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Honey Gold Eyes & Flowers || Vernon

Word Count: 2406 words

Genre: Fluff, Bad Boy!AU, Grim Reaper!AU, First Love!AU

Summary: The only thing he likes is parties, flirting with everyone around him and getting wasted to disobey. She likes dandelions, sleeping and small, pretty things. He knew that he was in love and quickly grew mad upon that realisation. When she fell down and got hurt, that was when he knew he wanted to change something in her life.

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☾ ˢᵉⁿᵈ ᵐᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵇᶦʳᵗʰᵈᵃʸ ᵃⁿᵈ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵇᶦᵃˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ᴵ'ˡˡ ʷʳᶦᵗᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ

The music was loud, horrendous and obnoxious. The way it would get into my head and confuse me was the worst part. It was absolutely ear-grating and made my head pound. I would remember fluttering my eyes open and closed as nothing but alcohol seeped into my control centre to take over everything. Of course, part-and-parcel of the whole experience was the corrosive, acidic feeling that I would get in my throat every time I went to the bathroom to throw up on my own lunch. I sighed as I felt my fingers grab another bottle of alcohol for the fun of it. As the music blared into my ears, the sounds of people throwing up and having sex by the side would get into my head and make it ache to numbness.

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Trying to work out the concept behind this photo of Fiona Apple - she is bent over, and also looking up the camera with an expression somewhere between mortified and “WTF am I doing”

or maybe she was tying a shoelace, that could be it - she was tying a shoelace and they took a photo, so she is like “WTF dude, I’m tryna tie a shoelace here”, but then they just published it in ‘Teen music magazine′ anyway.

Grim Reaper Finale (BTS, Angst)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8  // Part 9// Part 10  // Part 11  // Part 12  // Part 13 // Part 14 // Part 15 // Part 16 // Part 17 // Finale

There willllllll not be another chapter. I’m still deciding if I should finish off the side stories (probably) but for now they won’t be. This final chapter was actually super bittersweet to write because I love this series! I intend to edit in the distant future, but for now here is Grim Reaper’s finale~ I’ve already begun a new series, Demure Dalliance (detective Taehyung) so I hope you’ll take time to read that as well! Thank you for loving grim reaper so much. @pyrocrastinate

Check out the side series of all the other reapers!!

Suga // J-hope // Jungkook

Words: 2477

“Are you awake?” Yoongi gently shook you, rolling you onto your back as you stirred awake. You eyes fluttered open at the sound of his voice, his hand gently rubbing circles into your lower abdomen. Light was flooding through the shuttered shades, dust particles dancing peacefully.

“Mm, I’m awake, unfortunately.” You retorted, attemping to pull the blanket over your face. Yoongi groaned, ripping it off your body entirely.

“I’ve been trying to wake you up for 20 minutes, asshole.” He snapped, patting your cheek to keep you from closing your eyes again. “I’m doing something useful, making breakfast.”

“Did you make enough for Jungkook?” You wondered, cracking your eyes open again. He nodded, leaning over your stomach to kiss where the scar on your side was placed. For the life of you, you still couldn’t remember how you’d gotten that.

“Love you,” you mumbled groggily, shoving his head away from your overly ticklish side. He scowled at you, rising to his feet and dramatically exiting your shared bedroom.

“You better not take forever getting dressed!”

You didn’t take too long, you thought. You dressed quickly and brushed out your hair to look somewhat presentable.

Appearing in the dining room, you frowned when you didn’t see Jungkook already sitting there. Yoongi shrugged, cocking his head toward the staircase.

“He’s still sleeping?”

“He’s not your kid.” Yoongi attempted to reason, but you didn’t listen. You made your way down the hall, walking down a few steps for extra measure.

“Jungkook, hurry up! The food is getting cold!” You called down the stairs to him, and you heard a groan in response from the basement. He was stirring awake.

