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Five Surprises

Chris Evans x reader (mostly between Chris and your daughter)

Warnings: literally just all fluff. like you might die from all the fluff. you’re welcome.

Words: 1.7k

All credit goes to Marvel.

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The first time Chris ever surprised your daughter, Daisy, was when she was four years old. She loved having Chris as a dad and loved hearing his stories from all the different movies he worked on. Her first words to almost everyone she met were: “Do you know Captain America? That’s my daddy!” On “Bring Your Parent to School” day, a skype call was set up so Chris could still be there and tell everyone about what he does. Nothing made Daisy happier than hearing from her dad.

On this day in particular, you and Daisy were getting ready to go pick him up from the airport. She had been talking about it non-stop and counting down the weeks and days until you got to go see him again. “Momma, hurry up! Daddy’s plane is landing soon and we’re going to get caught in traffic!” You couldn’t help but laugh from your place at the kitchen sink, doing some last minute dishes before Chris came home.

“Just let me finish these up, okay? How about you go brush your teeth and get your coat on? Bring the flowers out, too, okay?” She nodded eagerly and bounced off to the bathroom. When you heard the lock, you smiled and were nearly jumping out of your skin.

You quietly opened the front door of your home and all but jumped into Chris’s arms, peppering him with kisses and hugging the life out of him. He gave you one long kiss before setting you back on the floor and letting himself in, pulling flowers of his own from behind his back. “Where’s the bug?” He whispered.

“Bathroom.” You mouthed. He nodded and got down to his knees on the floor with his arms outstretched, flowers in hand, waiting for his daughter to come. He couldn’t help the dorky smile etched on his face, but he couldn’t find a reason to care. Both your smiles grew when you heard the bathroom door open.

“Momma, what if-,” she paused, seeing Chris. Her mouth fell open and she ran. “Daddy!” She screamed.

“Hey, bug! I got you flowers!” He said, still squeezing Daisy. She pulled from him, pushing her flowers into his face, making him laugh.

“Daddy, I got you flowers, too!”

“That’s great, let’s go put them in a vase so they can be together, okay?” Chris looked up at you and you shared a big smile.

The second time Chris surprised Daisy was at her ballet recital when she was 9 years old. She had been so discouraged that her dad couldn’t be there to see her, and skyping him before the big show was the only thing that brought a small smile on her face. “Hey, you go out there and you kick ass, okay? And don’t tell your mother what I just said,” she finally laughed. “I gotta go, bug. You’re going to do great. I’ll see you soon, I promise.” With that, Chris ended the call and you walked inside the building together to find your seats before the show began.

“You’re a great dad, you know that?” You asked him. Chris smiled and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“I try my best.” He said casually. You laughed with him and sat down in the plush red theater seats.

“You’re a great husband, too.” You said, he looked down, smiling at you before placing a kiss on your forehead. You snuggled into his side.

“Well, having a great wife helps. I love you, Y/N Evans.” You tilted your chin up, locking your lips in a kiss that melted your heart like so many times before. You pulled apart when the curtains pulled open and you watched with pure glee as Daisy’s eyes quickly scanned the audience, looking for her mother.

But when her eyes landed on Chris, not even the brightest of stars could outshine her smile.

The third time Chris surprised Daisy was when she was five days away from turning 15 years old. Following in her dad’s footsteps, she joined drama club at her new high school and going to acting workshops every Friday night. She completely invested herself into acting. Her dream was to one day star side-by-side in a movie with her dad.

One night at one of her workshops, she was given a script and was told she was only allowed to read it as she was acting it. It was a small class this night, only five or six other people, and everyone was dressed for the cold New England, February weather with big jackets and scarves and beanies.

This confused Daisy because they were inside and it wasn’t that cold in the building, but she didn’t ask. The director called up Daisy and a tall man who still hadn’t removed the scarf covering his lower face. He was wearing a pair of glasses and a blue beanie with a grey jacket and jeans.

