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Great Britain: The Phone Box - Braughing, Oxford, Braemar, Standon, Prestbury, Great Malvern, Montacute, Much Hadham, Snowshill, London/Kingston

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Lending Library in Rotherwick, Hampshire, England.

For many towns and villages, the red phone box is part of the community’s history and identity. They are landmarks and an important part of the scenery and character of the village; a symbol of British culture since the 1920s.

Many communities lobbied BT (British Telecommunications plc) for the right to retain red phone boxes because of their historical and visual appeal. In order to save the telephone boxes which would otherwise be removed and demolished, BT launched a programme called ‘Adopt a kiosk’ in 2009. The programme allowed local communities and parish councils to adopt decommissioned telephone boxes in their areas for as low as £1 and turn them into something else.

Photo: Malinki Malinki


“Here we are,” said Mr Weasley brightly, pointing at an old red telephone box, which was missing several panes of glass and stood before a heavily graffitied wall. “After you, Harry.”