red velvet in a jar

Because it's my birthday

You sat on the roof top watching the stars up ahead. Every now and then you’d hear someone in the small town of Alexandria walking down the street. The sun was down and the sky was only lit by the billions of lights. Shivers ran down your spine indicating it was time to go back inside. As you climbed down the drain pipe into your bedroom window you spotted Daryl sitting on your bed, his back to you, showing off his dirty angel wings on his leather vest. His back was hunched showing off his biceps hidden under his flannel shirt. Not knowing how to approach him you cleared your throat. Startled Daryl looked at you then got up from your bed. “What are you doing in here.” You asked eyeing him up and down. “I got you something. I membered you say’n you liked it.” Out of his bag he pulled out a bottle of Mello Yellow and a pack of menthols. “Pops hard to come by these days.” “What the hells ‘pop’?” “I told you I’m from Canada that what we call ‘soda’.” Daryl grunted “whats the drinkin age in Canada?” “18” “That’s how old ya turned?” Nodding your head you sat on the bed. “It’s funny I was an underage drinker before the world ended and now that I’m 18 I can’t have a drink.” Pausing for a second Daryl sat on the bed beside you diggin in his bed and talking out a mason jar full of clear liquid. “Moonshine.” You stated. “This is from Carol.” He spoke setting a container with a single cupcake inside. “What’s the flavour??” “Red velvet.” “Hmm.” You nodded your head. Opening the mason jar you took a sniff of it before taking a sip. “Tastes like home.” You whispered before taking another drink and handing it to Daryl. You watched him take a drink. You watched the liquid go into his mouth and his jaw react as he swallowed. Soon the jar was half empty and you and Daryl laid on your bed and talked about old movies that you watched before the world ended and your childhood. “I remember watching videos of Marilyn Monroe singing and even though the video was in black and white I just thought she was just so… Beautiful. You know?” “She was beautiful.” “I looked up to her and I always wanted to be as beautiful as her.” “Your ten times more.” Daryl spoke looking into your eyes. Looking away quickly Daryl got up. “You didn’t make your wish yet.” Sitting up you saw him lighting a candle and putting it on the cup cake and turning towards you on the bed. You sat on your knees facing him. Daryl soft rough voice started to sing “Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Mr. President.” Happy birthday to you. As you watched him sing your eyes met his baby blues again. “Make a wish (y/n)” Blowing out the candle you brought your head back up looking at him. “What’d you wish for?” He whispered. Taking the cupcake out of his hands your put it on the bedside table. “You.” You breathed before placing your lips on top of his. Your hands found their way into his soft brown hair. His hands held your waist digging his fingers into your skin. You trailed your tongue on his lip asking for permission when he granted you entry your tongue explored his mouth. His hand moved from your waist to your back and hair. Slowly you unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his fit chest as you tried to take it off Daryl backed up a bit, ashamed of his scars on his back. Looking him in the eyes you shushed him placing a hand on his check before passionately kissing him again. You trailed kisses down his neck and slowly started to take off his shirt. Letting you he pulled you back up to kiss him once again before tugging your shirt off. In a smooth motion he laid you onto the bed getting on top and unbuttoned your pants and slowly inched them off you. Once they where on the ground you helped him with his placing them beside yours. Daryl placed his mouth on your neck kissing every inch before finding your sweat spot which caused a moan to escape your lips. Daryl started sucking that spot and rubbed himself against you causing you to moan louder and Your nails dug into his biceps. Taking off your underwear Daryl trailed his tongue over your opening hitting your clit each time. Your hands made their way to his hair pulling it as your back arched. Daryl brought himself up entering you slowly, letting you adjust. Nodding to him he moved faster. One hand held onto his bicep while the other wrapped around his back. He sucked your sweet spot making that familiar feeling build up in your stomach His strokes became rougher, pushing you over the edge. You arched your back pulling him close as you let go. Daryl let you ride it out before he let lose as well. Pulling out of you he collapsed on your chest panting. You felt his heart beating fast as you pulled his hair back from his face and ran your fingers up and down his back feeling each and every scar. Soon his heavy breathing turned to soft snores. Looking at the candle on the cupcake you smiled thinking how for once in your miserable life this was a good birthday.

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600 Followers Giveaway!!!

I recently hit the 600 follower mark and since 600 people that like my blog are such a blessing I want to give something back to you! 

 This Giveaway features >>>

  • ★ 2 Tealights
  • ★ 2 White candle
  • ★ 1 holy candle form Jerusalem
  • ★ 4 sea stones (collected on the beach)
  • ★ 1 Lava stone
  • ★ 3 turquoise pendants
  • ★ red jasper 
  • ★ Rhodochrosite
  • ★ Galena (not pure silver but  contains about 1-2 percent silver)
  • ★ Clear quartz bits
  • ★ sea salt
  • ★ Angelic bottle (celestite and pigeon and canary bird feathers)
  • ★ Note book 
  • ★ of course the 3 little jars
  • ★ red velvet pouch
  • ★ 2 sage sticks for smoke cleansing or other uses 

Now the rules/ some information >>>

  • only re-blogs count but you can of course like it for future reference etc.
  • you have to follow me (follow just for the giveaway don’t count. So don’t unfollow me after the giveaway is closed. This is for my Followers that support me). This however does not mean that you can’t start following me
  • I will be using the list randomizes by 
  • The winner will be announced on the 12th of October 
  • Also it will end the 10th of October! (in case you didn’t see it)