The pair began going back and forth in lines for fifteen minutes and it was going really well, until Daisy got to one line that made her pause. “Maybe the man in front of me is someone I don’t expect,” she peered up at the man curiously. He nodded at her, signaling for her to find out who the mystery man was. She slowly and cautiously removed his scarf. She didn’t even have to remove the glasses or beanie before she burst out laughing at the sight of her dad.

Chris had been filming a long, gruesome movie in Antarctica for the past year and he hadn’t been able to find time to come home. He had told Daisy that he’d try his best to be home in time for her birthday, but not to get too excited just in case he couldn’t make it work.

But here he stood, in front of Daisy as happy tears spilled from her eyes. The audience stood up, making to clap, but instead peeling off their own disguises. Sebastian, Anthony, Scarlett, Elizabeth, and Robert all came up to the stage, embracing your daughter in a bone-crushing hug. “I knew you’d be home in time!”

“When have I ever let you down?”

The fourth, and possibly biggest surprise Chris had planned for Daisy was for her 16th birthday. “I can’t believe you got our daughter a Lexus for her birthday.” You said. Chris laughed as your daughter squealed in delight at the eggshell white car parked center squared of your driveway. A big pink bow sat on top.

“Well what were you planning on getting her?” He asked.

“Something that won’t cost half of her college fund to fix.”

“That’s what insurance is for. Besides, tell me this isn’t the happiest you’ve seen her in a while.” You finally gave in and smiled, leaning into your husband as his arms wrapped tightly around you. “No boys in there!” Chris shouted out to Daisy, who was running around the car, taking pictures of it. You gave his arm a light swat.

“Oh, like you weren’t trying to get with girls at her age!” You laughed.

“But I was respectful about it, I took them out to dinner first. I paid the bill, and then they faked nausea and I drove them home.”

“If only they knew back then that they were dumping Captain America.”

“I’m glad they dumped Captain America, I wouldn’t have found you if they hadn’t,” He pressed a kiss to your temple and you smiled, leaning further into him until you were impossible close. “This may be Daisy’s big day, but 16 years ago, you were the one that brought her into this world. I know I may not be the best father, but you are the best mother. You make the sacrifices that I can’t. I know I’m not home often, but you still always leave the light on for me. I don’t thank you enough.” You reached up to him, taking his face in your hands and pressing a long kiss to his lips, earning a loud groan of disgust from Daisy.

The fifth, and possibly the best in Daisy’s opinion, wasn’t even really a surprise. Her happiness was just equal to all of the joy Chris has brought her since the first surprise.

Daisy was distractedly straightening out her gown and her hair, making sure she looked picture perfect. Her mom and dad and all of their friends sat in one of the back rows, giving her encouraging smiles. She pulled lightly on the tassel from her cap, sending them a bright smile back. This was it. She was 18. She was finally graduating.

She had spent nearly all day doing her hair and makeup with all of her friends. Tears were shed at the thought of not seeing them every day anymore, but it was mostly a breath of relief to be out of there. “Daisy Evans.” Her head snapped up to her principal. She hadn’t even been paying attention. She took a deep breath.

She smiled brightly, walking across the stage. Despite the principal politely asking everyone to wait until the end of the ceremony to clap, loud whoops were still heard from the back of the auditorium coming from Sebastian and Anthony. You reached over, clapping a hand over each of their mouths before smiling apologetically at the people who turned to look at them.

Seb let out a quiet “woo!” making everyone in the general area start laughing hysterically. Daisy couldn’t hide the blush creeping up on her cheeks from her “uncles” antics. This wasn’t an uncommon thing, either. They did this every time she won an award from her sports or her academics. They all made sure everyone knew who Daisy was.

Daisy ran off stage, launching herself straight into you and Chris’s arms, making all of us stumble slightly backwards. We laughed nonetheless. Soon enough, everyone else piled into the hug as some laughed and some cried that Daisy was done with high school. Having known her all of her life, the “Avengers” cast became her family and they, as much as you and Chris, dreaded seeing her grow up.

“I’m proud of you, kid.” Chris mumbled into the hug.

