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I was hoping to draw something for all the ask blogs, y’all keep popping up out of nowhere! I can’t keep up! Guess I’ll have to start on part two

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‘April is the cruellest month’ ~ T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land 

Reading poetry in spectacularly pretty Cambridge coffee shops has to have been one my favourite things to do during this Easter break. I first experienced The Waste Land when I was invited to a study day at Oxford University at the age of 16, and each time I read it the memories from this day flood back to me. I also always find something new in Eliot’s poetry each time I read it, it always keeps me interested, so I’m actually looking forward to revising his work for my Modern Paper exam this summer. 

- Sarah 


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Red Dragon, chapter 15:

- Did the girl die?
- No.
- She got all right?
- After a while, yes. She’s all right now.

I'm leaving Tumblr

Hello everyone! As I said in the title I’m going to leave Tumblr forever and I know this is a bit weird but it’s not because my family forced it if it’s not that I really don’t want to be here anymore. What I mean is that all this of Chamomile is not me is a character and I can’t always act like him and so I decided to be more in my own life than on the internet

Many thanks to all who supported me!

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Something else I will not leave Tumblr forever when I want to return (that will be very soon) I will return as a rookie artist, now goodbye!