red turtle shell

Batboys playing Mario Kart

*screen is split 4 ways*

Dick: Who the hell picked Rainbow Road? All these damn colors are making my eyes hurt–and that’s the second time I’ve fallen into space!

Jason: Damian did. 

Damian: It’s better than the Haunted Mansion Tim wanted. The roads in that place are all edges!

Tim: At least that Chomp thing isn’t there. I’ve run into that guy every time I’ve seen him!

Jason: That’s because you suck. Shit! Not another fucking bomb!

Dick: I was playing this before you guys were even born. I am a god at this game.

Jason: Dick, shut up. You’re in last place.*gets a question mark* *question mark gives him a golden mushroom* This has to be the most useless fucking one. *repeatedly presses the ‘Z’ button* All it does it is jump me back and forth like I’m fucking glitching! 

Dick: You just don’t know how to use it.

Jason: Strong words from someone playing as Yoshi. *gold mushroom launches him over the edge and into space* Well fuck you too, Wario,

Dick: Yoshi is lovable just like me. Besides, everyone knows Wario is just the asshole reject of the family. *gasps* Did you do that on purpose?

Tim: Dammit, Damian. Quit with the fucking turtle shells!

Damian: That wasn’t me!

Tim: I can see your screen!




Jason: Which one of you fuckers hit me with a red turtle shell?

Tim: That would be Princess Peach over there with her endless fucking supply.

Damian: I picked the wrong player! You three douchebags wouldn’t let me change it!

Tim: Oh, but this suits you so much better. 

Damian: Whatever, Mario.

Tim: This game exists because of Mario.

Damian: This game exists for you to be anyone but Mario. 

Dick: I got a star! Eat dust bitches! *passes everyone up* *falls off the edge into space* *gets put back in last* God dammit. 

Tim: What’s with all the fucking banana peels, Jason?

Jason: You tell me, Mr. “I strategically placed upside down question marks everywhere to inflict maximum casualties.”

Tim: You have no proof that was me.

Jason: I saw you on your screen!

Tim: You screen cheated?

Damian: Doesn’t feel so good does it?

Tim: Can it, Peach.

Damian: Wow, what a clever pun. Did you strategically place that too?

Tim: I’m gonna strategically punch you in the face.

Dick: It’s so nice and drama free in last place.*laughs evilly to himself*

Damian: Have fun trying to hit me while I’m pelting you with red turtle shells!

Tim: *gets a question mark* Not if I have some turtle shells of my own. *question mark gives him the squid that puts an ink blot on his screen* Aw hell.

Damian: *laughs loudly* That’s some defense you got there. 

Tim: I can’t see shit! *slips on Jason’s banana peels*

Jason: *is in 1st place* *hears a blue turtle shell coming* Is that a blue turtle shell? Tim and Damian, shut the hell up. I said, is that a blue turtle shell?

Tim and Damian: *both get out of the way of the blue turtle shell*

Jason: *gets hit the blue turtle shell* WHO THE FUCK SENT A BLUE TURTLE SHELL?

Dick: *more evil laughter*

Tim: It was Dick.

Damian: Did you screen cheat to find that out too?

Tim: This is Mario Kart. They literally show you where everyone is on a map! THERE IS NO SCREEN CHEATING!


Dick: I’m coming for you Jason.

Jason: Get the fuck away from me, Dick. Take your blue turtle shells, and get. The fuck. Away.

Jason, Tim and Damian: *get electrocuted*

Dick: *passes them all up*

Jason: NO!

Tim: Damian, I swear to God, if that question mark gives you a red turtle shell–

Damian: Let me pass you, and this won’t be a problem.

Tim: No.

Damian: Then feel my red, fiery wrath! *shoots more red turtle shells at Tim*

Tim: You sadistic little–

Dick: Told you I was a god at this game. *is seconds away from winning in 1st place*

Jason: *presses ‘start’ and ‘restart race’ a millisecond before Dick crosses the finish line*

Dick: *gasps* YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! *throws his controller at Jason*

Jason: *ducks*

Tim: *gets hit by the controller*

Damian: Too bad you couldn’t have screen cheated to know that was coming.

Tim: *attacks Damian*

Dick: *attacks Jason*

*10 minutes later*

Bruce: You were playing Mario Kart. Mario Kart, boys. Grand Theft Auto doesn’t even make you this violent.  Why is Tim’s nose bleeding?

Dick: It’s Monopoly all over again. It all started because Jason cheated.

