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It is my birthday today and if I want to post new fanart of Tokyo Babylon in Year of Our Luigi 2016, I will do so.  Hokutou Sumeragi died for our sins ;…;  I really like her alive self perched on top of my url though.

Happy Valentine’s day and happy the Gorgonist’s Birthday everyone.  Eye love you all. <333  Sorry not sorry.  You can even get a print of this if you are sad like me.

Baby, Baby | Baby Driver One Shot (Smut)

Requested: Yes! By @prettiestmoonlight
Hope you like it!

Rating: R - this is smut kids, fingering, riding and kinda dirty talk

Summary: Baby watches you dance all night and can’t help going up to you to see if your attraction is mutual. The attraction is definitely mutual. (Or the one where you and Baby fuck in the backseat of his car).

The two of you had been watching each other all night. Ever since Baby walked into the club, you were the only thing he could concentrate on.

He didn’t care when he spilled the drink he’d just bought for himself because he was watching you dance, and he certainly didn’t notice any of the other people in the club watching him, some with friendly and not-so-friendly intentions.

For the first time, Baby took out his earbuds, knowing that the club music wouldn’t be loud enough to drown out the “hum in his drum” as Doc liked to call it.

He didn’t care because he was so focused on you that he barely heard the ringing noise that constantly plagued his life.

He could care less about bumping into other people in the crowded club and tripping slightly over his own feet.
All he cared about for the moment was you. You in that dress. Damn, Baby could only think about how your skin would feel, how soft your hair looked how that dress would only- could only look better on the mats of his red Subaru.
Finally, he was right behind you. You were with a group of friends they bunch of you had had a good night throwing back shots and whirling around the dance floor under the flashing lights of the club, times to music so loud everything shook slightly.

Baby rolled his shoulders back to make it seem like his posture was better, he wanted to impress you. He could tell that your friends had spotted him, but since your back was turned to him, you would be the last one to notice. Your friends had already began excitedly whispering to eachother on the prospects of this good looking stranger when Baby tapped on your shoulder.

You quickly turned around, ready to defend yourself from some old, creepy man or maybe you’d lost something and hadn’t noticed and somebody was hear to return it?

Neither of those were the case, this was made pretty clear the moment your eyes saw him up close. It was no secret that you’d been checking him out all night, and while you felt a little creepy about stealing glances not so subtly all evening, clearly your dedication had paid off. Here was your slightly mysterious beau standing in front of you. The room reeked of sweat and alcohol, as couples danced together on the hard floor to the beat or the music, played out, beat to death pop music that was perfect for the setting.

His earbuds were out of his ears, dangling from his pocket now. They were one of the first things you noticed about him, how he had to be the only one who went to the club and brought their own music.

“Hi,” he smiled down at her, his mouth lopsided, showing his teeth. He was trying to seem cool and nonchalant about talking to the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen, who managed to be even more gorgeous up close.

“Hi,” she didn’t know what else to say back. She wanted to come across as cool, witty and charming but it was hard to portray all of that in one salutation. You matched his smile, waiting to see what he wanted of you after staring all evening. “Wanna dance?” He offered a hand to you, still smiling with a hopeful expression on his face.
You could hear your friends whooping and cheering you on no more than a few inches behind you- but you were so focused on this extremely attractive man that their noise felt miles away.

You nodded, trying to seem confident as you laced your fingers with his, following him out into the middle of the floor. He found a spot the two of you could fit comfortably in and pulled you close suddenly, you gasped slightly as your chests came together, your hand pressing on his, his hand on your waist. He took the opportunity to speak to you, he leaned close to your ear so you could understand him over the music.

“Hi, ” he paused, “again.” He laughed at his slight blunder before continuing to talk. “I’m Baby, and I’m not much of a dancer but I do my best.” He pulled away to smile at you, taking in the sight of you. He was cute. You draped an arm over his shoulders, bringing his face close to yours once again, your fingertips playing with the hairs on the nape of his neck.

“Your names Baby?” You waited for him to nod before continuing. “I’m YN, I’m not an amazing dancer either so don’t worry- we’ll be pretty evenly matched.” You giggled, so glad you’d had a shot or two, (or five) and now had much more confidence than usual.

