red velvet couch

  • Professor: You can animate anything.
  • Me: Can I animate Lou Reed sticking a needle in his arm while Candy Darling is trying to fix Gerard Malanga's hair, who's trying to set up a camera to film Edie Sedgwick, who's freaking out over missing a set of false lashes she stole from Macy's while Brigid Berlin is trying to make a satanic wheel of pills, while Andy Warhol is silently sitting on his velvet red couch that's been molested by the roaming strangers that he lets into his Factory?
  • Professor:
romeo and julieto au||

Dick loved the rich lifestyle– always had. His father, Bruce, was the CEO and inheritor of the Wayne Enterprise’s fortune. Billionaire. Dick grew up spoiled, and he and his father both were known in their personal lives to be very huge players and slept around a lot, known to thrown parties for no reason other than to have a good time.

As far as the people knew, that was right.

Dick loved the lifestyle, though. And at the party Bruce was having, that was obvious. Dick was lounging on one of the beautiful red velvet couches, in an Armani suit, beautiful rings on every finger, with the most beautiful men and women touching him, smiling at him, and laughing at what stories he told. Currently he was laying against a man resembling a Greek god who played with his hair and occasionally kissed his neck, and a woman who laid between his legs and propped herself up on his stomach would occasionally lean up to kiss his neck and even lips.

Multiples like them lounged on one another, occasionally laying beside the couch so they could dote on Dick too, but.. for once, Dick wasn’t paying them as much mind. There was a man he’d never seen before who kept looking over at his harem of beauties, but made no move to come over. Dick was infatuated with him. He let the redhead see him crane his neck so the man he laid on could kiss his neck more, ring covered hand raising to run through his blond hair. 

Smirking, he used his free hand to beckon the redhead closer. Dick cared very little, if at all, about anyone else in the room. The man was so different– exotic to him. He liked the freckles. His eyes were so piercing, even from this far away. 

Dick, darling, have you forgotten about us?” The little seductress laying on him pouted, even crawled up more to kiss under his chin, to which he merely chuckled and stopped beckoning the redhead long enough to tilt her head up. “I found something exciting, darling, pay no mind.” And back to looking at the man across the room. “I’ll go get him if I must.”