Tim: *holding a tissue to his nose* Dick threw a controller at me–well, at Jason, but it hit me.

Damian: Serves you right, screen cheater.

Tim: I will bleed on you.

Jason: You shot a blue turtle shell at me. What was I supposed to do?

Dick: Take it like a man is what you’re supposed to do! You want to know what you’re not supposed to do? RESTART THE RACE JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE LOSING!

Bruce: Why is this my life?

This is pretty much exactly what happens when my fam plays Mario Kart. We get everyone together for a nice, friendly game of racing with funny attack methods, and it turns into a bloodbath. I’ve been every one of these. I’ve come close to killing most of my siblings–ESPECIALLY when they screen cheat. I hate that crap. I just ruins the game. And of course I’ve been a sore loser and either restarted the race or turned the console off before someone else won. I’ve bitten my brother before for hitting me with a blue turtle shell, and he once shattered our tv screen by humming his controller at it because he was playing against the CPU and Peach kept hitting him with red turtle shells. Good times.


Member: Wonwoo
Genre: Fluff
Length: 1375 words
Summary: Wonwoo is nervous to ask you out, but there’s no shortage of people to help him.

You could see out of the corner of your eye that Mingyu was grinning devilishly as he pressed the button on his remote, sending a bright red turtle shell spiralling towards your cart, knocking you over and costing you the game.

“Mingyu!” You whined, dropping your controller to the floor in ungraceful defeat. “You’re so mean!”

The tall boy just grinned wider in response. “I won fair and square, Y/N.”

You pouted, crossing your arms. “Whatever. I bet Wonwoo would let me win.”

Mingyu rolled his eyes. “Y/N, you’re obsessed.”

“I am not!” You insisted. “I am nothing of the sort!”

Mingyu just laughed at your fruitless attempt to change his mind. “Whatever, sure. You’re totally not obsessed. Either way, you sure do talk about him a lot.”

“No I don’t! Where is he, anyway?”

Mingyu chuckled again. “And you think you aren’t obsessed. I told you before, he’s at the library. Actually caring about his grades, unlike us losers.”

However, unbeknownst to you, Wonwoo was not doing any kind of study at all. In fact, he was spending the entire day coming up with the best note he could write to explain his feelings for you.

“That’s so dumb,” he grumbled, deleting everything on his Word document. He ran a hand nervously through his hair, sighing. “Why can’t I come up with anything romantic and poetic? What am I even gonna ask her out to do?”

“Hey, Wonwoo!” A voice called, earning a hissed “shh!” from the old librarian.

Wonwoo looked up, stressed expression unwilling to slide off his face. “Hey, Seungkwan. Keep it down, yeah? This is a library.”

Seungkwan mostly ignored the elder’s words, slipping into the seat across from him. “So, the boys and I got a gig on Saturday.”

Wonwoo’s head snapped up to meet Seungkwan’s, an excited expression now covering his face and the gears in his head turning rapidly. “Congrats! That’s great!”

Seungkwan smirked. “Yeah, well, you’re coming.”

Wonwoo smiled in response. “Of course.”

“What’s up?” Seungkwan finally asked, eyeing the older suspiciously.

“What do you mean? I’m fine.” Wonwoo answered too quickly, his leg starting to shake nervously.

“I can see through you. What is it?”

Wonwoo sighed, looking across at Seungkwan. His face heated slightly at the thought of what he was doing. “I’m trying to, um, write a note? For Y/N.”

Laughter erupted from the younger boy’s mouth, filling the otherwise silent library.

“Shh!” The librarian and Wonwoo hissed, glaring at Seungkwan.

“Just ask her out already!” Seungkwan whined, wiping a fake tear off his face. “I can’t believe you, seriously. You don’t have to write a note, just tell her.”

Wonwoo’s face continued to brighten, and he covered his face with an arm. “I can’t.”

Seungkwan scoffed. “Don’t be ridiculous,” he said. “You know what, take two tickets to our gig.” He thrust two paper tickets at the older. “Take her to see us. Good for you, because you’ll finally be going out with her, and good for me, because I get a fuller audience.”

Before Wonwoo could complain, and tell Seungkwan that he was way too nervous and awkward to give a ticket to you, the shorter boy stood up and left, shaking his head and muttering something about having to hand-feed everything to the older.

Nevertheless, Wonwoo had the tickets now, and he was too polite to not use one of them, especially when he was given them for free. He wondered if he could just ask Mingyu instead, but Seungkwan would find out and have his head for it.

