red to green

“still not gonna be the cool guy…”

(credit to meeeee)


I forgot I had made these posters.

I was in a poster making mood and Voltron just happened to be what I was obsessed at the time..

I know I know i’m missing Hunk…. I’ll add him when I can xD

In Depth Aura Readings!

I’ve had a blast doing short aura readings for my service dog fundraiser! Now I’m all inspired to offer more in-depth, healing, aura readings. 

What the Readings Are: 

Having an aura reading is not just an exploration of the colors you glitter with, but also a deep and powerful understanding of your spiritual needs. 

Aura readings will tune into the frequently changing colors and tones of energy around you (your protective and emotive energetic shell, if you will). They represent personal issues we’re dealing with, energetic strengths and weaknesses, and things we need to balance and address in our life. 

How These Readings Work: 

  1. We’ll plan a call (or text/IM through Skype/tumblr messenger if you’re not a fan of phone calls) that will last around 15-30 minutes.
  2. I will email you a palette of the 6 primary colors in your aura before the call.
  3. During the call, I’ll go through what each color means, why it’s in your aura, and how it relates to your current life, as well as advice for healing it if the color’s a little funky.

Cost of the Readings:

For the whole package, it’s just $45! 

Payment is in USD and is done through a PayPal invoice (which accepts PayPal, Debit, Credit, and many other forms of money transfers).

How to Request One: 

Email me at with this info: 

  • Your legal name
  • Your preferred name (if different from your legal)
  • Any relevant information (like if you’re struggling with a particular issue, I can see if your aura has anything that can help you with it)
  • And of course mention that it’s an aura reading you’re interested in! 

This should be real fun!! Feel free to share this post, as well–there may be others looking for this exact type of reading. :)

“Sunny Day”

I love how this came out.

My character Pirotha.

Made with colored pencils, pens, and some digital editing.

Critiques are welcomed on any of my work.


I finished my Voltron: Legendary Defender set!! I will have prints available at Fanime and Animazement this weekend! Voltron has become one of my all-time favorite shows and I’ve been really excited to share these with everyone~

If I have leftover prints after this weekend I will put them up on my Etsy.