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Can i request a small POV of the googles and them thinking ollie died?

They’re all shaking, glitching, staring blankly and not entirely sure what to do next. Red keeps gripping his hands into fists only to release them and do it again. It doesn’t help. Green nervously fidgets with an invention on his desk before dropping it and getting up only to walk a few feet before stopping. It doesn’t help.

Blue sits at Ollie’s desk, swiveling back and forth without saying a word. It doesn’t help. Nothing helps.

“I knew we shouldn’t have trusted that glitch!” Red roars, knocking over a filing cabinet. He points a finger at Blue and glitches angrily. “I knew it! I told you that this would happen!”

Tears form in Green’s eyes. “Red…”

“No!” He slams his fist down onto Oliver’s desk and stares directly into Blue’s eyes as he screams, “He’s dead, and it’s all your fault!”

Google blinks and sighs softly. “Yes, Red, it’s my fault. I trusted Anti, and now our brother is dead. Does that make you feel any better?”

Red’s anger vanishes so quickly his eyes flicker. Instead he’s left with only the pain of remorse. “No, it doesn’t.” Tears fill his eyes as he continues to grit his teeth, but Google stands and pulls him into a hug.

“We’ll figure it out.”

Red shakes his head. “I just want him back.”

“I know,” Google says slowly as Green wanders over. He grabs him by the front of the shirt and pulls Green under his arm so that he’s holding both of them. “But he wouldn’t want us to give up. He’d want us to keep going, for him.”

“For Ollie,” Green whispers.

Red nods. “For Ollie.”

Google hugs them tight. “For Ollie. We’re going to rip that glitch to pieces.”


I did something I have never done before yesterday; I straight up asked a person if I could collect something from their plants.

I was visiting my parents yesterday and down the road from their house I was stopped by this gorgeous Japanese Maple in the prime of it’s autumn colors. We went in the back and asked the kind old couple who owned the house if they wouldn’t mind me taking “about 20 or so small leaves” and they were happy to let me do so.

So, look forward to these cute Japanese Maple leaves in the autumn leaf lineup in a couple weeks!

The Male Teams spotted in the Behind the scenes video



A compilation of my Glow pieces from the last few days, a full Rainbow!! In total it has taken me about 3-ish days to design and finish all six figures and I’m very happy with the completed project :)