red usb


Had to bring out the old tablet since my new one decided to stop working… This old tablet drew many Jasons in its day… so here is another one.

Okay so imagine :

Printer Shop Au where Enjolras prints posters for his Activist group and Grantaire is the guy who always seems to be on the front desk:

  • Enjolras is the unruly politics student who runs the university activist club, Les Amis D’ABC and Grantaire is a Graphic Design student who works in the university printing shop because it pays well, it’s useful for his course (but mostly it’s for the printing discount he gets).

  • So Grantaire is bored of dealing with yet another customer who doesn’t understand the resolution of their piece is way too big to print so he’s really grumpy when a bright red USB gets slapped down on the desk in front of him

  •  Obviously it belongs to Enjolras and he’s sat like oh my god this guy is an actual angel like what the hell and Enjolras is just talking about what he wants but Grantaire’s got no idea because Enjolras is hot af. He asks Enjolras to repeat everything and Enjolras gets a bit annoyed but whatever this guy is cute, he can deal with him being a bit slow

  •  So Grantaire takes the USB and stores Enjolras contact information (company policy obviously) and lets him know when to pick up and Enjolras leaves, later when Grantaire he goes to print the posters and see the quality – Enjolras cannot draw to save his life and Feuilly was too busy to design anything with his jobs – Grantaire downright refuses to print that atrocity and calls Enjolras in

  •  Cue an argument because Grantaire just insulted Enjolras work and blah blah blah they get to the point where Enjolras is like can you even draw and Grantaire just does a perfect little sketch of Enjolras and then redoes one of Enjolras’ posters talking specifics and Enjolras is so lost and he’s really flustered because Grantaire has a nice voice and oh my god this talent, he must have this man draw everything for him

  •  So Enjolras commissions him work over the next few months on the condition that Grantaire can use it for his Graphic Design course, which Enjolras agrees to. Grantaire questions nothing for a long while until he gets curious because why does this hot guy want posters on gender discrimination when last week he wanted a poster against racism. So Grantaire asks him and Enjolras gets into his social justice speeches and he’s so wrong that Grantaire starts attending meetings to prove him so and he just fits in so well that he stays

  • Courfeyrac is totally like ‘So this is the hot printer guy that you’ve talked nonstop about’ or ‘now I see why you wont let anyone else go print anything’ – because Enjolras was not risking one of Les Amis snapping up Grantaire because he had a huge crush on him – anyway Courf definitely says something embarrassing and Grantaire makes a joke, probably about Enjolras, that has Les Amis falling in love with him and Enjolras can’t find it within him to be annoyed.

  •  Fast forward to a year later of solid pining from both Enjolras and Grantaire which infuriates everyone so much they’ve given up all attempts at matchmaking and just decided they’ll get there on their own, including Enjolras who’s never waited for anything in his life and just goes and gets it. So, he decides to do something about it.

  • Grantaire has been designing posters for Les Amis ever since and so Enjolras asked him to do the next one, he types out the text or sends it so all Grantaire has to do is input it, idk, it’s only when Grantaire is done and it prints that he actually reads it and it says something like ‘Grantaire will you be my boyfriend please because I really like you and I want to date you pretty please, Enjolras’. And Grantaire is so done because Enjolras is a nerd.

  • Obviously he makes a poster that’s all ornate and fancy and Enjolras is like what is this and he looks over it for hours until he finds the writing that’s right in the corner and it’s so small he but it says ‘yes’