red whale

am I the only slut for soft! Nathan Prescott ?? Like everyone just makes his aesthetic red because blood and his jacket and everything just feels red. But like whales? sounds of the ocean? that’s like so fucking soft. What if Nate actually is a little softie inside ? Like he actually loves soft blue and he loved everything that’s nice and not sharp like everything around him. Like I mean ? everyone around him treats him like shit so I think he just craves soft and calm things?

also in one scene Nathan is just walking (I think he was opening the door to Vic’s room or whatever) and HE LOOKS SO PEACEFUL he just looks like an AnGEl

also pls dont tell me that he deserved to die cause he didn’t.

moonlightonroses  asked:

What about Damion wanting to bring home a killer whale ( PS Grayson hates killer whale, as shown in the black mirror)

-Bruce would absolutely refuse to allow the whale in his home, not matter what method of persuasion Damian tried to use. A cow is where Bruce draws the line. Plus Alfred would probably murder him if he let Damian have his way

-Jason is the one to egg Damian on because any excuse to make Bruce’s life hell is fine by him and just watching this is like a physical representation of immovable object vs. unstoppable force

-Dick is the one that is the least enthused by Damian’s actions because of the whole Killer Whale thing and he’s uncharacteristically blunt with Damian because the kid goes to ask him since maybe he would agree and get Bruce to concede 

-when Alfred learns that Damian wanted a killer whale, he glares so hard at Bruce that the man legitimately fears for his life because Alfred is more than capable and could easily kill him. Bruce is quick to explain that he was strictly against the idea and that he forbid Damian to get a killer whale

-Of course Damian may take this as a challenge and try to steal one, but who knows

petition for the fourth AOS Star Trek to be about going back in time to save the whales.

the perfection of Alexandra Daddario


Here are the results from today’s drawpile stream! Thank you everyone who came and had many laughs with us! It was amazing! Void made a few little Gasters… can you find them all?

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