red tour surprise songs

is anyone else a little pissed off that taylor has never sang ‘come back be here’ live???????????????? i mean???? the BEST song of our generation??????? not even once?? not even for a surprise song on the red tour?????? like what the hell taylor you can’t release a song like that and NEVER play it live


‘Fifteen’ live at the O2 in London 2/2/14

not my photo

Okay so guys I was thinking.. the 1989 tour is coming up sometime soon and I really started thinking about how well ‘starlight’ would go with the setlist i haven’t even heard the songs from 1989 and I KNOW it would be a perfect match and it would blend well with the songs. I think it would be a perfect performance/song to add to the 1989 tour setlist. I can just imagine the performance with like twirling skirts and sparkles and electric guitars. It would be beautiful and perfect and amazing. Starlight wasn’t on the Red tour setlist and was played as the surprise b-stage song only twice. Starlight has also only been performed one other time at the JFK charity event. I personally don’t think starlight got enough credit, and she even has a perfume called “Made of Starlight” I was very sad when starlight wasn’t apart of the red tour setlist because it’s one of my ALL TIME favorite Taylor songs but, I know starlight is from Red but I think we should try and get Taylor to have Starlight performed on the 1989 tour. I just think it would be a perfect song choice for the tour, and I think starlight needs the recognition it deserves. 

So please reblog this, or tag Taylor in this so she sees that we want starlight performed on the 1989 tour!

How Taylor Helped Me Out

I know I’m an Ed blog, but I needed to write this. I don’t know if Taylor will ever see it, but in the chance that she will, here it is. I need her to know how much she’s helped me out. (TAYLOR IF YOU’RE STALKING YOUR TAG PLS READ THIS BECAUSE YOU’LL LIKE IT TOO AND ILY???)

[can someone help me get this to Taylor please? you don’t have to read this, I just really want Taylor to read it because she helped me out so much without even ever knowing it]

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