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Noel is on his way to Wimbledon, so let’s take a look at some of his previous Wimbledon looks…



We have to consider who Charlotte really is. Based on 6x10, we are led to believe that she is Charlotte was sort of a victim. But I’m not sure how true that is. I think Charlotte was always like was revealed, Mary’s daughter. She always knew that she was Mary’s daughter, despite her mother not knowing herself. Her plan was to destroy Jessica’s family like she destroyed Charlotte’s family by sleeping with Charlotte’s father, making her mother end up in Radley, and putting her in Radley as well.

Remember when Jessica was furious when Charlotte and Alison pulled a stunt where Charlotte pretended to be Alison? Charlotte was out of the hospital by then and new nurses were there. That’s why nurses didn’t recognize Charlotte. She was able to trick the nurses there into thinking she was Alison Dilaurentis. The reason why Jessica lost it upon getting that call was that she was afraid that Alison would discover the truth…that Jessica had another daughter, Bethany who hated both her and her cousin Charlotte who Alison thought was CeCe.

The person who hit Alison was Charlotte like she said and she did want to kill Bethany. And she accidentally killed Alison who she actually considered a friend. So the whole story about her accidentally hitting Alison and Jessica’s reaction was true. Wilden never came to pick up Charlotte and take her back to Radley. But he did pick her up after she called him and told him what happened.

Charlotte was always Red Coat and Big A. She didn’t visit Mona in a red bath robe because she wasn’t in Radley anymore. Charlotte visited Mona in a Red Coat to talk about her taking over the A-Game.

She has worn the Red Coat in more than one occasion and even wears a Black Hoodie under it. In 4x11, she was on the phone telling someone she wouldn’t go back to Rosewood. In that moment, she had on the hoodie. And in 4x12, she sports the red coat. She was both BIG A and RED COAT.

Charlotte got her funds to build the dollhouse from Wren and another British Doctor. Plus, Charlotte was still in contact with Jessica so she could get money from her as well. (HINT: The Jacket that was on Alison’s Bed is also the one CeCe wore)


Bethany had anger problems, inherited by her father, SCOTT MONTGOMERY. Bethany and Charlotte got into a fight fighting over dolls and Marion tried to break it up. Charlotte got angry at them both and pushed Marion off the roof.

We were led to believe that Bethany was the evil one and blamed Charlotte for pushing MARION CAVANAUGH. But I think it was the latter. Bethany was the one blamed for pushing Mary. Think about it. If Charlotte really was blamed for Mary’s death, they most likely would’ve never let her out or would’ve taken her to prison. That’s why I believe Bethany was the one blamed because she was the one who stayed locked up there. The only person who could allow her out was Jessica Dilaurentis, who claimed to be her Aunt and who wanted her to call her Aunt Jessie. But that wouldn’t add up if Charlotte was the one Jessica wanted her to call Aunt Jessie, since she really is Charlotte’s aunt.

In the Radley files, it was revealed that Jessica was having an affair with Bethany’s father. From what Mary has told us, Jessica got EVERYTHING that Mary wanted. So it’s very possible that Jessica was really Bethany’s mother. Jessica led Bethany to believe that Mary was her mother and that she was evil, which is why Jessica was taking care of her.

Remember the yellow dress that we were led to believe was for Alison AND Charlotte? It was not. It was always for BETHANY. Bethany never knew that Jessica had another family on the side…until Charlotte told her the truth because she hated Bethany.

And because of Charlotte telling her the truth, including that Jessica was sleeping with her father, Bethany found out that she was really Jessica’s daughter, which led to “The Bucket Incident”. During “The Bucket Incident”, she lost it and was furious that Jessica wanted her to call her Aunt Jessie when she was really her mother. She couldn’t believe that all this time, she was tricked into believing that her mother, Mary Drake, was evil and “Aunt Jessie” was the nice one when it’s really vice versa. This is why Bethany drew Jessica as a demon and liar in her sketchbooks.

Since Bethany found out that Jessica had lied to her the whole time, she hated her and Mary’s real daughter, Charlotte, for tricking her and lying to her the whole time.