“Me too.”

“Me three.”

“I’m more proud.”

“I’m proudest.”

“Shut up.”

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Lydia invites Stiles to go to the movies. Lydia tries to hint that this was a date, but Stiles seems obvious. She gets so frustrated she leaves before the movie ends

Movie Date (With Liam)

by lydiaargent

Currently, Lydia is slouching down in the red fabric movie theater seat, fuming silently. Her eyes bore into the screen, but she fails to register anything that’s playing out. Similarly, her ears seem to be muted. All she can think about is that idiot Stiles Stilinski.

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Support System

Rating: K+
Summary: For a while, Lance had been Ash’s only means of support, the only animal she could rely on. But now, as she deals with her ex-boyfriend’s attempts to get her back, she realizes she’s no longer alone. She has a group of protective performers surrounding her, the family she’d been lacking for far too long.

Ash, babe, talk to me.’

I’m sorry, seriously.’

Can we meet somewhere? Grab a bite to eat or something.’

Come on, give me a chance babe.’

The three dozen text messages clogging her inbox followed a similar pattern, all of them Lance pleading for her to talk to him. Ash grit her teeth together, agitation causing tension to build in her shoulders. Sprawled out across the plush red theater seats, Ash began the tedious process of deleting the messages, fingers flying over the touchscreen. Her guitar lay across her stomach as she waited for her stage time. Mike’s crooning voice currently filled the auditorium, his soothing melody causing her to relax slightly. Annoying as the mouse could be, only a pathological liar would claim he had no talent.

Ugh, I can’t do this everyday, she thought, watching as the messages flew into the trashcan icon with each tap. It’ll drive me crazy.

As irritating as the unwanted influx of texts from her ex-boyfriend were, she would have to tolerate them. She had contemplated blocking his number or getting a new one for herself. But she knew if Lance couldn’t access her by phone, he would start hanging around her apartment or, even worse, Moon Theater.

Ash had sent him a lengthy message stating she was through a week ago, which was when Lance first started to pester her. It was clear he was ignoring her, which wasn’t a surprise. He had always ignored her and it taken her far too long to realize it. Huffing out an annoyed breath, she hoped he would give up soon before she did something they would both regret.

Hey! April Laverne is a sorry excuse for a musician!”

“Who’s dissing my girl?” demanded Ash instantly, whipping her head to glare at the stage. Her heated defense of her favourite punk rocker fizzled out when she took in the concerned gazes of the others directed on her. “What?”

“Earth to Spikes,” drawled Mike. “You gonna take your turn or keep wastin’ our time?”

“We’ve been trying to get your attention,” said Rosita gently. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, fine.” Giving her head a sharp shake, Ash slung her guitar over her shoulder and got to her feet. She stuck her phone in the pocket of her skirt and climbed onto the stage, pausing to glower at Mike. “April is a creative genius.”

“Compared to you? Absolutely,” he returned with a smirk.

Rolling her eyes, she hooked up her guitar and began to play, fingers flying over the strings. The speakers behind her pulsed and the stage vibrated as the rhythm gained momentum. The comforting feel of her guitar and the beat of her music caused her to grin.

Noticing the teenager beginning to bob her head, Buster called out, “Heads up!”

“Aw, not again,” groaned Mike.

Ash began dancing around the stage, shaking her head wildly as she lost herself in her rock and roll melody. Quills flew in every direction, causing everyone to take cover to avoid getting struck by the pointy needles. Mike raced to the edge of the stage, where his girlfriend normally staked out to observe the performances. He grabbed her hand and they both jumped to the floor, Nancy giggling as they rushed to take cover behind the seats.

“I fail to see how the possibility of impalement is funny,” he muttered.

“Mr. Moon, I think we’re going to need the duck tape again,” spoke Meena, trying to hunker against the wall.

Buster raised his clipboard to intercept a couple of quills, glancing briefly at the new holes in some of the front row seats. “Most likely,” he agreed, hardly bothered.

