red tornado

Catching prey using Vortices

I was reading about Vortices and after hours of research online, out of the blue I stumbled upon this amazing bird. This is the Red Necked Phalarope and from the looks of it seems to have put vortices to a really productive use - catching its prey.

By rotating around ~60-80 times a minute, it produces an upward vortex that sucks out insects/bugs/crustaceans from the water, which it swiftly picks up with its beak and eats. ( This one would have aced the Fluids class for sure :D)

This is analogous to tornadoes sweeping up cars and houses along its way in an upward swirl.

Mind Blown!

** The actual dynamics of vortices of course is waay more complicated. ;)

*** There are three species of phalarope (red-necked, red/grey, and Wilson’s), and they can all feed like that.            

  • Red Tornado: Brief me on the technology robberies.
  • Wally West: Helpful hint to the scientists that programmed you; most humans say “hello” at the beginning of a conversation.
  • Artemis Crock: Director of STAR Labs told us that someone’s been breaking into the labs, stolen over $100,000 in tech. We’re heading over there now.
  • Red Tornado: Keep me updated.
  • Wally West: Another helpful hint–
  • Red Tornado: Good-bye.
  • Wally West: It’s learning!