“Just don’t let him eat, you’re letting him stay here for free so why doesn’t he have enough money to pay for his own food?” Yoongi muttered, bringing his bowl of oatmeal closer to him. You returned and sat down beside him, furrowing your brows. He didn’t seem to notice the glare that you were giving him, so you slapped a hand down on his arm.

“He’s still in high school, shut the hell up!”

“Not to mention, his stupid dog shedding everywhere, especially-”

“You only wear black clothes and his dog is a black lab! You’re only complaining because I like Jungkook better.” You tipped your head away from him, pleased with the glare he now shot you.

Jungkook appeared just as Yoongi was ready to snap at you, and he was shrugging a shirt over his messy bed hair. He reached over you, placing a chaste kiss on your temple before grabbing some toast.

“Where are you going so early?”

“To meet someone.” He said through a mouth full of toast, looking smug as he shot a glance over at Yoongi. Snorting, Yoongi sat back in the old, rickety chair, and crossed his arms.

“Someone? A girl?” You bit your lip, trying to conceal the grin spreading across your face. It was completely unlike Jungkook to want to hang out with someone, let alone a girl.

“Yes, a girl.” He was grinning, too.

“A girl at 10 AM? Are you doing some volunteering? Wow, Jungkook! I’m impressed.” Yoongi snickered under his breath.

“No, asshole.” He frowned at the older man, taking another angry bite of his almost devoured piece of toast. “We’re going on a date.”

“Aw, how cute.” You gushed, standing up. “Can I drive you?”

“Drive me to a date? It’s not a play date, noona.”

You stood anyway, despite the looks both boys were giving you. “Whatever, I still need to go shopping for grocery’s later, anyway. What time will you be back?”

“Not that late, I don’t think.” Jungkook placed his hand in front of his face, breathing into it and smelling his own breath. When he cringed away from it, you simply rolled your eyes and walked past him.

“Get dressed, it’s literally almost 10.”

“What? Oh, shit.” He shoved passed you, toward the bathroom. You could hear Jungkook turn the tap on, and you guessed he was probably brushing his teeth. Amazing, what a crush could make the boy do.

“Yoongi, are you coming to the super market with me?”

“Might as well. Last time you didn’t buy my Cheetos.” He hoisted himself up with a groan, and you couldn’t help but see him as an old man.

“You didn’t ask me for the Cheetos, so I didn’t buy any.” You snapped back, slapping the back of his head. He ignored you, gently rubbing the spot you’d hit before walking toward the front door.

Once Jungkook was finished pampering himself for his date, you all climbed into Yoongi’s car and went down to where he had instructed he’d meet his date. He brought his dog with him, because apparently all they were going to do together on this beautiful day was ‘walk around the park’.

Yoongi pulled up in the parking spot where Jungkook told him, and the two of you looked out the window and spotted a girl. She was very cute, small, dressed nicely and hair done in a similar manner. The one thing you noticed on her was the bright red shoelace tied around her wrist.

“Do I look okay?” Jungkook stressed, patting down his black t-shirt. You nodded, looking over at Yoongi.

“As good as it gets, I guess.” Yoongi sighed, lazily extending his hand  to pet Jungkook’s dog in the back seat.

Wordlessly, Jungkook hopped out of the car, patting his knee’s for his tall black Labrador to follow him. “Come, Hoseok.”

“Have fun.” You teasingly sang, twinkling your fingers as he closed the car door. Jungkook shot you a look, his upper lip curling over his teeth in a strange grimace that had both you and Yoongi laughing.

He pulled out of the parking lot, bringing the both of you down the street to the super market near your house.

You picked up the awful yellow basket at the front door of the super market, swinging it into your arms as the two of you walked through the place together. Yoongi intertwined your fingers together, not meeting your eyes as you shot him a look. Just a casual Saturday, spent shopping for dinner with your overly sarcastic, sometimes affectionate lover.

As the both of you began to collect things into your basket, Yoongi pulled his hand away from you. “I’m gonna go get some chips. Where will you be?”