One thing that Charlotte and Bethany had in common though: Charlotte’s brother and Bethany’s Boyfriend, WREN KINGSTON. Even though Bethany didn’t Wren and Charlotte were brother and sister.


Wren was dating Bethany Young and Charlotte Drake was his sister. But his real name is Aaron Drake, but we’ll go by Wren right now.

Everything started at Radley and he also worked in Radley. A BIG hint that Wren and Charles are working together was shown to us.

Wren has a phone conversation in 4x10 where he says “ Hi. We have a problem. I’ll take care of my end, you take care of yours.” Later in the same episode, he is on the phone with someone telling them that he is shocked by Veronica’s coercing with Mona. He says that it goes to show you can’t trust anyone. After this episode, there have only been mentionings of him. The person he is talking to is Charlotte. The reason we don’t see Wren again is because he is building the dollhouse along with Charlotte’s lover.

In 4x11, the very next episode, Charlotte has a phone conversation where she says "Where are you? I’m not waiting here forever. And I’m sure as hell not going back to Rosewood.”

While Charlotte wanted to see Alison as well, Wren wanted Charlotte to lure the Liars to Alison for him while Wren is to manipulate Veronica into threatening Mona. Charlotte was the anonymous caller that told on Veronica

In the next episode, Charlotte is discovered to be Red Coat by the Liars and she disappears for a while until the season 4 finale “A is for Answers”. It is revealed she has been arrested for Wilden’s murder. This is also when it is explained that Charlotte knows that Alison is alive and knows who killed the girl in Alison’s grave because she herself killed the girl in Alison’s grave, Bethany Young.

Wilden and Charlotte’s Relationship

The two were dating, which is why there is a picture of Charlotte with Wilden. The two were so close and corrupt that they hid each other’s actions. The picture also brings up another person that was claimed to be in the picture…Melissa.

Melissa’s Role

Whenever someone mentions Alison, Melissa is disgusted and seems to never have liked Alison at all. This is why I don’t think she was the one who took the picture with Charlotte, Alison, and Wilden. It was actually Ian.

This is why Melissa was so distrusting of Alison and wanted her gone. She found out about Ian’s affair with Alison and found the picture, along with other incriminating evidence that proves Ian was dating Alison.

Jason claimed he saw Charlotte talking to Melissa on “That Night’ but Charlotte has said that it wasn’t her. But is that true?

It wasn’t. Charlotte and Melissa were really conversing and it wasn’t Melissa that wanted to know something. It was Charlotte. Charlotte wanted to know where Ian was. She wanted to warn him about Alison wanting to expose the NAT videos he was making.

Charlotte had to cover this up or she would have to explain that she wanted to tell Ian before Alison wanted to blackmail him.

Note the outfit Jason saw Charlotte was wearing was different from the outfit Jessica bought for Alison and allegedly for Charlotte.

But Melissa wouldn’t go so far as to kill Alison. She told the truth that she buried Bethany believing it was Alison.

When she found out that it was Bethany, she had to get out of town. Where did she go?

London with Wren

We all know that Wren has so much evidence connecting him to being A.D. or Uber A.

Why did Wilden Help Charlotte Get Away with Murder?

He didn’t even know it was Alison. He thought that she just got in a fight with her Aunt. He never figured out that it was her who did it…until he found out that Alison was still alive.

The reasonThe second person to escape was Bethany, who was wearing the yellow shirt. She went to target Charlotte. And Mona targeted Alison, but discovered she hit someone else, Bethany.

Who was Bethany’s father?

Scott Montgomery.

We all know that Scott was mentally ill and was never shown to us. But it’s possible that he took his own life sometime after impregnating Mary.


Mona was driving in Rosewood. Alison was walking after leaving Mrs. Grunwald and ended up being seen by Mona who picked her up to help her. We all wonder why she did this but after the finale it can be understood clearly.

She not only wanted to get rid of Alison but was also guilty about hitting another girl thinking she was Alison. So she did this as a way of making herself feel better.

