red vs blue carolina

Got tagged in this here meme by @misakikaito​!

Relationship status: Just hold that thought until this dissertation’s out the door?

Favorite colour: Red!

Lipstick or chapstick: Last time I wore lipstick on a semi-regular basis, it was stage makeup for ballet. That was a long time ago.

Last song I listened to: My inspirational taking-out-the-trash iPod playlist says it was “C’mon Sea Legs”.

Last movie I watched: Oh dang. Fargo maybe?

Top 3 fictional characters: I’m terrible at these questions because I think of way too many characters but I just gotta go for it and pick some so uh. Vex from Critical Role, Agent Carolina from Red vs. Blue, Kira Nerys from DS9?

Top 3 ships: Ehhh. You know I’m always gonna be over here rooting for the f/f ships, but otherwise it’s not usually a big thing for me. Gimme that found-family.

Books I’m reading: The Wicked + The Divine (bedtime reading), The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (bus reading), Ancillary Mercy (airplane reading).

I always get weird about tagging other people to do this, but please give it a shot if you’re interested and @ me when you do! I’m particularly interested in the last-movie, last-song, last-book questions as a way to get some good good recs.

i feel like ppl think of carolina and tex both as just these cold horrible bitches who don’t know how to have fun but

tex was fucked up by omega, and was otherwise so compassionate that york, ct, north, and theta all liked and trusted her, and even when carolina got hurt with the two ais she demanded that someone come and help her and knocked her out for her own good

and carolina was the victim of the director’s impossible standards, but york loved her and maine took a bullet to the throat for her without a thought, and even after york and tex and eta/iota and everything else, look how she laughed and joked with epsilon (”you can tell your friends you picked me up”)

like. be nice to mine girls. it has been a hard time