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Do you have any LGBT headcanons for young justice cartoon? I see kaldur and Jaime as bi and Megan as a trans girl.

I would say it would make more sense for Martians who are shape shifters, and speak through telepathy, to not have genders. So I’d say she’s more non binary or genderfluid. 

Any ways, I think Bart is gay, as I think is Tye Longshadow (both got a thing for Jaime) Jaime I’m pretty sure is bi, Kaldur…. a lot of people say he’s bi, but I don’t see it. I mean he’s basically obsessed with a girl that’s like his main personality trait through two seasons, he shows almost no interest in any one else.

I’d say Dick is bi and Wally is, flexible but mostly straight, something happened between them at some point, maybe a sleep over they don’t talk about before YJ happened, maybe a brief relationship between seasons idk. 

Artemis is bi

Roy(Arsenal) hm I’d say he’s gay, but Roy (Red Arrow) is straight, because The Light wanted clone Roy to get into the League as quickly as he could so they made him “more perfect” which could lead to some interesting conflicts between them and for Clone Roy’s self identity.

Gar I feel like will end up being gay, and Static is bi I think everyone else is straight though Zatanna totally has made out with Artemis at some point. 

my young justice 3 demands

.Bring back Wally West (speedsters vanish all the time and come back)

.Give Aqualad a boyfriend (he is gay in canon !!)

.I need more Tye Longshadow (I just always found him interesting)

.Give Tim Drake more screen time!! (i beg you)

.Bring back Jason Todd (its about time yo)

.Make Bluepulse canon (why not? they would be good together)

.Superboy needs his leather jacket (90s superboy!!)

X-Men Gryffindor Imagine/Aesthetic

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart
- The Sorting Hat

Imagine being sorted into Gryffindor with Jean Grey (Phoenix) and Scott Summers (Cyclops). At the beginning you would feel a bit uncomfortable surrounded by loud and outgoing students but then you notice that another girl feels the same. One evening you offer her a chocolate frog and you start to get on. Her name is Jean. You always ask her about her gorgeous long red hair. You basically do everything together: write long homeworks, read books in library and have tough times with potions. She’s really sensitive and sometimes she can predict your intentions or guess your desires. Sure Jean helps you with Divination.
But one day a guy wearing black sunglasses approaches Jean in the Hogwarts’ yard. He asks where had she got a set of beautiful moonstone runes for classes. She politely and modestly answers. Then you quietly leave them under the brunches of huge tree and return to the library. As always you find there Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy, you sit next to them and pretend to read but you can’t stop thinking about Jean.
In the evening she meets you in common room and starts talking about that guy. That he’s name is Scott Summers and he has weird curse on his eyes so he has to wear glasses all the time. That the sorting hat strongly considered him to be a part of Slytherin but in the last moment decided he would be safer in Gryffindor. That he also asked why you left and wants to sit next to Jean and you on dinner. As he promised he finds you at the dinner table and introduces himself to you as well. You talk all the evening and you realize that he is the great guy. A bit strange like you both, kind and single-eyed. All together you start going out to “Three Brooms” for butterbeer, study and generally have fun.
Also after one of Flying classes Scott said that Jean and you need to try your hand at Quidditch. He is keeper in Gryffindor team. He introduces you to the captain and after short talk and kind of exam you both get the positions of Chasers. Now you don’t have to sit on tribunes and simply watch you game. You’re beyond excited to be a part of it.
You three sometimes get involved in arguments with Slytherin students especially with arrogant and forthright Erik Lehnsherr. But you are not enemies. A lot of other students concider you smugs but in fact they want to be in huge supporting family called Gryffindor. Anyway, you always try to stay above all of the gossips and quarrels because you’re nobel, proud, brave and honorable.

X-Men Ravenclaw Imagine/Aesthetic
X-Men Slytherin Imagine/Aesthetic

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Summary: The Reach are long gone and life goes on for Blue Beetle as normally as it can for a superhero. Khaji Da ponders over his partnership with Jaime and his own personal developments as they work together on missions and go through everyday life. But then Red Tornado mysteriously goes missing, and Khaji Da is faced with a new dilemma…

Characters: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), Khaji Da (Blue Beetle Scarab), Victor Stone (Cyborg), Bart Allen (Kid Flash/Impulse), Red Tornado, Tye Longshadow, Brief appearance of Jaime’s family, Various Team Members, and an Underdeveloped AI.

Word Count: 15,404

Art/Graphic: @stevertrevor

Notes: Written for YJ Mini Big Bang 2017. Special thanks to @fire-fira and @necromancy-enthusiast. I really couldn’t have done this without you guys. Thank you so much. You both cheered me on and helped me edit this doozy of a fic. All of my love goes out to you. And thank you @stevertrevor for making this awesome graphic. I love it so much.

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Chapter 1


While Khaji Da cannot pinpoint the exact moment he developed sentience, he certainly can remember the paradigm shift of consciousness and personality, programming splitting and unraveling from perfect lattices of strict protocol and obedience to imperfect fractals of organic geometry, every slightly flawed repeat giving rise to new thought and emotion, reactions that have no name or thought behind them, vague feelings instead of precise calculations and instructions.

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