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Assorted Spells to Protect Domestic Animals From Malevolent Magic

  • Build your barn near birch trees
  • If the barn is already standing, transplant birch trees nearby
  • Adorn the birch trees, or other nearby trees, with red and white ribbons
  • Surround the barn with lilies and primroses. (Maintain them, replacing as needed.)
  • Bury a hatchet, sharp side up, under the barn’s threshold, so that the animals must walk over it as they enter and depart
  • Horseshoes protect animals as well as humans.
  • Post them over the barn door. The Hungarian method is to draw a horseshoe over the barn door using black chalk
  • Keep a piece of real silver in a dish or bucket of water, out of reach of the animals. This may be a small charm or a real silver coin. Once a week, sprinkle the animals with this water, then replace with fresh water
  • Sprinkle the animals with Rose of Jericho Water once a week

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)


🌹Emoji spell to increase self love & promote self care.🌹

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if you caught him red handed eating cake, he’’ll probably just squint at you and keep eating ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ aaaa also little birthday doodle for myself// toots confetti 

baron samedi · loa of the dead 

He is the head of the Guédé family of Loa, or an aspect of them, or possibly their spiritual father. “Samedi” means “Saturday” in French. His wife is the Loa Maman Brigitte. He is usually depicted with a top hat, black tuxedo (dinner-jacket), dark glasses, and cotton plugs in the nostrils, as if to resemble a corpse dressed and prepared for burial in the Haitian style. He has a white, frequently skull-like face (or actually has a skull for a face), and speaks in a nasal voice. He is noted for disruption, obscenity, debauchery, and having a particular fondness for tobacco and rum. Additionally, he is the Loa of resurrection, and in the latter capacity he is often called upon for healing by those near or approaching death, as it is only Baron who can accept an individual into the realm of the dead. 

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❤️RED: Passion, strength, fertility, courage, war, fire, conflict, competition
🍁ORANGE: Creativity, intellectual matters, joy, success, ambition, action, celebration
💫YELLOW: Happiness, pleasure, memory, imagination, solar magick, air, charm, travel
☘️GREEN: Money, healing, luck, acceptance, weather, prosperity, harmony, ecology
🌊LIGHT BLUE: Spirituality, awareness, tranquility, protection, devotion, softer magick, meditation
🦋DARK BLUE: Infinity, wisdom, logic, communication, patience, astral projection, truth
🔮PURPLE: Psychic, stopping gossip, divination, overcoming depression, intuition, insight, clarity, spirits
🌸PINK: Perfection, blessings, alignment, love, friendship, femininity, maturity, protection of children
💭WHITE: Purity, potential, innocence, light, truth, balancing the aura, eliminating doubt, healing
🎱BLACK: Grounding, safety, unhexing, banishing negativity, shapeshifting, defense, pride, time and space

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Poudretteite or Red Beryl ;o)

Poudretteite’s are overseers for construction projects on homeworld, making sure they are finished effectively and perfectly. They are typically perfectionists. They aren’t made for battle, but instead for higher-thinking and planning.

Red Beryls are very rare, and are more hearty than Quartz’. They are passionate about serving the Diamonds and fighting. They typically use brawn over brains in battle, are compulsive, but have great intuition. They are very loyal until the end, and it is hard to shake their resolve. They also are very affectionate, and are quick to make friends. They are fearless, enthusiastic, and are kind, but also know when and where is the right time to show their soft side. If you have a Red Beryl on your side, you’re sure to win !

please dont ask for more gems i have enough already !!

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I keep drawing Sorey talking to Mikleo about ‘Sappy Love Poetry’ and I eventually just came up with this. 

I also wanted an excuse to draw Mikleo with mid-length hair and play with hairstyles oops. 


You have to pick your battles. Wait, no. I want to be right all the time. And you will be. After a few years they just… they give up.

  • Cal: *goes to starbucks*
  • Cal: *orders*
  • Barista: And a name for the order?
  • Cal: Tiberias with an a
  • Barista: Okay! Got it.
  • Cal: *gets drink*
  • Cal: *sees name*

Ancient one of the Ancient Earth
Older than time can tell,
Grant me the power at your command
To work my magick spell

Witch aesthetic, because I’m in love with @catnippackets’s Klance Witch AU

Banish Evil Spell

Sometimes it’s not clear what or who needs to be banished. There’s just a prevailing sense of evil that needs to be expelled. This spell is most effective during the Dark Moon. An iron hammer is required, as is a flat rock, and either a coffin nail or an old rusty nail.

  1. Hammer the nail against the rock. The goal is not to pierce the rock but merely to score it three times across the face. Visualize what you are dispelling while you hammer.
  2. Bury the stone far away.
  3. Carry the nail in a red mojo bag, together with some crossroads’ and/or graveyard dirt.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)