Baby shook his head, keeping his head close to yours. “Well, YN, I didn’t know you were a liar?”
You looked at him, confused as to where this could be going. “I’ve seen you dance all night and trust me, you are definitely an amazing dancer.” He squeezed your hand gently and leaned back up, smirking at you. You could feel your face beating up. “Can ya dance for me, darlin’?”

You leaned up on your tippy toes so your lips brushed his ear. “Anything you want, Baby.” You took a second to gauge his reaction. His eyes had dilated, you could tell even in the darkness of the club. You took this as a sign to start dancing. You turned so your back was flush with Baby’s chest, pulling his hand that was still intertwined with yours to a place on your hip, dangerously low.

Neither of you were interested in keeping your intentions a secret any longer now that it was clear you were both after the same thing.

Baby rubbed circles into your hip as you swayed your body to the song like you were before, adjusting your moves to accommodate Baby’s position in relation to you.

After a few songs, Baby took control, pulling your hips as close to his own as possible. You could feel his pants through your dress, more specifically, you could feel his bulge through your dress.

“Want to take this elsewhere?” Baby’s lips punctuated his question with a kiss on the shell of your ear, blowing on it slightly to give you chills, his hands roaming everywhere they could without the two of you being seen as obscene.

You nodded with a whimper, grabbing his hand and intertwining your hands again.

Baby led you towards the back door after making sure you had all of your belongings, he held the door open for you and as you passed, your hand found its way quickly and effectively to his bulge. This time it was Baby’s turn to whimper. His eyes were darker now than before, clutching your hand tightly he led you to a red Subaru.

“You’re bad, darlin’,” he murmured into your ear, swatting at your ass as you climbed into the passenger seat. “Only for you, Baby,” you smiled up at him as he gently closed the door for you, quickly settling himself in the drivers seat.

Before he could even put the key in the ignition, you were back on him, lips biting and kissing at his neck, hand palming his jeans that were only growing tighter.

He looked over at you from across the console, hand caressing your neck and jaw before drawing you into the hottest kiss you’d ever had.

Once you pulled away, both of your lips were swollen and you found yourself rubbing your hips together for friction, an ache settling between your legs. “Your place okay? Baby asked, still catching his breath, noticing the way your legs were moving.
You were done trying to play it cool.
"Baby- it hurts, I need you so bad that it hurts just,” you were almost panting, “take me here,” you said breathily, glancing at his clean back seat.
“Anything you want, YN,” he repeated your words with a smirk before pushing your dress up around your waist, pushing your underwear to the side and teasing your slit with his finger. “So wet, who did this to ya, darlin’?” He teased. You whimpered out a “you, it’s all for you,” as you bucked your hips. He took this as a sign to slip in a finger, pumping it slow and deep before adding another. You whimpered out his name and he smirked. “What do you want, darlin’?”

“You, Baby,” you opened your door after pulling down your skirt and hopped into the backseat, slamming the door behind you. Baby slid the drivers seat up and sat behind it, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down to his ankles and kicking them off as you sat next to him, peeling off your dress, soon the two of you were left in only your underwear, you straddling his lap. You watched impatiently as he rolled on a condom.

“You gonna be good for me and ride me?” He questioned and you nodded, lowering yourself onto him. You started out slow, head falling to rest on his shoulder as you adjusted to his size.

Baby waited patiently for you to move before lifting his hips to meet yours, both of you chasing release.
“Scream my name, YN, yell it so goddamn loud everyone in there can hear it,” he panted, thrusting up into you. Before you had a chance he hit a spot that sent you reeling, crying out “oh, God,”
Baby smirked, both hands on your hips, “close, but not quite, YN,” he kissed you again and rubbed your clit with his thumb. It only took a few more thrusts for you to finish, with a loud “Baby!” That was all it took for him to finish, thrusting slowly a few times as the two of you came down from your high.
“Damm, please tell me we’ll be doing that again, YN.” He said, kissing your cheek as you sat down on the seat next to him. “You can count on it, Baby.”