“The frozen aisle, don’t get lost.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, casually pushing his hands in his jacket pocket as he began to stroll down the aisles towards the one he wanted. You turned around the opposite way, toward your next destination.

But stopped.

A loud gasp and clatter of your basket hitting the floor had everyone turning to look at you. You could’ve sworn there was a man in front of you, white roots and pink hair slicked back over his forehead. The moment you blinked, he had disappeared.

Namjoon watched as Yoongi returned, jogging over to you with furrowed brows.

“Are you okay?” He asked you, falling to his knee’s where you were, picking up the contents that were left astray. You were visibly shaken, eyes wild, knuckles whitening with how tightly you clutched the basket handles.

“What a close call.” A voice behind Namjoon murmured, causing him to turn to see just who it was. Hoseok stood, hand in hand with Jimin. Their relationship was so obvious, even if the two of them attempted to keep it concealed. Jimin’s hair was astray, both of their lips red. “I thought you were intentionally trying to make (Y/N) see you.”

Namjoon rolled his eyes, trying to hide the distress on his features. “Yeah, right. 

“It’s almost been a year, there’s no way Namjoon is still trying those things. Look at the ring on her finger. Do you think that’s just a present?” Jimin pointed out, causing Namjoon to check and see exactly what he was getting at. There, on your left hand ring finger, was a ruby red diamond ring. You were marrying Yoongi?

Just as Namjoon was inspecting the ring, Yoongi ran his hand along your stomach. Hoseok made a small noise of surprise, placing a hand on Namjoon’s shoulder and shaking him briskly.

“I thought it was something with the baby.” Yoongi stressed.

“No, the baby is fine.” You replied, a smile perking your lips. Yoongi took the basket from you, walking right past Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jimin.

“She’s pregnant, too? Yoongi really knows how to give a girl everything she wants in life.” Hoseok murmured, sounding a little too sarcastic for Namjoon’s liking. He shook free of the other boys grip, walking toward the exit.

“Where are you going, Namjoon?” Jimin called, but Namjoon didn’t reply. He was leaving. He didn’t want to see you happier with someone else. Although now it was proper that Yoongi was human, Namjoon didn’t feel any better about it.

He still wanted you.

Yet, every time he drew close enough to appear in front of you once more, he realized it would no longer positively impact your life. Even after Seokjin was finally put to rest, and Namjoon became the one who held power over the remaining reapers, he knew he would never be able to love you properly.

And it killed him.

He finally got outside, the wind whipping past his face and soothing him slightly. Namjoon took a deep breath, exhaling as he looked up at the blue sky. The trees were finally turning a different color, and soon it would be winter. Namjoon had to make sure that you, Yoongi, and Jungkook kept healthy. He had to make twice as sure, now that he knew you were carrying a child. Yoongi’s child.

“Namjoon!” A voice caught his attention, arms wrapping around his body.

“Taehyung, I keep telling you not to do that-” He gruffly responded to the boy, pushing him off. He’d forgotten after bringing a soul back, he had to nurture it as if they were a child in a full grown body.

“I just wanted to hug you…” He replied, pouting sadly. Namjoon sighed, gently patting him on the head.

“Do you want to see Jungkook?”

At the word, Taehyung’s eyes lit up like a puppy being offered a treat. Namjoon had no idea why, but the moment Taehyung was brought back, he was crying for Jungkook. He only remembered Jungkook.

He nodded, smiling that same, refreshing, boxy smile. Namjoon smiled, despite feeling as if his insides had been lit ablaze from negative feelings. He couldn’t make Taehyung feel the same way. The kid would never survive. Namjoon had to make sure Taehyung would never fall in love with another human.

But he feared it was too late, as Jungkook was human, and he was a reaper.

“Okay, let’s go check on Jungkook. I think he’s got his dog with him.”