Back at Mingyu’s apartment, you had just lost the third Mario Kart race in a row, and you were beginning to think that Mingyu was somehow cheating.

“Mingyu!” You yelled, hitting the tall boy over the head with your controller.

“Ow!” He yelped, his arms flinging out to push you away. “It’s not my fault you’re so bad!”

“Stop cheating!” You cried, crossing your arms. “You’re a cheater, Mingyu! I dominate this game, I can’t be losing this badly.”

“Hey,” spoke a much gentler, warm voice than both yours and Mingyu’s, and the two of you spun around to meet a very nervous-looking Wonwoo’s eyes.

“I need the bathroom, be right back.” Mingyu excused straight away, knowing both of his friends’ feelings and desperately wanting them to just get together already. He stood up and left, leaving you both alone.

“This isn’t over, Mingyu!” You called after him. “I will get to the bottom of this cheating business!”

“Cheating?” Wonwoo asked quietly, his deep voice ringing softly through the room.

“Mingyu’s cheating at Mario Kart.” You explained.

Mingyu, Mingyu, Mingyu. He was all you ever seemed to talk about, in Wonwoo’s eyes. Sure, you’d been friends with the younger for much longer, but Wonwoo really wanted your attention on him. He started to panic. She prefers Mingyu, she doesn’t like me, she’s gonna say no, I’m gonna look so dumb, I’m gonna be-

“What’s up?” You asked, cutting off his thoughts.

Wonwoo took a deep breath, walking towards you timidly. “A few friends of mine, singers, are performing on Saturday night and I was wondering if, um, if you would like to, uh, go with me?”

You blinked for a second, in shock. Wonwoo just asked you out? Jeon Wonwoo, your not-so-small crush, wanted to take you to a concert?

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, it was just an idea, I understand…”

“I’d love to.” You smiled, looking up at him from your position on the floor, controllers and chip bags littered around you. Even in all the mess, Wonwoo still thought you looked beautiful.

“Really?” He asked, a smile taking over his face. “You really want to?”

It was your turn to take a deep breath. “Yeah. I really like you, Wonwoo.”

Two days later, back at your own apartment, you were frantically scrabbling around your makeup drawer looking for a nice lipstick. “Where have they all gone?” You muttered, noisily pushing eyebrow pencils, eyeshadows and cheap lip glosses around in your drawer, the lipstick you wanted just not appearing.

“Here!” Your roommate called, a hand appearing from behind the bathroom door, a shiny lipstick in its grasp. “Left it in your room again, silly.” She added.

When you’d told her about the date, she had freaked out. She was almost more excited than you, helping you pick out the perfect outfit, even doing your eyeliner for you.

“Thank you!” You called back, hurriedly running the stick over your lips, smacking them together before deeming yourself completely ready.

Not a moment later, the doorbell rang, and your roommate handed you your bag on your rushed way to the door.

When you opened it, you were met with a gorgeous Wonwoo wearing an adorable, nervous smile and holding a small bouquet. “You look- wow.” He said, his cheeks heating up. He could not believe he was going on a date with you.

You blushed slightly, letting Wonwoo know how good he looked as well, taking his hand and waving to your roommate as you left.

The concert was relatively small, and the five boys who sang were incredibly good. “Your friends are amazing,” you whispered to Wonwoo. They sang a range of soft, acoustic songs, and you and Wonwoo both enjoyed the gentle music and each other’s company. You got ice cream afterwards, and it was the best first date you’d ever been on.

“Thank you for tonight,” you said to Wonwoo, after he had dropped you back at your apartment. “It was perfect.”

Wonwoo smiled, telling you a similar affirmation. You mustered up all your courage, and raised your heels to leave a small kiss on his cheek. “See you,”

Once you got inside, your roommate jumped up from the couch and demanded a full, detailed recount of the night. You were so happy, you rambled on for longer than the date had even taken, until your roommate forced you to go to sleep, because I know you loved it, but it’s 4am and I have to work tomorrow.

You placed the small bouquet he had given you at the beginning in a vase, and fell into a blissful slumber, the perfect end to a perfect night.

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Just and nick 22 please have Judy say it

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

My best idea for this one was a role reversed AU. Hope you like it!

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There She Goes Again

Nick pressed against a street corner and peeked into the alley. Sure enough, there she was. Judy Hopps, rabbit con artist, was up to her old tricks with a shell game.