Ash soon finished her number and she caught her breath, lowering her guitar so it slung against her side. “How was that?”

“Awesome,” declared Johnny, wrangling himself out from seat he had crouched behind.

“Awful,” countered Mike, grunting slightly when Nancy elbowed him in the side.

“That was great, hon,” said Rosita with a smile.

“You make, like, the greatest dance music,” said Gunter cheerfully.

“You’re so cool,” said Meena in awe.

Buster nodded. “Wonderful job, Ash.” As the porcupine swelled with happiness he made a few notes on his clipboard and declared, “You all did amazing today, guys. We’ll be ready for our next show in no time. Go home and get some rest.”

The group started to bustle around, bidding their goodbyes and grabbing their items. Ash slipped her guitar into her case and hefted it into her arms. Her contented glow from the praise of her friends (or, in Mike’s case, an insult that covered grudging respect) lasted the entire trip home. It immediately faded when she walked the last block to her apartment, where she spotted Lance sitting in front of the building.

She froze and backed away so that she was out of his line of sight. She pressed against the concrete siding of a convenience store, heart beating in her chest. It had been half a month since she had discovered Lance cheating on her, and a week of him attempting to get her to agree to meet face-to-face. There was no question that she was over him, but she certainly didn’t want to see him, at least not on his terms.

The orange-red light of the setting sun washing over her, Ash had an internal struggle. She could walk right past Lance without saying a word, but she knew that would never happen. He wouldn’t let her pass until he felt he had his say.

Screwing her eyes shut and clenching the handle of her guitar case in anger, she stormed down the sidewalk. As she retraced her steps to the train station, her mind whirled with possible places where she could spend the night.

“Good morning, Mr. Moon!”

“Gooood morning, Miss Crawly,” said Buster, swinging around in his chair to properly greet her. He accepted the mug of coffee she held out to him, a fond smile curling across his face when he discovered it half-empty.

“How do you think Ash would like her coffee?” Miss Crawly asked. “Or maybe she would prefer orange juice?”

Buster’s eyebrows knit together in confusion. “Pardon?”

“She’s sleeping in her rehearsal room,” informed Miss Crawly. “I thought she might like something to drink when she wakes.”

“Is she okay?” he asked worriedly, for this was an occurrence that had never happened before.

“She’s snoring, so I didn’t want to wake her up.”

“Let’s stick with orange juice,” spoke Buster hastily, hurriedly getting up and departing from his office.

He went down the stairs and immediately spotted Ash through the glass panes of the rehearsal spaces. She was splayed out across the hardwood floor, using her guitar case as a pillow. Buster was quick to get by her side, shaking her shoulder gently.

“Hey, Ash.”

With a groggy grumble the teenager opened her eyes. “Wassamatter?” she yawned, sitting up and rubbing at her face.

“Is everything alright?” asked Buster, eyeing the girl intently. “Did you spend the night here?”

Ash blinked for a moment, suddenly recalling where she was. Smoothing back her ruffled quills, she said quietly, “Sorry, I meant to leave early but I guess I slept in.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” said Buster quickly. “You’re always welcome here. Did something happen?”

Ash thought of Lance and fought back a grimace. “It’s all good, it’s just…something came up and I needed to crash here for a night.”

Not at all satisfied with her vague response, Buster crossed his arms over his chest. “Are you in any trouble?”

“No! Gosh, no.” Ash stood up, brushing out the wrinkles in her clothes. Seeing that she wasn’t doing a very good job of convincing Buster she wasn’t in any sort of serious situation, she let out a sigh of resignation. “It’s just Lance, okay? He keeps trying to get me to talk to him and he’s not taking no for an answer. He was waiting outside my apartment last night and I didn’t feel like having a conversation with him, so I came here.”

Buster’s lips sharpened into a frown. “Is he harassing you?”

“No, he’s just being stubborn and persistent.” Ash shrugged. “It’s frustrating, that’s all. I know I probably should just talk with him and get it over with.”

