red shirt of doom

Star Trek Au

** Before Lance and Keith started dating
Lance always reminded Keith that whoever wears the red shirt is doomed but Keith always ignores him.

** Once Lance and Keith start dating Lance starts trading shirts with Keith so that Keith almost never wears red and he likes how Keith looks in his shirts.

** He makes sure the Keith is always wearing blue but as a result Lance is always wearing red and the inevitable happens.

** Lance of course gets badly injured(cause freaking red shirt).

** Lance being the little shit that he is then looks at Keith and tells him “Told you red means your doomed.”

Mass Effect star trek au tho

Wrex starts out as a monster-of-the-week but instead of trying to eat the red shirts and doom the crew he ends up bonding with Shepard over bad alcohol and a healthy disregard to personal safety

So instead of being a one-off villain who disappears after the episode he joins the crew and just… hangs around the ship. Goes on missions. Teases first officer Vakarian. Harasses science officer Solus. Complains about the wimpy regulation phasers and repeatedly promises to get them REAL guns.

And no one is quite sure what to do with him? Like he’s not technically Star Fleet. Do they get him a uniform anyways? Does he have to file reports?? Who knows? definitely not Shepard