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5 random things

@r0xx0rz said anyone who wanted to do this could, so i’ll do it too! 

Also tagged by @thenerdbeast!

1. I use my dresser as my desk! It’s where i put my laptop and food and notes and stuff. Meanwhile, my actual desk is used for storage and displaying my figures.

2. I have issues with my balance. That’s why i’m worried about falling when on an escalator and can’t squat for more than a few seconds. (Team Skull would be disappointed in me…)

3. I got my 3DS on Valentines Day 2013 and it’s still as strong as ever!

4. I love pancakes and i love red velvet things! Also I tried some red velvet mini donuts today and i love them…

5. I use push pins for my posters and hang my Pusheen keychains and rubber straps on them!

And i guess whoever wants to do this can too!