“You don’t owe him anything,” said Buster firmly. “He doesn’t have the right to force you into a conversation you’re not ready for.”

Ash stared in surprise for a moment before smiling sincerely. “Yeah. I know.”

“Good morning, Ash!” Miss Crawly shuffled into the room, holding a glass of orange juice and a granola bar. “Here you are.”

“Oh, thanks, you didn’t have to,” said Ash, touched. She accepted the breakfast items and squinted at the granola, which had a bite taken out of it.

Buster grinned. “That’s normal. You get used to it.”

“Hey, it’s still good.” Ash took a bite of the apple crumble granola. “Thank you, Miss Crawly.”

“Of course, dear.” She patted the teen’s arm affectionately and went to begin her tasks for the day.

“The others should arrive soon. You can get in some extra practice time on the stage, if you want,” offered Buster.

Ash shook her head. “I think I’m going to work on some lyrics.”

“I can’t wait to hear them,” he said. He paused and then added, “You will tell us if you need help speaking with Lance.”

It was more of an order than a question, and Ash felt the lingering shreds of stress over her life drama disappearing over his support and concern. “Yeah, I will. Thanks, Moon.”

“Anytime.” Buster gave her a warm smile before departing.

Ash dug out her notebook, her mood light and content, and started to craft another song as she waited for her friends to arrive.

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So this is slightly out of the realm of thrift store oddities but I felt the need to share. These are theater seats my boyfriend got for free on Craigslist and
they are now sitting in my apartment. They are super grungy and I cannot wait to clean and redo them. But how many people can say the have a row of theater seats in their tiny ass studio apartment?

The Casual Route Trio Finding MC in Real Life After They’ve Uninstalled the App


- One day Yoosung woke up and MC just wasn’t there - it was a weekend MC always slept in on weekends but maybe they’re up making breakfast - yeah…. that must be it.

- They weren’t making breakfast. 

- Suddenly he’s out the door and sprinting across town to Seven’s - he has to catch a bus along the way but all he does is pace as he waits for it- several strangers ask if he’s okay but he can’t answer because he knows all that will come out is a scream

- Before he knows what’s happening he’s outside Seven’s house swearing at the security camera until Seven comes out to save him before the security measures activate

- Seven has to break it to him. “You had to find out eventually, Yoosung. It was always a game. That doesn’t mean MC didn’t love you it’s just that…. they’re gone now.”

- “They’re not gone! They can’t be gone - we loved each other too much for that!” He slams his fist on the table and suddenly the world around him goes white and he hears a great pop! 

- The world around him slowly comes into focus and he finds himself at a University campus not unlike his own.

- He checks his watch - it’s lunch time. Before he can fully form the thought he’s running towards what he hopes is the student center. 

- And there’s MC staring at their phone, sitting alone in the corner of the campus cafe, looking bored. Their day just won’t be the same when they won’t be getting anymore messages from Yoosung - but they had to move on right? The game had them trapped in the after-ending forever, they couldn’t keep on that way….

- Yoosung’s vision is blurring - he can barely see them as he sneaks up and quietly slips into the seat in front of MC

- “Hey *sniff* have you eaten? Y-you’ve got to take good care of yourself o-or I’ll worry” - he can barely make it through the sentence for crying

- MC buys him a coffee and that turns into the first date of many to come


- Zen is just running up to center stage to take a bow after yet another successful performance - his eyes find MC in the crowd and he blows them the secret kiss that they share each performance.

- He bows and when he straightens to lock eyes on MC again, suddenly there’s no place for his eyes to fall on

- Did they have to slip out early? How did they get out of theater so fast - he didn’t see anyone making their way through the aisles?

- He heads back to the change room and changes faster than he’s ever before - he brushes off all congratulations and flowers and with each passing minute he’s walking faster - checking everywhere and anywhere in the theater for MC

- They’re gone - he knows the moment he remembers that stupid dream

- This was all just a game and he can’t believe that MC slipped through his fingers like that

- Only one thing knocks Zen out of his stupor - the flower! After every performance MC always gives him a flower. They wouldn’t have left without leaving one last one - he’s sure of it.