“Can I show myself to him, yet, hyung?” Taehyung looked so innocent. Much too innocent for this world. Namjoon always regretted bringing his soul back, despite Hoseok’s wishes. He hated bringing this boy back, knowing that unless Namjoon died, that he would never be able to die even if he tried.

So he would will himself to keep Taehyung happy forever, until you, Yoongi and Jungkook passed on naturally. Until then, Namjoon had to continue through the days, struggling as he watched you happily live your life. Without him.

“No, you can’t show yourself to Jungkook, Taehyung.” Namjoon gently wrapped his arm around his shoulder, bringing him closer. He sighed, but nodded as if he understood what Namjoon was saying.

“You’ll understand in a few years why you need to be his friend from afar. Should we find Hoseok and Jimin first?”

“No, Hoseok always makes it rain when we see Jungkook together.”

“That’s because Hoseok loves Jungkook just as much as you.”

Just as Namjoon began to turn, he noticed you and Yoongi leaving the store. Evidently you were not holding any bags, and you were trailing behind Yoongi with a grin. He was turning around to talk to you, and Namjoon had to force himself to look away.

You got into the passenger seat of the car, strapping the seat belt securely around your body. Yoongi disposed of the bags in the trunk, and the two of you were driving back home safely.

You sat at the table, merely talking to Yoongi as he chopped the vegetables, and every once in awhile he’d glance over at you to give a different facial expression that had you laughing.

Jungkook returned with his girlfriend, and when they walked in the door holding hands, you couldn’t help but smile at his shyness. Both you and Yoongi allowed her to stay for dinner, because why not? It seems as though they were officially dating by then, and it made you happy for his happiness.

Most of the dinner was filled with useless chatter to fill the silence, and if not, it was forks scraping plates and knives slicing food. You couldn’t help but be so happy, looking at the way Jungkook exchanged glances with the girl on the other side of the table. Her smile lit up a room when he met her eyes, and she looked down at the same time as him.

You were happy because Yoongi had proposed, you were happy because of the family you were going to begin, with him.

You were caught staring at Yoongi, and when he glanced at you by chance, you mouthed I love you slowly. He hinted at a smile, gently squeezing your knee from under the table.

“Gross.” He replied, looking down at his food with a small chuckle. Jungkook eyed you both suspiciously, before going back to his own conversation.

The rest of the night went on smoothly, before Jungkook decided to walk his girlfriend home, and you had decided to call it a night.

You laid in bed, Yoongi hovering over you as he gently trailed his fingers along your stomach.

“I want the baby to be a boy.” Yoongi murmured quietly, not meeting your eyes. You took hold of his wrist, pressing his hand down onto your stomach.


“I don’t know. I’ve just always wanted a son.”

“Do you want a daughter, too?” You whispered, using your index finger to tilt his face up. His eyes bore into yours, and for the first time in a long while, Yoongi looked serious.

“With you, maybe.” He considered for a moment, nodding.

“With me?” You grinned, feeling like a teenager getting confessed too. Yoongi sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Just because I don’t act like it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.”

“I know,” you replied after a moments silence. You pulled Yoongi’s face toward yours, kissing him passionately for what seemed like a long time. “I love you, too. Only you.”

I keep seeing these designs for a corrupted clone of Nano with her having fancy dresses you’d find in an after wedding party, and well, idk… I don’t really see that happening myself. Lalna and Lalnable compared to each other are really similar, except for the eyes, the red pen and the shoelaces. That’s it. I like to think that the Nano clone is sort of like that, but instead, she changes the color of her outfits a bit compared to the original Nano… Nothing too different - just the color, her eyes, and also the necklace. That topic aside, this was really fun to draw! c: It was a bit tricky trying to do the pose right, and even then, I still can see a handful of mistakes in this from here… Shrug. Oh, well. I tried a bit in this, at least.

Meant to Be Yours, Chapter 9

Regina and Henry celebrate Henry’s first Halloween in Storybrooke, and go trick-or-treating with Roland and Robin.

