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Fresh Air Weekend movie critic Justin Chang reviews Mistress America, directed by Noah Baumbach:

“Greta Gerwig plays a 30-year-old Manhattanite named Brooke, whom we first see descending the red stairs of the TKTS booth in Times Square, extending her arms like a Broadway chorus girl. It’s a perfect entrance for a woman who fully earns the loopy grandeur of the movie’s title. Chattering a mile a minute, like a millennial Katharine Hepburn, Brooke is a poster child for self-invention. A freelance interior decorator, SoulCycle instructor, social-media expert and budding restaurateur, she projects so much breezy self-assurance and worldly ambition, you might not immediately pick up on her underlying vulnerability.”

Atop the TKTS Booth

New York, USA; May 2014


Photo by Danger In Design [Erica & Elly Ang]

Follow My Voice - Chapter 4

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Chris doesn’t realize he does it, but he walks aimlessly downtown for nearly an hour.  Once he figures out where he is, he makes a left, left, right and then he’s standing in Battery Park, allowing memories of the past flood his brain.  He smiles to himself, brushes a single tear off his cheek.

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