red tiara

2000 Château Clarke

Feeling like a princess today. Just cuz. So I’m enjoying a Bordeaux today. Just cuz. Ripe cassis and blackberry on the nose with violets, cocoa powder, espresso powder, cedar, fresh button mushrooms, fresh leather, tobacco, and bouillon. Fresh blackberries, boysenberries, and red currants on the palate with leather, tobacco, cedar, and cocoa powder notes. Mouthwatering acidity. In a GREAT vintage like 2000, you can often find lower level wines that deliver incredible quality for the price. This is one! It’s got a few years left. Excellent stuff.

4/5 bones


Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

13% abv

Listrac-Médoc (Bordeaux), FRANCE

Batboys Watching New T&T Would Include...


  • No he does not have an obsession with reality tv shows
  • Oh? The VCR is full of KUWTK episodes? Totally not Jason
  • Let’s be honest now
  • the only thing he watches are probably reality TV shows
  • he use to be a toddlers and tiaras fan
  • but the new one just disgusts him
  • he can’t stand those good for nothing pageant parents and how bad they treat the children
  • he didn’t have the best childhood and he dose not like watching other kids have to endure what their parents put them through, especially in things they don’t want to do
  • the only reason he actually liked the old one a bit was Honey Boo Boo
  • she is so ridiculous it’s hilarious
  • just don’t bring up that show in front of him he is repulsed by it


  • I think Dick is the most confused by it
  • he doesn’t understand all this family feud crap between the people
  • can’t we all just be friends?
  • he watches a few episodes but he’s not really enjoying it
  • he thinks the moms are freaking idiotic
  • Dick doesn’t understand beauty pageants either
  • putting on tons of makeup and trying to show off talents to be considered beautiful is hurtful
  • especially when they put children to face each other off
  • he doesn’t like how this can scar children and build self hatred for not winning


  • he probably came across it when he was fueled by coffee and had nothing else to do
  • he was just surfing through shows when he saw it on
  • he heard of it before and decided to watch it
  • he never watched the first seasons of T&T but he expected it to be funny
  • he didn’t expect to see parents screaming at children and kids crying
  • Tim has never hated a show so much
  • he got really upset over how the kids just wanted to be accepted and please their parents


  • he is the most emotional one on this
  • he’s not really into TV shows but he decided to watch it anyway
  • his anger got the best of him
  • he ended up calling the film company and complaining so darn much
  • he threatened to ruin their lives
  • he paid all those parents a visit and gave long ass lectures on what a good parent should be
  • he is utterly disgusted by their actions and can’t believe what people do to their children for money and fame