red stare head


minghao and eunwoo moments for anon and myself

Kakyoin walks into his living room, tossing his car keys onto the couch. He drops his bag at the end table and slowly steps out of his shoes.

Then quietly, he walks to the open area of the living room and gently lays on the floor. Rolling onto his back, the red head stares at nothing for a solid five minutes.

His motivation is drained. There is nothing he wants to do that sounds good. He’s tired of music. He’s tired of food. He’s tired of working. His blog feed is really inactive at the times he’s available, so he just lays there.

Everyday. It’s the same cycle. Kakyoin really just needs a pick-me-up. Time off. Someone to hang out with. And the worst part is, this is happening within his own mind, because that asshole DIO stuck another nasty fleshbud in his head. He literally can’t do anything.