5-22-13 for about two to three months after this night actually happened I felt like it was just an amazing dream. The memory of this night.. THIS AMAZING GIFT MAMA SWIFT GAVE US was all I could think about. The next morning when I woke I remember checking my bag to make sure I still had my hat..the hat that taylorswift herself handed to me the night before after performing her first song! thank you taylor and thank you mama swift -Christina Angelita 😄

I have so many memories over the last year and a half, touring the world, playing songs that I wrote in moments where I thought I was completely alone. 
And there’s a song that I put on the record and I really thought it was too personal for anyone to really like it. And there such beautiful surprises that you guys have showed to me, and one of my favorite surprises of the Red Tour was the fact that every night the song that you sang the loudest was a really broken song about a relationship that was dead but haunted me, because I remember it All Too Well.
—  Taylor’s last speech for All Too Well. Last show of The Red Tour -  June 12, 2014  (x)