red stars lovely lips

Making out with Michael would be very passionate and rough but also very loving, he’d first press you up against a wall with his lips colliding against yours, your teeth hitting against each other for a moment while his hands find a place on your waist and your hands tugging at his hair. He’d bite at your bottom lip before moving his lips against yours again. There would be lots of heavy breathing and panting, occasional nose bumping with a giggle and it might sound gross but lots of saliva combined from the two of you. It’s perfectly imperfect and as it simmers down, you’re both softly pecking at each other’s lips, delicate little kisses as he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. His hand cups your jaw while he runs a thumb over your cheek, your hands running along his chest, you leaning into his gentle kiss before he leans his forehead against yours with his sparkling green eyes giving all of their attention to you as if you were his world and stars. He’d smile, lips swollen and red, just the way you loved to see them, his breath fanning over your face smelling of mint. His hair would be messy from your fingers running through it and the taste of alcohol from his lips would linger on your tongue. You’d stand there together silently just drinking each other in as your eyes twinkled and his smile left you breathless. And he swore that he would spend the rest of his life with you.