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wackosayshello  asked:

Please imagine after the events of Beyond engineering (being Scotty and Jaylah initially) playing 'classical' music whenever they're basically dicking around waiting to get somewhere/they aren't on a mission and it quickly turning into a 'how hard can we air guitar/headbang/scream along until the bridge tells us to pipe the fuck down' competition

Imagine Scotty and Jaylah buying a whole bunch of shitty, hand-me-down instruments and storing them all in engineering. 

They try to start their own band.

They’re awful.

Jim is losing it.
Community Post: Which NWSL Team Should You Support?
StrongHER. FastHER. FurtHER.
By yooitskristina

Hey NWSL Fans! I made this snazzy quiz for Community on BuzzFeed! 
Check it out and let me know your results! I take great pride in the descriptions for each team when you find out your results haha :)