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Earth Girls Are Easy (Part 1/?) (Thor/Loki x reader)

Requests: @thewalkingmombie Could you do a one shot or a story with a few parts with thor or even loki where they fall for a single mom from earth?  

Can I get a request where reader is a ballerina and Thor likes to watch her dance. Fluffy pls. Thank you!

Can you write a oneshot where you’re Natasha’s little sister and when Loki comes to visit you’re forced to babysit him and the two of you fall in love and you keep it a secret?

“You’ve been staring at her for hours, my friend,” Heimdall smirked, his golden eyes sparkling with the glowing image of you that played before him.  “Why do you not go to her if this is giving you so much uneasiness? You love her, correct?”

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Title: This Brilliant Darkness
Author: Red Tash
Page Count: 316
Synopsis: When an ancient, troubled entity identifies quirky Christine Grace as his latest threat, all hell breaks loose in the urban forest of Indiana University’s Dunn Woods. Will Christine piece together his destructive plan in time to save herself? And what exactly is going on with this peculiar star, Stella Mirabilis? This fast-paced story moves quickly from character to character, through the headspace of not just Christine and the monster Greachin, but also to Tom, her devoted boyfriend, and Richard, an aging physicist interested in the time-traveling star overhead, and others. Along the way, singing street people, cosplaying environmental activists, and heaven-sent beings come to populate the unique cityscape of Bloomington, IN, where encountering the bizarre is an everyday experience. Book one of a series. Not intended for children.

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anonymous asked:

hi i dont know if you take prompts but if you do could you do dyslexic Nat who is all embarrassed when the team finds out and Clint helps or something just cute Clintasha please! (ps i love your writing!)

Widow, I need those instructions now!

Natasha’s throat is dry and her palms are sweating. She stares hard at the screen, but the letters keep shifting around, wavering and wobbling and changing places. Dammit, she needs to figure it out, but all of her usual techniques take too much time.


“I can’t do it!” she finally barks. “Someone else needs to— Someone needs to come to my position!”

Aye, flying in,” Thor replies.

Are you injured?” Cap asks, concern leeching into his professional tone. Natasha feels sick with shame. He’s got less than a minute before his position is compromised and he’s worried about her.

“No,” she forces herself to reply because she will not blame her weakness on a lie. This proves she can’t keep her secret anymore without compromising her teammates. She values them too much to do that.

Thor bursts through the door, his hammer at the ready. When he sees that she’s alone, his expression turns confused, but he doesn’t ask. “Here, Thor,” she says, pointing at the monitor at her side. She shifts out of the way as he moves to bend over it.

She bites the inside of her cheek, eyes sparking with heat, as he reads out the instructions on the display effortlessly.

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