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Did a Red vs Blue cosplay with my friends at LA Anime Expo! We had some fun, here’s an compilation of different Mainewash photos Me and Maine here took. 

Wash - Me

Maine - @ghost-bird

Cosplay based off of the Guns for Hire AU design by @synnesai

Maine Post - Wash Post - Mainewash Pretty View - Group Post - Tex vs Felix - WashFelix - WashFelix Good with Knives - Mainewash Jump - Felix - Tex Beats Everyone

rvb plot twist scale be like

Lvl 10: “Sincerely yours, the former Director of Project Freelancer, Dr. Leonard Church.”

Lvl 9: “You are the Alpha.”

Lvl 8: “[My mother] had terrible taste in men, though.”

Lvl 7: “Nice throw, Tucker.”

Lvl 6: “Might I suggest Flowers, Sir?”

Lvl 5: “Gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Aiden Price.”

Lvl 4: I’M the team killing fucktard!”

Lvl 3: “…or my name isn’t John Elizabeth Andersmith!”

Lvl 2: “Uhh, yeah, this might be a bad time to bring up the fact that my Sister is color blind.”

Lvl 1: "Oh great… You broke my voice filter. You cock biting fucktards”

Lvl 0: Simmons and Grif being married.