red umbrella


This Friday I had the happiness of playing cuphead and good is visually fanservice for the eyes, it is not as difficult as they say, it is difficult for the new generation but for those who grew up in the arcades where you had to spend the games with a coin is easy peasy (also if we play touhou XD), in general it is a masterpiece made by hand, you can see the love of the game by its creators.

 Have you played cuphead?, do you look difficult?.

Artist: Yatsu

the houses as seasons

GRYFFINDOR: white-linen summers; stormclouds crouched low over the lake// sweat clinging to the cliffside of your collarbones// bonfires spitting sparks

RAVENCLAW: winters steeped in snow// icicles drooping from your eyelashes// toques pulled tight over cold ears// the breeze whisking snow drifts from the roofs 

HUFFLEPUFF: the forest streaking autumn with rainbow hues// sunlight dripping, honeyed, onto cracked sidewalks//yellow umbrellas and red gum boots 

SLYTHERIN: springs soaked with rain// snakes slithering through the marshland// the sky dappled with grey// flowers blooming in fairy rings