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It all began with this post: [X] (careful scrolling because it contains graphic images of the puppies’ injuries)
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So this Friday, while I was on my second day of Comic Con PT as a seller in Artists’ Alley, I got a call from the animal association that’s been helping me trying to find a family for Luca and Calu and they gave me the most wonderful news:

The puppies were adopted by their temporary foster family!!

I honestly couldn’t even reply because I got all chocked up and started to sob my heart out, but I honestly was so happy that the puppies finally had a place they could call home I couldn’t deal with my emotions. I’m still a bit emotional because these puppies experienced first hand just how awful humans can be and for them to finally be treated, healthy and safe is a huge joy (and a relief) for me.

Their foster family (now adoptive) loved them so much that they decided to keep them as members of their own family. What’s more, the babies will never be alone and apart from each other. This was a fear of mine all along too, in case people decided to adopt just one of them and separate them. Thankfully it wasn’t the case!

That said, any donations I receive will be promptly transferred to the animal association that helped me find these puppies a family. Their specialty is to care for mothers and babies who were left abandoned (although they do not refuse to care for other animals) and they’re always in need for donations. If you’re interested to know more about them, please send me a non-anon ask and I’ll be more than glad to link you to their facebook.

I know I’ve thanked everyone a million times, but I’m so thankful for all the help provided and your generous donations to help ensure these puppies would be taken care of. Any amount of donations given were so helpful and vital for the babies… I’m eternally thankful to everyone who contributed and last Friday we saw the results of our efforts!

The babies finally have a home!!

This is a happy ending for them, but I’ll keep supporting the association that helped me because our job never ends (if you want to help just let me know! We have a lot of mothers and babies in serious need of treatment).

I’ll still post their pictures here, so they can bring your day some joy and hope.

On behalf of Luca and Calu: THANK YOU!

Friendly reminder that Caboose is in love with Sheila who’s in love with Lopez who was used as a body by Church and ends up being just a body for Tex who was Church’s girlfriend and they were both AI based off of Agent Carolina’s parents.

Guys I’d really really appreciate it if you tagged “mtmte spoilers” when referring to the newest issues.

Some of us don’t have extra money to spend on their favourite comics due to life happening so that’d be a pretty useful courtesy. Thanks!

So my blog blew up overnight and I hit 4k followers??? It’s not even about the numbers, it’s just the insane to think that that there are 4,000 individual people who actually exist and have been touched by my words enough to keep up with me… 4,000 people who have friends and memories and happy days and sad nights. And it’s sort of inspired me to write more? Because you guys actually understand me, you know? And I want to reach out on a more personal level, start posting more personal things or random thoughts and not just strictly quotes. I know I suck at responding to messages, but I’m motivated to become better now. I know that only 2 or 3 out of all of you will make it to the end of this, and to you guys: I truly, honest to God appreciate you.

Thank you for existing.


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What's the difference between gameplay and game mechanics in game design?

A game mechanic is how one thing in an entire game works. It’s a system that behaves consistently, and usually “owned” (i.e. responsibility for it is held) by a small subteam within the team. Examples of mechanics might be leveling up, combat, or crafting. A combat designer would be responsible for different rules and content than a quest designer, or a cinematic designer, or an item designer.

The term ‘Gameplay’ usually refers to all of the collective game systems aggregated together. Somebody who with the title “gameplay programmer” is someone who works primarily on one or more of the game mechanics. When we say “gameplay”, we refer to all the stuff that the player directly interacts with - all of the rules and systems of the game that the player needs to internalize to make decisions on how to play. This typically doesn’t include stuff like how the visual effects are displayed (parsing particle effect data, doing the calculations and activating the correct emitters) or what the visual effects look like (creating the textures and putting them together over the time loop), but it does include specifics like “green sparks mean healing” and “red sparks mean damage”.

TLDR: A Game Mechanic is a single isolated system. Gameplay is all of the game mechanics put together.

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I’ve lived in Japan for quite a while (in fact I just returned to my country of origin) and shoujo-ai is a thing that exists that I happened to enjoy and by no stretch of the imagination it was considered pedophilia. 

I think it further proves how inherently racist you can be when a genre that originated in another country cannot be enjoyed by foreigners without you screaming bloody murder, but it’s perfectly okay for Japanese people to enjoy it because well, they’re Japanese.

Adding to that, and on a very short remark, the nsfw art originated from this high school girl AU is simply that, art. The artists have been more than courteous by tagging it, it is really that simple. If it triggers you, I’m tremendously sorry but it’s your job to protect yourself because people who draw it can only do so much and you have absolutely no right to forbid them from expressing themselves. 

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Thank you all!

To everyone who went to AA and purchased one of my prints: THANK YOU! I’m just so grateful for your support. My sales did so incredibly well and all of my Shockwave prints sold out (they were quite a lot!). I honestly wasn’t expecting that at all…! I just feel so humbled that you took your time to support me and that you deemed my artwork reasonable enough to purchase. Thank you!

I am back from the convention with the biggest grin on my face, it’s unbelievable. <3 I might do a giveaway since I got a couple of left overs, let me know what you think. c:

Oh, I’ll post a few pictures later too!

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How do you feel about jk Rowling saying that hermione should have married Harry instead of Ron?

Oh man.. I just don’t even. Before my dad passed away he told me two things about Harry Potter that stuck with me.

1. Snake is the good guy. (He passed away before book 7)
2. Harry and Hermione are meant to be together.


But in all seriousness, when I first read that article I was bummed because I agreed. Mostly because while Ron is sweet and very relatable, Hermione, herself, could relate better to Harry.

Hermione’s the polar opposite to Harry, but they strove for the same thing. Loving family, only witch to come from them, kept her head down (sort of :p), worked hard to be worthy; to prove herself.
Harry had a horrible family, was a child prodigy, everyone knew his name, worked hard to be worthy; (quiddich mostly though lol) to prove himself. I also believe they were each other’s other-halves in magic.

Hermione was talented in most areas of magic, history & logic, while Harry was talented in defense against the darks arts, magical beasts, flying and he could see outside the realm of logic.

Ron was from a long line of pure bloods and can couldn’t empathise with Hermione and Harry on many things.

In saying that, I talked to jack about it and he said “that’s how the story should have ended. Harry wasn’t supposed to get the girl, Ron ‘the faithful side kick’ was.”

Plus I suppose it’s an omage to Lilly and James, that Harry married a women who’s very brave, clever, talented at charms and has red hair.