red tour shows

remember that one red tour show where the stage broke down or whatever and taylor was like dude if they don’t fix it i’ll just GRAB MY GUITAR and do THE WHOLE SHOW A C O U S T I C A L L Y like imagine being at that show in that moment and hearing her say that. i would’ve, no joke, passed out when hearing such words. i wouldn’t survive to know if the stage was fixed or not

I Knew You Were Trouble (VS Fashion Show)
Taylor Swift
I Knew You Were Trouble (VS Fashion Show)

“Once upon a time a few mistakes ago
I was in your sights, you got me alone”

one of Taylors most epic lives EVER, I loved this performance so much especially that Kaylor moment right there  

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                      Here we are on the Red tour, and we’ve been very very lucky on the Red tour because we’ve gotten to play lots of sold out stadiums but you know what, you never forget the first stadium that you ever played. You never forget the very first crowd of 55,000 people that were waiting to see you play the show. And you don’t quite remember what that sounded like until you go back and see them again do you? And you know we seem to have this thing with rain, you and I. If you’re here for the very first time..hello nice to meet you, I’m Taylor, thank you for coming! If you’ve been to a show before you might possibly know about the infamous rain show. The infamous rain show happened here at Gillette Stadium about 2 years ago and it ended up being one of the most memorable nights of my life because here we were playing this show and all of the sudden it started to pour down rain, and I thought, oh my god they’re all gonna leave, they’re gonna leave, they’re going to be so mad at me, they’re going to hate this, they’re gonna leave, they’re gonna start crying, they’re gonna be throwing things at me and guess what you guys did? You stayed and you danced and you got even l o u d e r. And I’ve come to notice about this part of the country, and in light of recent of events, everyone else in the world has come to notice about this part of the country and you keep reminding us how strong the people of Boston really are. And I just hope that every single one of you here tonight, all 55,000 of you know what an honor it is to me to play for you tonight.

Honestly, I don’t think that I will ever experience a better concert than the one of Red Hot Chili Peppers in Prague 

Those feelings when you are in a third row and you can clearly see into their eyes, and when they run on stage with their awesome intro and then the guitar starts playing and you see Flea doing a crazy little dance to Can’t stop and you’re emotions are just one huge mass of happiness, and then when you think it can’t be any better, Chad Smith throws a drum stick right into your hand!!!!
I caught a fucking drum stick from Chad Smith omg my life has been complete 

So as much as I’m excited to see Guns N’ Roses this summer, I just know that nothing will ever overcome this concert.
And part of me doesn’t even want to see anything better than those guys