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For some convoluted reason, everyone suddenly starts involuntarily bursting into song “Buffy: Once More with Feeling"-style.

Everyone in the crew has their own musical number revolving around their current thoughts and issues. Donut takes care of belting out the opening number, since he has such great range. Sarge sings about building robots with Lopez. Simmons sings about his dreams and ambitions.

Grif can feel it coming but has no power to stop it and starts singing a soulful love ballad to Simmons.

Simmons malfunctions.

Family photo! I just really love dad spy, I live for this. 
* ¡foto de familia, me encanta papá Espía, vivo para esto! 
Update: I removed the words “Naughty and Nice” since it just looked weird. 

Someone stop me from drawing a million pictures of Spy and Scout. I know its not Christmas but its never a bad time for a naughty and nice sweater!

This is some devilpool|MattxWade with a spiderman tsum tsum (because coff coff red team coff coff). I wanted to draw something, this was suggested and in the end I decided to give this uglyness to @holmesazetaz because they wanted it. I love you, dude. 

Playing Games - Part 1 - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski / Reader
Words: 1,943
A/N: Okay so there was a picture that inspired this and then I got an anon about it so idk I thought it was a good idea. Possible part 2 if you’re interested.

Part 2 Here

Scott McCall was a bastard. That’s all you could think as you climbed out of the backseat of the jeep. He was on one of his “pack togetherness” kicks and was forcing you to do group activities. Which was fine, you liked hanging out with everyone, but you were dreading this particular outing. You were going to play laser tag, which you were sure was going to be fun and all, but you weren’t very good at it. You were klutzy on a good day, and you just pictured yourself sprawled on the carpet while Malia stood above you shooting you over and over and racking up points. You honestly felt bad for whoever’s team you got stuck on.

“It’ll be fine, Y/N.” Scott said, patting you on the shoulder when he caught the sour look on your face.

“Tell that to the bruises I’ll have tomorrow.” You dead panned, following him into the sports complex.

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 "I should’ve been there for you Caboose. Because…that’s what friends do for each other.“

"Captain Caboose is not your friend. He is your commanding-”

“Uh, no…we’re all friends here Freckles. And, y'know.”

“That’s right.”

odds-evens  asked:

Shippy, eh? Do you ship Dr. Grey/Sarge? I'd love to see more of them in this world.

I think Dr emily grey I think would make a good mom for Red team. lord knows Sarge is in over his head with his Boys.. 


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