For @sometimesangryblackwoman who requested a Halloween party at school that includes bobbing for apples; for @emmaswanchoosesyou who requested the Tooth Fairy giving out toothbrushes; for @x-wishesonfallenstars-x who requested the first time Regina snaps at Henry (to stop him from potentially hurting himself and Henry saying “I love you” to Regina for the first time and for @regal-believerxrizzlexaddict who requested Henry breaking something and fearing Regina will be mad at him. 

The first scene is what I posted today for Day 7 of the OQ celebration, so it may seem familiar ;)

You can find previous chapters HERE.

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Touka’s glowing kagune (not-really-a-tutorial) write-up

Hi there! I made a not-really tutorial to show you how I made my kagune (the manga version). Please note I kind of came up with ideas as I went on XD and also I don’t plan on cosplaying Touka with a kagune in the near future so I still haven’t thought of how to wear it yet. 

I hope this not-really tutorial can help give you ideas on how to make your own kagune, rather than being a guide to how to make it properly.

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Jason + CeCe/Charles = Twins on PLL .. Clues From Last Night

As anyone reading this should know, I have been theorizing about Jason and CeCe being twins since at least 2014, as weird as that sounds. I posted the original link to my blog along with clues I noticed last night in the finale in this post that I’m going to request that anyone who has not done so, please read BEFORE reading the following clues in this post. I’ve worked embarrassingly hard on this at this point, so PLEASE reblog if you like it! :)

After the link, you’ll find possible clues that I’ve put together upon rewatching the finale today. Thank you for reading!

Here’s the link to my initial post:

NOW, here are the new clues! :

**MONA’S BEHAVIOR dictated by Big A/Charles bears an impossible-to-be-dismissed-as-coincidence eerie resemblance to that of Courtney from Sara Shepard’s PLL books. Courtney always insisted, “I’m Ali, I’m Ali!” until someday people believed her and Ali was shipped off to an institution where Courtney used to live.

If Charles is Big A and the Charles/Jason story parallels the Ali/Courtney book plot, then I think Big A wanted Ali to see how it felt to have somebody pretend to be her to the point that she was forgotten, locked up, left behind and to have everyone else carry on without her, allowing her to be replaced.. Is that because that’s what happened to Charles? If Ali ruined this person’s life and caused them to be sent away and forgotten, then is this big A really CHARLES looking for revenge or is it someone telling us that he is Charles? Is this JASON? I have a friend who suggested that Jason has joined forces with his twin to finally get revenge/ put an end to the game… I can’t ignore the fact that Mona was forced to pretend to be Alison.

I also think Mona was targeted by this person because she saved Ali’s life when this person tried to escape and live a real life the first time… the night Ali “died” but didn’t really die. Mona is paying for ruining Big A’s plan, I’ve said this for awhile and I still believe it. Big A is not only having Mona pretend to be Ali, but she’s also wearing the yellow shirt from the night that Ali went missing, the one that CeCe was also wearing. If I’m right about CeCe BEING Charles, maybe Mona DID ruin CeCe’s initial plan that night; after all, CeCe was ALSO wearing a yellow top the night Ali went missing, and Mona could be forced to wear the yellow top so that the reason she’s being held captive is being rubbed right in her face.

A hacked into the van’s computer system and took control of the van so that the girls could be kidnapped where the railroad MEETS 30, which was also the location of Mona’s original A lair, and the place where Mona saved Ali’s life and allowed her to fake her death and escape Rosewood, thus ruining the plans of the person who tried to kill Ali.

