red shore

So thanks to @maplesyrupao3 and @acoupletshort I NEED a “Practical Magic” AU.

And while it’s perfect for Zelena and Regina, that story is already written (being written?) and I’m dying to see it done/do it for my faves.

*cracks knuckles* SO:

Ruby and Belle are sisters and they grow up in a north-eastern small town with their Granny… with a little secret. They’re witches. 

Of course, as teenagers, they rebel—Ruby more than Belle—but by the end of high school/university, Ruby finds the love of her life in Peter and they settle down and get married and have two beautiful daughters.

Belle, however, has always wanted adventure, so as soon as she’s turned 18, she’s off.

Ruby misses her sister, but she loves her life, and she works at her Granny’s diner while Peter works at the local factory. She’s always haunted by her family’s “curse”, though, and can never be entirely at peace. There’s a reason she’d sworn off love as a girl, and even taken certain precautions.

And then, one day, the dreaded chirping comes, and she can’t find this damn bug as she pulls her house apart in desperation. It’s too late—Peter has died in an accident at the factory, and Ruby is devastated. She should have known what she knew in her heart as a little girl—she should never have fallen in love. She blames herself for marrying Peter in the first place since she knew she was cursed, but she also can’t regret the two beautiful daughters he gave her.

And so, she throws herself into her life working with her granny and raising her two daughters.

Life returns to normal pretty quickly, with a rare postcard from “Lacey” now and again.

Until, Lacey shows up un-announced.

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(Bare with me, I need to watch the movie again to remember the details.)

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Five minute ficlet

“Holy fuck!” You shrieked as the aesthetician yanked the wax strip from your thigh. “The fuck, Brit? I said bikini, not Brazilian!”

The aesthetician smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, hon. I’m going to have to even this up though.”

“Am I bleeding?” You countered.

“Not really,” she paused. “Well, not much.”

“It’s not like I’m doing this for any other reason than to not be disgusted by my nether-sideburns on shore leave,” you complained. “I’m not trying to impress anyone.”

“Perhaps next time when I recommend routine maintenance every six weeks, you’ll listen?” She teased with a wink. You cringed as she applied more wax to your bikini line.

“I think we both know how that’s going to shake do- OH MY GOD!” You interrupted yourself as she pulled the strip off. You tried not to look at the wax strip, but couldn’t look away, astonished at the result. “How did I not notice how hairy I was?”

“Because you really aren’t that hairy, Y/N. It just looks like a lot. It’s not,” she reassured you. “Besides, now you’re ready for a bikini malfunction too. No escape artists down there anymore.”

“I both love and hate you, Brittany,” you admitted. She smiled and patted your thigh.

“I’ll let you get dressed and meet you up front,” she said and stepped out of the room. When Captain Kirk had announced shore leave on Risa, you realized you hadn’t shaved your legs or underarms in months, and booked in with the ship’s aesthetician. You’d trusted her with your other needs for as long as you’d been on the ship, and when you self-consciously admitted that you were uncomfortable in bathing suits because of your body hair, she’d encouraged you to try a bikini wax. You half wondered if she had just recommended it to be cruel, but she assured you that once the redness and swelling went down, you’d be much happier on the beach. And you trusted her.

There was no way she could have known how badly your skin would react to the treatment. Your bikini line stayed red and swollen for the rest of the day. After a shower and moisturizing, you went to bed, sure it would improve. In the morning, you thought it might be redder, and you had to wear your uniform dress rather than the pants you normally wore because of how tender the skin was.

You walked gingerly into the bridge and saw Captain Kirk’s eyebrow shoot up.

“Y/N, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in your dress,” he commented. “And I know I’ve heard you complain about how impractical it is.”

“Thought I’d try, just to be sure,” you shot back, pertly. He stared at you, not believing you. Waiting for you to crack. You were NOT going to admit that your crotch was on fire from an intervention done for purely cosmetic reasons. You kept your gaze level until finally he looked away with bemusement.

“You’ll crack eventually, Lieutenant.” He commented. You rolled your eyes and sat down, careful to mask the sharp intake of breath as the skin chaffed against your dress. Uhura looked up sharply at you and you shook you head, mouthing “later” at her.

At lunch, you explained the whole sordid story. It was so embarrassing you couldn’t help but laugh at your folly. Uhura stopped giggling long enough to warn you to be mindful of the rash.

“It should have calmed down by the end of Alpha, Y/N. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to go to MedBay,” she warned.

“Do you think Chris could -”

“You know she won’t. Maybe M'Benga will be on?” Uhura knew about your unrequited crush on Doctor McCoy, and could easily imagine your horror at having to explain the issue to him.

Unfortunately for you, the rash had begun to spread, and was weeping fluid by the end of shift. You headed to MedBay with dread. When you checked in with Christine, she told you that M'Benga was in surgery and only McCoy was available.

“Chris, I can’t let him assess this,” you begged as she looked the rash over. “Please, can’t you give me some cortisone or something?”

“You know it’s not in my scope to diagnose or prescribe, Y/N,” she chastised with an amused smile. “I feel your angst, really. But you’ve got to get this checked.” She scribbled some notes on her PADD with a stylus and covered you up.

“Drinks are on you when we get to Risa. I’m going to need lots to forget this humiliation,” you complained.

“I know you’re smitten, Y/N, but Leonard is a professional. He’s not going to judge you,” Chris reassured you. “Stay put. I’ll let him know you’re here.”

You laid back and drew in a deep breath, heaving it out in a deep sigh. Your heart was racing, nervous and mortified, and you just didn’t want to confront your crush with a flaming red crotch. He stepped into the assessment bay and flipped the privacy screen on.

“Chapel tells me you’ve got a rash as a result of waxing?” He was looking at the PADD and in the low light, you weren’t sure but you thought his ears might be a bit red.

“With shore leave coming up, I wanted to be beach ready,” you admitted, your voice a little shaky. He glanced up and smiled at that.

“Don’t we all? I’m going to take a quick peek, and see what’s going on down there,” he said, pulling in a pair of gloves. He turned back the sheet across your lap and nodded, touching the skin around the rash and then covering you back up. “I’m going to give you a cream for that. Should clear up mostly overnight. I’ll need you to come back for follow-up before we arrive as Risa. And I’d suggest keeping that skin out of the sun. A burn there would be more painful than what is going on currently.”

“Thanks, Doctor McCoy.” You sat up, unable to meet his gaze.

“Must be one helluva swimsuit,” he commented with a wink.

“Too bad you’re my doc, I might have modelled it for you once this calms down.” You gestured to your lap with a laugh. His eyes snapped up to meet yours and he just stared at your for a minute before looking back at his PADD and scribbling something across it.

“I’ve transferred your ongoing care to Doctor M'Benga,” he smirked. “One piece or a bikini?”

I started school for esthetics yesterday!


if aneksi was a mermaid;

being a mermaid was, to aneksi, a dream. not only was she a bookworm on land where she could barely contain her curiosity, but under the sea she was so much more: able to explore the life under water, the history and remainings after tragic incidents. collecting ancient and recent artifacts was something she did every day as she dived deeper into the blue, swimming alongside fish-animals. her huge, red tail and glowing red eyes was something that brought the attention of many animals, and sometimes, unfortunately, of men and women on the shore.

“red: this color is a warm and positive color associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. it exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy.”