She presented a red ball and a turtle shell to a wide-eyed bear and beaver. “Here’s the ball, and here’s the shell it’s under! Now watch close, keep your eye on this shell!” And while they watched the shell drop, she palmed the ball. Nick sighed; it wasn’t even hard to spot once you knew where to look. But she had a way of…diverting attention. 

He’d certainly gone out of his way to find her again.

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Yesterday I got to meet friend GMJ’s brother’s turtles! They are red-eared sliders, just like Lunchbox—except Michelle and Squirtle are way bigger than Lunchbox was!

I was very excited to meet new turtle friends and pushed my nose right up to the glass to say hello. It’s a good thing the glass was there: Big shell Michelle was not the least bit scared of me the way Lunchbox was, and even thought I was food! (Payback for that time I tried to nom Lunchbox’s pretty green shell?)

P.S. Sorry for the blurry pictures, friends! Mommy did not have her big fancy camera, and Michelle and Squirtle are fast swimmers!

Michael Clifford One Shot

You are best friends with Michael and have been for your whole life, since both of your moms are best friends also. ‘She’s like a little sister to me’ is something Michael always says when someone ask about you or what your relationship is. You have always wished for more between the two of you, but seeing as Michael doesn’t feel the same way, you haven’t tried. Today you were hanging out at Michaels apartment with your 3 other best friends Luke, Ashton and Calum, who you have gotten to know thanks to Michael. You were all sitting around the tv playing Mario Kart yelling and cursing at each other when someone passes another.

“FOR SUCKS SAKE LUKE STOP HITTING ME WITH A DAMN TURTLE SHELL” Calum yelled from the love seat trying to catch up to Luke who passed by him. You were all close together in the race, You in first, Michael in second, Ashton in 3rd, Luke in 4th and now Calum in 7th thanks to Luke.

It was the final lap and you were just about to cross the finish line but Michael let go of his red turtle shell making you spin out of control and him flying right past you and over the finish line.

'Fuck!’ You said under your breath while leaning back into the couch.

'HAHA SUCK MY DICK! YOU GUYS LOST AND I WON’ Michael started chanting while dancing around the living room. All the boys grunted and rolled their eyes at him.

'Ew why would I want to suck something so small’ You retorted back to Michael, making him stop dancing and narrow his eyes at you.

'What did you just say?’ He said with a straight face. You smirked up at him when all the other boys started cracking up laughing.

'Mate she just said you have a small dick’ Calum said laughing while trying to breathe.

'Oh you’re gonna regret that y/n’ Michael said while starting to chase after you. You got up as fast as you could and started running all over the house trying to lose Michael or make him tried from chasing you.

'RUN Y/N’ You heard one of the boys call after you while running past them and up the stairs. You manage to make it up the stairs and into Michael’s room trying to shut the door and lock it before he could get in, but it didn’t work out and he busted open the door and tackled you to the floor. He started tickling you at the sides of your stomach knowing that you are extremely ticklish.

’M-Michael oh m-my god stop tiCKLING ME’ You tried breathing and laughing at the same time which didn’t work out very week making it hard for you to breathe. Michael noticed and stopped tickling you.

'Now tell me I have the biggest dick out of all the lads and I’ll stop tickling you’ Michael said raising his eyebrow at you. He was sitting on top of you each knee on a different side and he had your arm pushed against the floor above your head.

'Hmmmmmmm no’ You chuckled at him and stuck your tongue out.

'Are you sure?’ Michael said lifting your shirt up and bit more and putting his hands at your side. He leaned down towards your face a little and your breath caught in your throat noticing that he was only a few inches away from your face. Michael gave you a funny look when he noticed your mood change a bit. His eyes then widen at the close proximity. You both sat there starring at each other for a minute or so, but then Michaels eyes flicked down to look at your lips and then back up at you. Your cheeks flushed a bright red and Michael smirked down at you. After a few more seconds Michael decided to make a move.

'Fuck it’ he whispered before smashing his lips onto yours. The kiss was gentle at first but slowly started getting rough. Michael bitting your bottom lip asking for entrance but right as he put his tongue in his mouth there was a massive knock on the door and it pushed open. The other three boys behind it.

'Ooooh what do we have here?’ Ashton giggled to himself. Michael groaned at him.

'Well you finally did it mate’ Luke said giving Michael a pat on the back and walking out while the other lads followed.

'Finally did it ay? Were you planning this for a while?’ You looked up at Michael who was still hovering over you.

'Lets just say I never actually thought of you as a sister’ He said smiling and bent down to kiss you again.