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Jason Todd Headcanon

Arkham Knight version.

1) After Arkham Knight Jason is constantly on the run and go.

2) He has PTSD, Depression, and anxiety. He needs serious mental help, but refuses to rely on anyone.

3) Jason has a phobia of clowns and refuses to go anywhere near circuses. He’s always on the look-out for them.

4) When Bruce finally finds him again they engage in a brutal fight. Even though Bruce was trying to get Jason ti come home. Jason runs away again, with an even bigger avoidance to public areas.

5) Jason locks himself wherever he can on Halloween. Just to avoid triggers.

6) Scarecrows terrify the shit out of him now. If there’s one in a cornfield he will rip it to shreds and dispose of it immediately.

7) Jason is either sixteen to eighteen during these years, so he’s some poor lanky teenager who’s barely surviving. But for some reason Jason can’t look at a homeless kid without offering them what little food he has.

8) Every time he sees the scar on his face he doesn’t see himself. He sees the joker.

9) Jason’s fighting style has changed drastically. He fights like a cornered rat, teeth bared and claws drawn. Literally no one, but Bruce has walked out alive since Arkham Knight.

10) The second time he’s tracked down it’s by Dick. Jason is completely caught off gaurd and Dick manages to avoid a fight, but Jason escapes. He doesn’t want to kill Dick.

11) From then on out Dick keeps an eye on Jason. They occasionally meet and Dick tries little by little to get Jason to come home.

12) After almost a year he finally gives in to Dick.

13) Alfred actually cries when Jason returns and everybody has almost a kind of sob fest.

14) Jason avoids Bruce at first, but Bruce lets go of his stubbornness and reaches out to Jason. Lots of hugs and choked back tears, falling asleep in each others arms.

15) They get Jason counseling and he steadily gets better. Of course one day, he’s like his old self. Sarcastic, dangerous, and intelligent. No longer some rabid child on the streets.

I just really like the idea that whenever Church gets too angry/borderline violent, Donut jumps on him in an attempt to hold him back until he calms down. It literally never works, and Donut just ends up making very high frequency noises when Church tries to get him off of his fucking face.

lance: I can’t believe you chose such a basic flavor over a Unicorn Sundae. UNICORN KEITH!?!
Keith: OK, point. But just try this first lance
Ft. TaiyakiNYC

Ig this is my contribution to lance’s Birthday haha. Happy b-day you sharpshooter you!

Keith took Lance on an ice cream date


okay so ages ago the amazing @papanorth​ drew this fantastic piece of art and it sparked a conversation. @arirashkae​ and @zalia​ (plus some others) and I threw around an idea for an AU where Wash was brainwashed and skin hunger was a part of it. 

cue angst war, and it was prompted. SO BEHOLD. 6+k of some serious Wash whump. there will probably be a sequel, don’t worry. 

Warnings: abuse, captivity, brainwashing, manipulation, torture, character death, hospitalization

Also on Ao3

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Batfamily in Gotham Headcanon #3

(Though these are just turning into Selina+Batkids…)

Selina meets Jason Todd shortly before Mother’s Day when he’s 7yo when he tries to steal her wallet. She feels his tiny hand slip into her jacket pocket, but lets him take it. Then she follows him from a distance to see why he’s picking pockets. She sees him walk into a jewellery store and try to buy a necklace and earing set, but the money he stole from Selina isn’t quite enough, so he only gets the necklace.

She see’s this though, and his heartbroken face at not being able to buy the whole set for his mother, so the next morning Jason wakes up to find the earings and a toy car sitting at the foot of his bed with a note that says ‘Next time don’t try and steal from THE cat-burglar. Hope your mom likes the jewellery! - Catwoman’

Jason keeps the note and toy car, but Selina forgets the whole incident till years later, when Jason is dead. She is reminded though when Bruce gives them to her after finding them sitting on Jason’s desk when he and Alfred went to lock his room up.

When Jason comes back to life Selina is the first in their makeshift family to find him. She gives the car and note back to him with another note telling him he’s still part of the family. A few weeks later she wakes up to find the necklace and earing set sitting on her dresser.

the darkness creeps in
slipping in in the silent moments
and your light is gone, you pushed them away

losing control, losing confidence, losing grip
it feels like nothing is going your way
so the anger grows, the hatred simmers

enemies become allies
while friends are dismissed 

in a fight you kill instead of incapacitate
your weapons and clothes covered in blood
and you grin


This is how a hero becomes a villain by Abby S (the-ships-to-rule-them-all)

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Thank you so much for the comfort headcannons, they are very nice and made my day better :) Let's keep the fluff train rolling with Tfa ultra magnus, bayverse crosshairs and mtmte red alert when they are doing something inconspicuous/completely normal and their cybertronian S/o says out of the blue something along the lines of ''Primus...,I love you so much". (or something like that)?


