But he does look a bit embarrassed, embarrassed that once again his heart is on his sleeve for this woman. Once again, he’s lost to her. And he expects her to rebuff his feelings again. I mean, how could she trade in a red, white and blue shield for aluminum crutch after all? 

(brb, sobbing forever)

But he also can’t seem to stop himself from turning his hand over and holding her hand. Even if it’s just for a minute. 


And he’s looking at their joined hands, and he just sorts of sighs in defeat before he looks up at her, resignation in his eyes as he probably expects to see her looking at him with pity or something. And his eyes start to flick back down, when something about her catches his eye and draws his attention back. He sees something that causes him to look, really look, at Peg.


Spoiler alert: it ain’t pity or strictly platonic feelings he sees, y’all.

I mean, look at this shit: 


Now Daniel is probably one of the few people that can probably claim to know Peggy Carter, to really get her. He always has been extremely intuitive when it comes to her. And when he sees her looking at him like this, looking at him like she understand EXACTLY what he’s feeling, because maybe she feels it too, everything about him changes.


To steal his own turn of phrase from S1: Daniel goes all soft. 

And hope springs.

It springs HOT.

I mean, Daniel isn’t afraid to put himself out there, but even the brave can only take so much. After the finale last season, he has diligently worked to lock it up when it comes to Peggy, assuming his feelings are one sided. He respects her supposed choice and doesn’t push again. But here. HERE. He sees that look in her eyes and it’s just OH FUCK WAIT WAS I WRONG? DOES SHE MAYBE FEEL THE SAME WAY? OHGODGOHGODOHGOD. And then he’s just like FUCK IT and goes for it, moves his mouth towards her mouth, which happily is moving to meet him halfway AS THEY STILL HOLD HANDS, and then



Just fuck me up.