Before Mona ran into Alison, she saw a blonde walking in the Dilaurentis yard. Thinking the other girl was Alison, she hit her with the shovel. But it wasn’t Alison she hit, it was Bethany.

After Mona ran away, around the same time, Melissa stumbled out of the bushes thinking Sara would still be nearby and found another blonde on the ground with Spencer walking away with a shovel. We know that Melissa assumed the girl was Alison and she buried her. But later learned that it wasn’t Alison, it was Bethany.


I think Sara had got hospitalized after getting tired of her parents and trying to attack them. In Radley, she had met Bethany young.

Sara and Bethany were best friends and Sara was always there for Bethany and vice versa. The two related to each other due to their family problems. Sara and her abusive and drunken parents. And Bethany with Jessica Dilaurentis and Charlotte Drake.

I think Charlotte found Sara Harvey and kidnapped her. She took her to Aunt Carol’s house and held her hostage. Between S1 and S2, Wren and Charlotte got back into contact and she watched over Sara while Wren went out and started building his dollhouse. This allowed time for Sara to grow an unusual bond with Charlotte which causes her to have Stockholm Syndrome.


The Lodge fire was set up by Shana, Melissa, and Jenna who were tricked by Charlotte to lure Alison out into the open. But Melissa had a different plan than Jenna and Shana. Thanks to Wilden’s investigation on Charlotte, Melissa found out that Charlotte and Alison would be there. She wanted to protect the Liars from them since she thought the three were after the Liars. Charlotte piloted the plane and sent Sara as a Red Coat as well. The plan was for Charlotte to finally be reunited with her old friend/cousin but the plan went awry when Shana and Jenna set the lodge on fire. After the fire, Jenna and Shana killed Wilden for giving out information to Melissa and messing their plan up.


They were cousins by Byron’s brother, Scott Montgomery. The Montgomery family used to visit Bethany a lot at Radley. This is why Eddie Lamb told Aria he thought he knew her. The Montgomery family stopped visiting when the kids got older.


Mary had twin girls, one was Spencer and the other was an identical twin sister.


Hanna and Alison are fraternal twin sisters or just sisters. Their mother is Jessica Dilaurentis. Due to Jessica’s infidelity, she had to give up one and pretend that she only had Alison.

But who was behind the scenes of these whole situations? None other than Wren Kingston.


We now know that he played Alison and was really dating Charlotte during the five year time jump. He, along with Charlotte and Jenna, were focused on getting back into the A game.

He stole Alison’s part of the Carissimi share, but I think that was both for him and Charlotte. He was just finishing up what he and Charlotte wanted. Along with that, he was trying to figure out who killed Charlotte as well and he thought it was Alison.

But who was it really? A certain British Doctor?


Ezra was dating Alison, but when she was killed, he decided to investigate her death for a book. He found her friends and decided to date one of them to receive information for his book. We know he ended up falling in love.

BUT that doesn’t mean he stopped his “A”-like actions. Once him and Aria broke up, he started back up his stalking skills. And did he really ever stop?

Let’s fast-forward to his “MISSING” Girlfriend…

Nicole was missing AND she was in the Dollhouse.

Nicole was Ezra’s girlfriend over the five year time jump. She went missing while in she was in Columbia for Habitat for Humanity. Ezra claimed that he left South Africa before she went missing because he was sick. But I think something else was going on.

Knowing Ezra, he searched for her everywhere but couldn’t find her. But this is the same Ezra that stalked five teenage girls for two years and knew more about them than they even did. He chose to date a teenage girl who was friends with his main character in his book. He went above and beyond to find Alison and discover who A was for his book. His theory was that Jessica was A, but when Season 5 started, he claimed it was Shana. But I really think he knew who was really Big A…Charlotte. But he decided not to tell because she was his friend. Yes, Ezra and Charlotte were friends.

Charlotte had to know about Ezra because of how close-knit her and Alison were and the fact that Alison met Ezra at a party that Charlotte was at too. I think that Ezra and Charlotte became friends while he was with Alison.

More coming soon…