Ultra Magnus TFA

He’s quite shocked when you say something so heartfelt out of the blue, he doesn’t really know how to respond. Still, he smiles gently and thanks you, assuring you that he loves you too

Crosshairs TF Bay-verse 

He laughs at first, saying ‘yeah I have my moments’. After a moment, he asks what brought on the statement. Even if your answer is just a shrug and ‘I felt like it’, he’ll grab you for a quick kiss. He’s not the most affectionate bot but he does indeed have his moments 

Red Alert MTMTE

He’s completely stunned. What brought that on? Had he done something? Should he do it again? He’s a bit embarrassed when you tell him you just felt like reminding him, he feels bad for turning a sweet moment into an interrogation. Later when the two of you are going to your separate habs (he’s not ready for a shared one yet, but that’s fine) he grabs your hand and says ‘I love you too by the way, in case you needed reminding as well’ 

Red vs Blue: Universe Collision, chapter 6.5: bonus content

So I’ve had the idea for this snippet that directly follows Chapter 6 in mind since forever ago, but it doesn’t fit into the main story and I’m not going to try and make it. 

But honestly I had too much goddamned fun with it not to post it. 

Thank you to Steph for help with the Southern euphemisms!

Sarge and Agent Washington, 760 words. Warnings for excessive and possibly inaccurate Southern euphemisms and Wash angst. 

Wash kept a death grip on his helmet as the Warthog bounced along to the sound of Sarge and Grif’s bickering. He stared at the reflection in the visor, focusing on each scar, each line, each change.

Your name is Agent Washington. You’re on Chorus. Project Freelancer is gone.

Connie. York. North. South. Wyoming. Maine.

He tried not to think about York under him, two eyes staring up shocked, South tackling him, North approaching with his hands raised like Wash was a rabid animal who could lash out at any moment.

That wasn’t too far from the truth.

He barely noticed when the Warthog ground to a stop, and didn’t bother reacting until Sarge practically dragged him out of the vehicle.

“Hogwash! Hootenanny! Treason! Suggesting that I—your superior officer—“

“Jesus Christ, fine, I’m going.”

Grif floored the gas, leaving Wash coughing in the dust before he’d realized what happened.

He scrubbed the grit out of his eyes before putting on his helmet and gauntlets, and only then did he notice that it was just him and Sarge alone in a clearing.


In a clearing.

Wash immediately started to pull away, but Sarge’s hand gripped even more tightly around his arm. “Oh, no you don’t. Sit down before you fall down.”

“Sarge. Let me go.” Wash kept his voice low and menacing. “I don’t want to hurt you—”

Wash tried to keep his voice low and menacing, but it rose higher and broke as the sentence went on. Sarge’s grip never wavered as he towed Wash over to a log and shoved on his shoulders to make him sit down. Even then, he just transferred his grip to Wash’s shoulders, keeping him anchored.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Wash repeats, almost too quietly.

“And you ain’t gonna.”

“You don’t—if you and Grif hadn’t come along back there, I could’ve—“

“But we did! And you didn’t. Though that was a real numbnuts move you pulled, goin’ off on your own after a blow to the head. Of course, being a Blue you’re bound to demonstrate some remarkable stupidity more often’n not, but sometimes I think if brains were leather you wouldn’t have enough to saddle a junebug.”

Wash blinked a few times trying to decipher that one. “…oh.”

When Sarge let go, Wash stayed put. The Red Team leader settled onto the log with a long groan.

“‘m impressed you didn’t snap sooner, tell you the truth. These new people been making me a miiiite twitchy. We already went through half of ‘em trying to kill us once, don’t see why we need to do it again.”

Wash let out a groan of his own and bent over, lacing his fingers behind his neck because this was really not helping.

“Extreme violence was a perfectly reasonable response! You’re not crazy. Well, I mean, no crazier than you already are for being a blue. And wanting to ride your fellow blue around in a flat-bed truck.”

“…what?” Wash had utterly lost the thread of this conversation.

“Tucker. You want to slap a mum on his chest and take him to a football field.”

Wash lifted his head to stare blankly at Sarge.

“You want to cause a scandal bigger than the time Nellie Weatherspoon eloped with Susan Coolidge.”

Wash continued staring blankly.

“You want to take him to the purity ball and put your key in his locket. Give grandma another heart attack. Want to row row row his boat.”

Wash started shaking his head slowly, and Sarge let out a very deep sigh. “You want to kiss him, son.”

“WHAT?” Wash sat straight up, face burning up under his helmet.

Sarge chuckled and stretched out his legs. “You know, the more forcefully your shell of denial breaks down, the more you sound like a cat in heat.“

“Oh god please stop,” Wash said, faintly, trying not to think. Especially not about some of those euphemisms.

“You sure? Because I got a few more I’ve been saving up.”

Please stop.”

“Allright, allright. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, buttercup.”

Wash stared at the sky and tried not to let himself start laughing, because he had a feeling if he started, it would descend into crying.

Instead, he started making a new list of names.

Sarge. Tucker. Caboose. Grif. Simmons. Donut. Lopez. Carolina.

Your name is Agent Washington. You’re on Chorus. Project Freelancer is gone.

But your team is still here.

“You want to kick Jesus out of the room with him.”

“Oh my god stop.”