Mona refused to let the girls call her by “Mona,” only Alison, because Big A refused to allow Mona to be called by her name. Mona has also “lost her life” at this point and been held hostage; people believe that she’s dead. If Ali caused Charles to be sent away initially, and Charles tried to escape only to have the plan thwarted by Mona, it makes perfect sense that Big A wanted Ali locked up, and as it turns out, Mona too. **

**The girls have to plan an elaborate fake prom. The songs are 7 years old, it was the theme of prom when Melissa went with Ian. CeCe Drake, come to think of it WAS in the yearbook for this prom; wasn’t she prom queen? Normally this would mess up my theory, but maybe it’s a CLUE, considering that this “prom” in this finale episode is now such an elaborate hint towards the big story. After all, it would be too obvious if we already knew that CeCe or ANYONE literally had PROM QUEEN denied of them because of Ali; that would spell out the answer. However, CeCe was prom queen, but then was KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL due to a stunt for which she blames Alison AND the other girls. It’s not the exact answer, but it’s a strong enough clue for me to still support this theory. It’s my favorite one so far.

“So A is a guy? I DON’T KNOW ANY GIRLS NAMED CHARLES…” the girls observe. But maybe it’s not that clear and this theory is right. That could be why the episode seems so confusing right now, because the answer isn’t so simple.

Alison is Big A’s favorite according to Mona and the only one Big A wants to keep after prom. Is Alison REALLY Big A’s favorite though? If so, why does Big A want her in jail? Maybe Mona is mostly right. Maybe Big A only needs the girls to ORCHESTRATE the revenge, then Big A “only wants Ali,” as in the other girls can go at that point and Big A can FINALLY take Ali down and win the game and have a real life that Ali has made impossible up until now. Look at how fiercely Peter Hastings is defending Spencer right now and how much Jessica always protected her children. If CeCe= Charles and CeCe could have openly admitted to being a Dilaurentis child, she probably would have NEVER been kicked out of school. Instead, she WAS kicked out of school, and the whole story behind this episode leads me to believe that Big A missed out on a lot more than graduating college.

Ali could be right about Big A being the person who killed Jessica. And Mona could SORT of be right about Ali being Big A’s favorite. If CeCe=Charles and therefore Jason’s twin, Alison THINKS she’s CeCe’s “favorite.” She believes they’re friends and that CeCe would even kill for her, but we still have no explanation for the other version of CeCe’s story we’ve heard, her undying hatred for Ali. Maybe that’s the part that’s yet to come… But it would explain Big A’s reasoning for SENDING Ali a note like that, if this involves CeCe.

Also, Mona as Ali receiving the gas mask is interesting timing because it reminds me of the previous episode where a gas mask was important, and in that episode, apparently Ali and CeCe were both red coat, which would be a major clue in support of this theory as well. **

**Spencer finds the “soul room” as Marlene King calls it. “I’m always walking after midnight” song plays.. Interesting because when Mona was revealed/ unmasked as “A,” the girls were supposed to “be there when the clock strikes midnight,” and instead, Mona’s midnight alarm went off on her watch when she had been pushed down a cliff after fighting with Spencer. Then she ended up in Radley. Is this song playing because Big A walks around after midnight, meaning Big A stole the game from Mona? Mona as A was supposed to meet the girls at midnight, so whoever stole the game started roaming around after midnight. Since I’m noticing so many parallels between what Big A seems to have done to both Mona AND Alison, it’s interesting that right before pivotal “A Game Changing” events happened to both girls, they had some sort of physical altercation with Spencer Hastings.. Since Jason and therefore any twin of his would also be related to Spencer, I am taking this as another clue. **

I also pointed out that in the video that Spencer finds with Jessica DiLaurentis and what appears to be a baby Alison, Jason and a boy who looks like his twin, one of the young boys has blue shoelaces which could hint at one of the twins being a guy (Jason) and the other has pink shoelaces, which could hint at the other twin being a girl (Charles/CeCe). A friend of mine mentioned that she thought that the shoelaces were red. If THAT is the case, I still believe that it could be a hint towards CeCe, considering that CeCe and Ali were both RED coat at a time in the show, and therefore red shoelaces would present another clue towards CeCe and her infatuation with dressing as Ali, acting like Ali and taking over her life to exact revenge/ get the life she was robbed of back. What are your thoughts on all of this?