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170426 Red velvet Instagram update                                                                                              Red Velvet’s Official Fanclub Name “ReVeluv”                                                                              여러분!!!!!!!!!! 깜짝놀랬죠?????
드디어 기다리고 기다리시던 공식 팬클럽 이름이 정해졌어요!!!
여러분들의 의견을 모아 모아 아주 신중히 고민한 끝에 정해진 이름인데요~! 앞으로 여러분과 저희 레드벨벳이 서로 아껴주고 사랑하는 사이가 되자는 뜻에서 정했으니
우리 서로 오래 오래 아껴주고 사랑하기로 해요😘
#ReVeluv❤️ #레베럽❤️ #사랑해❤️#Redvelvet #드디어이름생겼다!!레베럽베럽러비들😆😆😆😆😆                                                                                                                                  trans: Everyone!!!!!!!!!! You guys were surprised right????? After all the waiting, our official fanclub name has been revealed!!! The name has been carefully selected after gathering all of your opinions~! The meaning “All of you guys and Red Velvet, let’s become one that love each other and respect each other” is the reason it was picked.
Let’s respect each other and love each other for a long time.😘#ReVeluv ❤️ #레베럽 #WeLoveYou ❤️ #Redvelvet ❤️ #FinallyWeGotAName!!ReVeluvVeluvReVeluvies 😆😆😆😆😆

Zodiacs as KPOP MVs

Aries : Boombayah by BLANKPINK

Taurus : Sentimental by Winner

Gemini : Overdose by EXO

Cancer :  Spring day by BTS

Leo : Not today by BTS

Virgo : TT by Twice

Libra : Back to you by NCT127

Scorpio : Bang bang bang by BIGBANG

Sagittarius : Holup by IKON Bobby

Capricorn : Rookie by Red velvet

Aquarius : Gee by Girl generation ; SNSD

Pisces : Drip drop by Taemin 

Red Velvet Reaction To Getting Back With You After They Cheated

Irene: I think she would get back with you but she would feel so guilty that she would hate herself a lot. She would she you walking around with a sad face and she would feel awful. It would be hard for her to live with herself and she would think a lot about why you forgave her and would probably think of taking a break from your relationship.

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Seulgi: She would think that she doesn’t deserved your forgiveness and she would calculate every move she does just so she won’t get the risk of hurting you again.

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Wendy: She wouldn’t accept it at all. One part of her would want to get back with you but the other would fear that she hurt you again. She would think a lot and would even talk to you to see if that’s really what you want.

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Joy: She would be happy at first but after some time you’re together again she would notice that you never looked at her in the same way you did before she cheated. She would feel like you’re unhappy and that you’re still extremely hurt.

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Yeri: She would find it weird that you don’t want her to stay away from you. Obviously she’d be extremely grateful for the second chance you’re giving her but mostly of the times she would think that you’re not so happy as you were before and would constantly think that you deserve something better.

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Red Velvet Reaction to: You Giving Them Silent Treatment After A Fight

Rv - you giving them a silent treatment after a fight

Irene: Gets the most frustrated. She just wants to sort everything out like mature adults. Your childish response frustrates her but she doesn’t want to make the fight any greater by getting annoyed. So she bites her tongue, giving you a few days to see if you’ll make the mature decision to talk to her on your own. If not, she’ll initiate a conversation instead.

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Wendy: “So that’s how it is. Okay, then. Come to me when you decide to finally grow up.” Still a little angry, she’ll make a scathing comment but once her anger passes, she’s really upset. The fact that you would rather act childish than sort things out, hurts her. She sees it as a sign of you not taking the relationship seriously and wanting to fight for it.

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Seulgi: Knew she wouldn’t sleep well if you two didn’t sort this out. So even if you try ignoring her, she’ll follow you until you talk back and you sort the problem out together.

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Joy: Could be the queen of childishness and pettiness. You ignoring her is like a challenge to see who could last the longest. Your fight could carry on for weeks, if you’re unwilling to give in, and as it was you that started the silent treatment, she sees no need for her to give in first. So it’s up to you make the mature decision.

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Yeri: Like Sooyoung, she can be childish too. Mostly because she is a child. She’s not experienced enough in life to make the mature decisions and if you aren’t either, this silent treatment could carry on for weeks.

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