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juvia for character ask:D

Why I Like Them: Juvia puts her whole heart and soul into everything does. She’s so compassionate and kind, and won’t hesitate to do absolutely anything for her loved ones. She stands fearless in the face of danger, and as seen throughout the manga, she always stands up for what she believes in, which is that nothing is more powerful than love, even at her own expense.

Why I Don’t: Two words: Wasted Potential. The ability to become, create, and manipulate water has possibly an infinite number of potential uses, like super cool shit like manipulating plant life and people (you know, like the plant and blood bending from Avatar the Last Airbender). I could spend hour listing all the incredible things Juvia could do, but lately all we see is the basic “water claw” and I’m like, Mashima please T^T my baby could part red seas and create tsunamis and rule the lost city of Atlantis, show us some phenomenal aquatic power and badassery T^T

Favorite Episode (Scene if Movie): Her battle, and ultimately, the deep bond she formed with Meredy during the Tenrou Arc. It became so much more than her wanting to protect Gray, she wanted to protect Meredy, despite her being the enemy. When I first started reading the manga, I started liking Juvia a lot after she sacrificed herself for Cana in the Fantasia arc, but it was this scene in particular that cemented her as being one of my most favorite characters.

Favorite Season/Movie: I guess “arc” would apply since I’m doing a character from an anime LOL but Tartaros I think is my favorite arc for Juvia.

Favorite Line: “If you have love in your life, you must keep on living” from the Tenrou arc

Favorite Outfit: I’m loving her Alvarez outfit, because the splash of green is just so cute and fitting for her <3

OTP: Luvia. LOL I’m a huge Gruvia shipper too,though…And Juvana. And Ervia. And Erluvia. Pffffft

BroTP: Gajuvia!! Also Jueredy/ Mervia? Idk brotp name for Juvia and Meredy XD and Luvia is a brotp of mine as well as romantic ship XD

Headcanon: Ooooooh okay so I’ve imagined that whenever Juvia goes on a mission that’s nearby the ocean, she takes some extra time to her self to go to the beach and join the water, swimming alongside the fish in the coral reefs and jumping out of the water with the whales and playing with the dolphins :D :D :D

Unpopular Opinion: I’m perfectly content without there being a Gruvia confession. Because in my opinion, Juvia and Gray understand each other in a way that they don’t need words to confirm it, they show it through their actions, and I feel that this is very evident throughout the manga. (This is more Gruvia based than Juvia lol sorry)

A Wish: I really wish for Juvia to build a family with Gray (I have many Otps for Juvia but ultimately Gruvia is what I want to be endgame lol). She has her guild, and she loves them dearly of course, and they love her as well, but I’ve always thought that Juvia being a mother would bring her a whole new level of happiness that she deserves <3 I’ve always thought all the FT ladies would make wonderful mommas ^^

An Oh-God-Please-Don’t-Ever-Happen: Pffffft well, chapter 499 came and went, and that was kind of my worse nightmare for Juvia XD but she’s alive so it’s all good (hi yes Mashima? I’d like to see my Juvibae open her eyes here soon, love, kayla   lmaoooo)

5 Words To Best Describe Them: Compassionate, Affectionate, Strong-Willed, Selfless, AbsolutefuckingDORK

My Nickname For Them: Juvibae, sometimes Juvibean XD

Thanks for asking Lexi!! <3