- He sprints back into the theater and finds MC’s seat and sure enough under the seat is a single red rose and a note saying “The game doesn’t let us go on. I want you to have a future Zen”

- He goes to sniff the rose. The gesture is surprisingly hard because he’s already sniffling out sobs. He closes his eyes for just a second but when he opens them - he’s a little disoriented

- Since when did his theater have red seats?

- “Zen? Is that really you?” They’d been practicing a soliloquy for an upcoming production of their own.

- He turns around to see MC on stage - not his stage but their stage

- He’s glad MC’s close to the stairs because he’s hopping up them three at a time

- “Parting is not sweet sorrow, MC! I couldn’t say goodbye to you!” he pulls them into his chest - refusing to let go.

- When Zen finally lets go, he catches a glimpse of their script. MC had been an actor all this time? Is it really possible that Zen could fall for them more? Well he certainly did!


- MC had promised to meet her at the apartment after work - Jaehee had to stay to clean up a few extra things at the cafe - but why weren’t they there?

- They hadn’t left a note or sent a text and they weren’t picking up their phone. Jaehee even checks the chatroom and there’s nothing

- Jaehee contacts Seven calling persistently until he reluctantly picks up

- “Seven! MC’s missing - could someone be after them again - or” - she’s hyperventilating. She looks around the apartment at Seven’s request - there’s no signs of a struggle, nothing strange happening with their computer.

- It’s just like they … disappeared

- “Jaehee, I’m so sorry you had to find out this way…”

- Seven better get that pity out of his voice and start thinking of solutions or Jaehee is going to voluntell him to be her new judo sparing partner

- But then he keeps talking - what MC and her had… was a game? all this time? She hangs up before responding.

- She sinks to the floor of their apartment, clutching the key she gave MC and just sobs. She can’t stand to look around her at all the little memories of MC that’ve accumulated around the apartment but her legs don’t have the strength to carry her out the door. 

- But when she opens her eyes she’s not at the apartment anymore. All around her is … a park?

- MC’s sipping a coffee on a park bench and scrunching up their nose. Jaehee definitely could have made coffee better than this - they think. Not that they’d ever get to have it again. But uninstalling the app was the right thing to do… Jaehee’s business and dreams could keep growing now, right? Now that the game wasn’t constricting her?

- Jaehee throws decorum out the window and runs towards MC, shamelessly throwing her arms around them

- “I’m never letting you go again, MC! You’re my partner, did you know how scared I was when I lost you?”

- MC refuses to take Jaehee to their usual cafe because it pales into comparison to her own - However, that ice cream place next door is a fine substitute for their second first date.

The 24 juniors and seniors in the astronomy class at Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Va., sink into plush red theater seats. They’re in a big half-circle around what looks like a giant telescope with a globe on the end. Their teacher, Lee Ann Hennig, stands at a wooden control panel which, appropriately, has enough buttons and dials to launch a rocket.

Above this whole room is a large white dome. It’s lit up right now — like daytime — but with the turn of a dial, Hennig makes the sun set. As the light fades, stars appear. Just a few at first, and then all of a sudden it’s like a night sky, way out in the country.

Each little star — thousands of them — shining through a pinhole plotted carefully on that globe in the center of the room.

“It’s like the sky meeting a movie theatre,” says 17-year-old Sahaj Sharda, a senior in Hennig’s advanced astronomy class. “When you first sit down and the lights turn off and you just look up, it seems so realistic.”

A Galaxy Far, Far Away — Right There On The Ceiling

Photo: Elissa Nadworny/NPR

Pharrell Williams’ $16.8 million Miami Penthouse

Pharrell Williams’ 9,000-square-foot penthouse duplex in Miami, Florida, is listed for sale for $16.8 million. The self-entitled Kidult (yep you guessed right, this is the result of merging “kid” and “adult”) described his home as a reverse fishbowl, one that allows him to see everything happening outside, without him being observed.

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